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Chapter 1

The forest was dark and quiet. The Flying Daggers clan had scurried back to their homes for an upcoming storm. But Leo just looked up to the darkening sky. The raindrops filled his eyes, as if Mei were there, weeping into him. How could he betray her? For three years he tried to find her and marry her, but she fell for that stupid amateur, Jin, in three days! He looked down at his soaked clothes and sighed, walking back home to his hut in the forest, the only existence he had away from the Flying Daggers and Government.

"Lougi, I'm home." He called as he walked into the house doors.

"Mew," was his response. While walking through the forest he found a cold, hungry kitten buried alone under a pile of leaves. He kept the kitten as his own, naming him Lougi. He became Leo's only beloved friend. The young cat pranced to greet him. Leo smiled down at the cat and scratched him on the head.

Not much had changed about Leo since his betrayal to the Government; his hair had grown longer and thicker and facial hair began to grow. His clothes were tattered and worn by all the weather. His appearance hadn't changed much in two years, only dark circles hung like moons under his eyes.

He rose and walked to the edge of the hut where he laid his sword on a mat. The hut was small with a fire pit in the middle and two beds; one for him and a small one for Lougi. He sat down by the dying fire, fed it with twigs, and placed a tea cup beside it. Leo noticed something odd in the hut. He sensed some kind of foulness in the air. He looked around when he noticed a dark figure.

"They said you were part of the Flying Daggers."

Leo jumped to his feet. Lougi ran underneath a pillow. A woman dressed in the Flying Daggers uniform emerged from the shadows, her long hair tied back and her lips painted blood red.

"Who are you?" He asked sternly.

The mysterious woman smiled. "That is unimportant."

Leo stared at the woman confused. "What do you want?"

"Nia sent me."

"What for?"

The woman took a step toward him, and he stepped opposite. She smiled again, but in an evil way. "She requests a conference with you."


Leo walked through the doors of the Flying Daggers. He gasped at how the main room had been fancied much more; the stone had been polished and all the leaves had been swept up. On the walls hung beautiful curtains and tapestries that told of the Flying Daggers history. Nia was seated at a small table with her green robe and hat that covered her face.

"Please sit, Leo." She said, stretching her arm out toward a cushion on the ground perpendicular to her. He sat down slowly, as she regained her hand position. A servant came by and served tea to the two. Nia sipped her tea in silence.

"You wished to see me…" Leo finally said, shaking nervously.

Nia lifted her head. "Yes. It's about Mei; Mei's daughter."

There was a long silence between them. Leo was flabbergasted.

"Mei's daughter?"

"One would assume so. Mei and this young woman are very alike. She told me her story and I believed her to be Mei's kin. I asked her is she knew anyone of the name, but she said not. She could be Mei's reincarnation, possibly her twin."

Leo was stunned, but also happy. His true love was alive! "What's her name?"

Nia eyed him coldly. She remembered how dreadful he was to Mei once they had met after three years. "You do not have an easy hand with me, you know."

"I understand, but I regret every action I cast on Mei." He looked her in the eye, hoping she would hear him out.

She sipped her tea and sighed. "Her name is Izra."

"May I see her?"

Nia set her tea down. She sat in silence for a moment until finally speaking. "Like Mei, Izra is strong. She will not be hurt by you like Mei was. I will not let that happen either. I will let you see her, but you must pass three tests. Your first test will begin tomorrow at sunrise. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Ma'am." Leo bowed his head toward her. Nia looked up at him. "Do not force me to stain my dagger with your blood once again, Leo." She said standing up, Leo following. A servant came by and picked up the tea cups.

"We're through here for now. I will be expecting you tomorrow. Do not be late." She said and walked out of the room. Leo bowed behind her and exited the Flying Daggers with a smile spread across his face. As he headed back to his home, he knew this time he would not make the same mistake again. He could finally redeem himself to the Flying Daggers and even Mei.

Tomorrow would be a good day.