Maybe Next Time

A/N: This FF is a request by none other than Fallen Heart, an author who made me feel special by passing this challenge on to me. Happy Birthday, lady!

PREMISE: Logan invites Rory for another adventure with the LDB's out of the country. Somehow she end up meeting Tristan (maybe neighbours at the hotel or something) and they grew closer.

GG and all its characters is still the brainchild of ASP, its directors and writers and WB with the exception of the SK team; they're mine.


"Come on, Finn. You have to choose!" Logan Huntzberger impatiently pushed his friend to make a decision.

"Easy for you to say, Logan. You had it easy the last time we did this," Finn growled at his college buddy. He took a swig of his beer, closed his eyes and then gave the spinning globe a whirl.

The whole room started making a drum rolling sound that could have made you believe you were in some game show trying to reveal the ultimate answer.

"There!" he triumphantly pointed.

Rory Gilmore should've been mortified at what she was currently witnessing but nothing the Life and Death Brigade did shocked her any more.

"So, did I do well or what?" Finn asked smugly.

"I'm just glad you chose a destination where sun is present," Colin chuckled before downing his drink.

"So, where are we going again?" Stephanie asked as she stroked her gold locks.

"From the looks of it, our scavenger hunt is in Spain," Logan announced.

The room yelled in chorus, "Ole!"

The room dissipated quickly as Logan started barking orders.

"Colin, call the SK and let them know Barcelona on Saturday. Finn, make sure we have the proper provisions," Logan clipped.

"That's it?' Rory asked sarcastically. "No burning torches? No sacrificial offerings?"

"Sweetheart, we are college students, not pagans," Finn scoffed at Rory's inquisition.

"What he means is that Spring Break's theme is established and the chosen few will have to pack tonight," Logan said as he took a seat right next to her. "You up for it?"

"Me?" Rory pointed to herself. "I'm not part of the Brigade."

"But you're my girlfriend," Logan replied, sounding offended by her choice of words.

Girlfriend. He actually didn't choke while saying the word.

"And I don't have the finances," she groaned.

"I've told you before, I will provide," he assured her as he put his arms around her. "I'll take care of you and you know that."

"Like your father's boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean," Rory pointed out.

He gave her a withered stare. "Do you trust me or not?"

"It's not a question of trust, Logan," she debated. "I'm not… spontaneous."

"So why not start now? What more can you ask for? Barcelona in March, good food, great people," he enumerated.

"And almost as entertaining as going to the Montserrat and not hearing the choir sing," Rory concluded.

Logan took a hold of her hand and kissed it. "Look, I really would like you to be there."

"Like a sleeping bag?' Rory questioned him.

"Like a girlfriend," he admitted.

"Well," Rory sighed. "I'll try to see what I can come up with."

"Great," Logan sighed before letting her go. "I promise you it will be fun. And if you really do want to hear the Montserrat Boys sing, I'll make it a point that you do hear them."

Rory gave a half smile and whispered under her breath, "Yeah, a great time."

. —oooo0—0oooo---

The Scarlet Knights were playing a game of Frisbee football when Jared Reiner's cell phone rang. The initiated leader of Stanford's skulls and bones group took a time out to take the call.

"What's happening, man?" Colin's voice was heard over the phone.

"The California sun and smog to go along with it," he replied. "Thought you guys were playing a little hard to get with the scavenger hunt. We were getting antsy."

"Fear not, my friend. Destination's Barcelona. Saturday. You guys up for it?" Colin teased.

"You're on," Jared said. "Same rules?"

"Yep. Saturday," Colin replied before hanging up.

Jared scouted the field and looked at the fifteen-man squad playing before him. He can choose seven other people to make the game work. Strategy, of course, played a big part of it.

On the slope of the hill, he noticed Tristin DuGrey, one of the members, studying under the palm tree rather than participating in the game. Jared knew he had one more exam in the morning unlike the rest who've got nothing else to think of other than the upcoming two-week vacation.

"Hey, Tristin, got a minute?" Jared asked.

Tristin looked up and took off the Oakleys he was wearing. "Sure, what's up?"

"LDB had called. I need your expertise," Jared ordered.

"You never used to have that issue," Tristin chortled.

"It's Spain and you're pretty good in assembling the teams," Jared complimented him.

Truly, Tristin had a knack of selecting people that were good in things despite his jaded view of people. If only things were not really that black and white! Jared thought to himself.

Tristin pondered for a moment and looked over the field. "You could use Eric, Tim, Nate, Chris, Mike and Jon."

Jared could've not picked a better team. "You coming?"

"Nah," Tristin replied almost too quickly.

"Why not? You've bailed out of the last two. You can't keep on putting your life on hold, you know," Jared pointed out.

Tristin knew Jared was right.

"Come on. You need the vacation. You're the only one I know that lives in the Sunshine State and is as pale as a ghost," Jared nudged him on the shoulder. "Plus, you could mess with Huntzberger's head. Rumor has it he's taking his girl on this trip."

"Is he now?" Tristin chuckled. He knew that for the most part, significant others were not usually brought to these group traditions. He learned his lesson fast and hard the first time around.

"Yep," he confirmed. "Eye for an eye?"

"Maybe," Tristin said. Maybe.