AN: I know that it is shorter then usual, but like with Mask of Vader, short chapters help me write longer ones. Enjoy!

Chapter 22:

"Mommy?" Galen softly said as Padmé tucked her into bed.


"When will daddy and Luke be here?"

"Late tonight."

Galen smiled softly. But Padmé knew that her daughter was hiding something.

"Is there something wrong Galen?" she gently asked.

"I had a bad dream last night and I wanted to tell daddy about it."

"Well will you tell me?"

Galen began her tale of how a man kidnaps her and hurts her then Luke and Anakin go to save her but she dies. Padmé gasped. Was her daughter tuning into the Force?

"I don't wanna die mommy." Galen said beginning to cry.

"You won't, sweetheart." Padmé said kissing her forehead and wiping away her daughter's tears. "As soon as your daddy is home, I'll have him come and see you."

Galen said ok and turned over to go to sleep. Padmé sat there for a few more minutes and watched her daughter sleep. Galen's dream didn't sit well with her. A child wasn't supposed to dream of her death.

"Don't worry Padmé," Anakin said holding his wife close. She had just told him about Galen's dream as soon as he and Luke arrived on Hoth.

"But your dreams came true," she said.

"Not all of them. You survived child birth."

"But still it was too real Anakin."

"I will talk to her about it in the morning."

Padmé agreed with that for the time being. It was about all she could do. On the other hand, Anakin was scared out of his mind. He never had vivid dreams until he was trained in the ways of the Force and Galen had not.

Darth Nicholas stood at the helm of his star destroyer. He had sent out hundreds of probe droids out around the outer rim systems. And now it was a waiting game to see what information the droids returned.

He had to find they Skywalkers. And he needed to get the Skywalker girl back to Palpatine.