Author's Note: Muwhahaha….here I go with another story! So here's the deal with my stories….this is one of three stories that I have on the 'backburner'. But I have thought about this one so much that I decided to slowly start it. Don't worry future chapters will be longer. This was just the 'teaser' one, to see how much interest it generates. So let me know! Oh and this is an AU fic.

Chapter One:

Anakin Skywalker lay barely breathing on the Durasteel platform. He felt darkness surrounding him, wanting to over take him. But he couldn't let it. He maybe close to death, but he had to survive.

Padmé needed him – she was pregnant with their first child.

Obi-Wan needed him – he couldn't let his Master, his best friend and his surrogate father to walk into this trap.

The other surviving Jedi needed him as well – well really he needed them. They are his family.

Finally the galaxy needed him – to them he was the hero with no fear.

But he did fear. He feared dying. He feared that he would loose everything. And he came so close to it when Palpatine, no Darth Sidious had given him the chance to be able to save Padmé's life by using the dark side. But he couldn't join that monster. He had to find a different way to save her life.

Yet in the end it was going to cost him his…

She didn't know how long he had been lying there or in what kind of injuries he had sustained. Padmé gently knelt by her husband's side and gingerly touched his face. She could feel his shallow breathing.

"Oh Ani! What happened…" she questioned as tears began to gently fall down her cheeks. She had to know what happened to her husband to have him laying there, dying.

"Padmé?" he said in a hushed whisper.


"I love you…"

"I love you too Ani. You have to hang on! We're going to get you help!"

After all the years of the Clone Wars and this was how he was going to die? She couldn't allow that.

"Captain Typho! Help me!" she called back to the speeder.