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Chapter 3

Hermione was the first one to move, right after she closed her mouth at the sight of him. He just kept looking at her. Then she realized she was looking back at him, so he nodded at her then walked away.

Hermione couldn't believe what just happened. She didn't even like mornings, and at the precise moment when she needed a coffee another frustration came and bumped her in the face. Literally. Bugger.

She walked to the kitchens calmly and slowly, but inside her heart was beating so fast and her mind was confused, I was morning after all and she is not a morning person. She took a cup and filled it up adding 2 creams and one sugar. Then she sipped it while going back to her rooms.

Snape finished his rounds an hour after their meeting. He knew se was no morning person

Pertaining to the sound that came from her mouth at their contact. "Ugghh" he remembered her say. Trying hard not to smile at this.

No use. He did.

Honestly, all Hermione wanted to do was hug him. She felt his strong body in hers and all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around him and kiss him. Right then and there. But she couldn't, he rejected her. The pain she felt wasn't even enough for words.

Later that evening, again, in the library. Hermione was sitting by the couch she sat on.

She was alone.

And she couldn't stop staring at the couch in front of her. The couch where he sat, the day she tried to kiss him.

She felt a presence beside her. Touching her cheek. Seducing her.

Her eyes fell upon lovely pale hands, rough, because of work, but still soft enough to be gentle.

He moved to her front, facing her. His hands still on her face.



His hand on her face traveled to her neck, then to her shoulder, sliding his hand into hers that was holing the book. He took it. She gave no complaint. As he motioned her to stand up and follow her.

She did.

He led her to the middle of the library, they were now covered by all those shelves. In the darkness.

All she could see was the faint moonlight reflecting in the window near them. He looked into her eyes, seeing what had fascinated her.

Finally, he grabbed both her hands and pushed her close to him. Wrapping his arms around her. Looking deep into her eyes for just a moment, before leaning in and letting their lips gently touch.

He stayed there. Feeling her soft lips, its shape. Closer, Gently. Until both mouths parted and moved closer into a gentle kiss.

He opened his eyes to see hers shut close, her eyes were feeling the gentleness of the kiss. He pulled back. But before he could she bit his lower lip. Then pouted.

She couldn't take it. She moved closer to him and kissed him roughly on the neck. Trailing kisses in his jaw, then his cheek before moving to his mouth. Her tongue licking his lips, asking for access.

He opened them, allowing her. As he returned the kiss roughly. His hands were at the top of her robes now. unbuttoning them. One by one.


Hermione's vision suddenly blurred. The image she saw erased in front of her. She was dreaming of him. Always dreaming of him. JUST dreaming of him.

She had been holding on to a very thick book, and it dropped to the floor during her daydream.

'It's just a daydream, only a daydream' she thought. sigh

She looked again at the couch in front of her.

And saw nothing but the couch.

Just a dream. Will always be a dream.