Helping Reno

You should have seen his face when we found out that Rude liked Tifa. For someone who is always so tough and mean he completely broke down. His face fell and he stared at Rude as if just seeing him for the first time.

Perfect shock.

And just as quickly as it appeared it faded. His usual cocky smile covering for his intense shock.

At first I thought that he was just mocking Rude, but later when I found him sitting in an alleyway, a handgun held to his head, I realized that something indeed was very wrong. It hurt to see that he could hide so much, but being a Turk meant sacrifices of what made you human.

When I finally got him to tell me what was wrong (after hauling him to my room and "misplacing" the gun) I was the one let down.

He loves Rude.

It was my turn to be shocked. I held him as he poured his secrets to me. One moment he would chuckle and the next he would stare at me with a deep pain in his eyes.

When he was done I offered comfort by telling him that perhaps Rude only held lust for the girl or liked her ability to defy.

"Whatever." Was his response as he headed out of my room.

Arrogant Reno was back.