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Chapter 3

Leo opened his eyes. The room he was in was cold and smelly, and it seemed like there was someone…or some people in the room with him. He was laying stomach down behind two people who were facing a fire. Their backs were facing Leo, and their hair was tied up in a bun on their heads. Quietly, Leo tried to get the rope off of his hands and feet, when something startled him.

There was Izra, right beside him. She was lying like Leo was, but her eyes were closed. Her hair was down and frizzed, and her kimono seemed worn with dirt.

"Izra!" Leo scooted toward her, whispering.

"Hey, shut up!" One of the two people threw a piece of stale bread at him, hitting him in the forehead.

Leo flinched. He looked at Izra again, before he fell into an unexpected sleep.

What happened?

Leo's Dream

"IZRA!" He screamed, cradling her in the cold snow. Blood poured from her stiff body onto the white ground.

She was gone; never to return.

"HOW COULD YOU?" He gently placed his beloved in the snow and drew his knife. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

Leo's cold voice faded away as he awoke. The sunlight shone in the room and on his face. Izra was gone, and his hands were untied. She had probably snuck out and forgot him. He began to look for a way out, but he stopped. This room was so familiar, but the walls were bleached black and beaten rags hung amongst them. He knew he hadn't been there for a long time but, why did he feel so at home?

1"Sir! Schließlich sind Sie wach!" A female voice rang behind him. He turned his head and a white haired, tan girl ran up next to him.2 "Wir müssen jetzt gehen, bevor mehr der Männer kommen!" She grabbed his arm, pulled him up, and ran with him into a long hallway.

"W-wait, I…I um...uh. Wha-" Leo stammered as she dragged him along. The government's men ran toward them. She grabbed her daggers with the other hand and flung them at them. They all fell to the floor. She stopped suddenly and signaled to Leo to be quiet. She tip toed to the end of the hallway and looked down the stairs.

Suddenly, Izra appeared, looking rushed.

"I've got them stalled for now, run!" She pushed both of them down the opposite way. They ran into the room and stopped.

3"Eingeschlossen!" The girl with the white hair said.

"No, wait." Izra ran to one of the corners.

Leo sat and stared at Izra, wide eyed. He couldn't believe he was actually spending some time with the incarnation of the only woman he ever loved. Izra was just like Mei; she was swift as a butterfly. She sped around the room so gracefully. He couldn't help but wonder if she really was her! Leo removed his gaze. Stop it. He told himself. Focus on what's happening.

"Um…e-ex-excuse me, uh…what-what's going on?" Leo stuttered.

Izra whipped her head around to look at him, and then turned it back to look at the wall. "We're in the Government's quarters. I know how to get out. Don't worry I-" she jerked back for a moment. The wall which she was inspecting flew back and into the stiff grass of the forest. "Run! Hurry!" Izra motioned to the both of them to follow her through the hole.

They ran past tall trees and parades of rocks until they finally stopped. They fell to the ground and panted hard.

"We should be (pant) safe here." Izra sighed in relief.

Leo sat up to face her. "Izra?"

Izra looked at him. Their eyes met; again. She smiled, "Hello, Leo."

"You know my name?" Leo asked, shocked.

"Yes…I was supposed to train with you, Nia told me." Izra looked beside her. A deer took a leaf off one of the trees and ate it, gracefully. "But then the government came. They took there guns and torches and ripped the forest apart. The last thing I remember is my garden; it was burning. It was like my whole life was flashing before my eyes." She closed her eyes. Leo swallowed hard. He felt so much pity for her. Izra wiped her face and sighed.

"Well um, this is Kina." She pointed to the woman with the white hair.

4"Hallo!" Kina waved.

Leo looked confused, but waved back. "Oh, she's a German. She just said hello." Izra said. Leo nodded in understanding. There was a small silence in between them. Then Izra stood up. "We've got to go to the House of Flying Daggers. We need to look for survivors." Leo stood up as well and nodded.

Their journey was finally beginning.

1 Sir! Finally you are awake!

2 We have to leave now before more of the men come!

3 Trapped!

4 Hello!