His face paled as she went near him. The library, perfect. In the middle of the night, even better. Apparently, for years they have been the only ones remaining there that late. Even the library watch went of to sleep.

She had been fancying him for the past 3 years since she started to teach transfiguration, when professor McGonagall retired. She often faced him as they ate in the great hall, she of course, curious as hell, watched his every move. Only now did it ever occur to her to make her move, maybe, just maybe he could feel the same way. Only one question lay between her move and his reaction: Is Professor Snape even capable of feeling? It seemed rude and mean but she seriously had doubts.

He began to notice her watching him 5 months when she arrived. He didn't exactly expect to see her again. "Miss Granger" he says, emotionless, whenever he passes her in the halls. He never really got used to calling her professor. Not yet anyway. She had always been the annoying know-it-all student of his. He just couldn't change that in his mind. He was irritated. He was irritated by his desire to know exactly why he would always catch her looking at him, and why he would always look at her.

The library was dark. With the exception of the lamps beside the couch in wherein she was reading. She noticed him looking at her as he was searching for a book. The moment she motioned up to look at him. His eyes pretended to be fascinated by the book in his hands. He came to sit on the fluffy couch in front of her. He looked at her again, and she caught him. This happened repeatedly, sometimes he would be caught, sometimes she. But the game was getting to distracting. Hermione decided to act upon them. This was her chance, now or never. A silence. Professor Snape was reading. Apparently this was interesting to him. He didn't notice his former student rise from her seat and sit herself beside him, inches away.

"Excuse me professor…" she whispered.

He looked at her, uncomfortably. He sat up straight and gave her a painful stare.

"Yes miss granger? What do you want?" he said sarcastically.

She couldn't answer. This was a very awkward situation for both of them.