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It hadn't taken long to find Van. It was obviouse that after the destruction of the Zeibock floating fortrass that they where going to go for the next major thing of Zeibock, the Zeibock Captial. Where Emperour of all Zeibock reisded, Emperour Dornkirk.

Dilandau didn't want his Slayers to interfer with the battle, there for his Slayers and Aya had 'borrowied' some horses from a near by village; Dilandua himself was useing one of the Slayers Gyemilths, the only one that wasn't damaged much. The journy to the Zeibock Captial didn't take long. A few hours at most.

The journy itself had been rather silent though. Noone really saying a word, the only noises being that of the horses steps on the ground and wirling of Dilandau's Gyemilth. Despite her anger at Dilandua, Aya found her thoughts filled with him.

She was worried about him, she relized. Even after all he had done to her, his taunts, his rejection of her after they had....made love, and still she was worried that Van would plunge his sword into him; wipeing the essence of Dilandau Albertou from the word forever. The whole thing was absurd!

And yet....true........

Closeing her eyes brefily and reopening them, Aya saw they had made it at last. Instently Dilandau's Gyemilth shot forward quicker then the speed of light, in searth of Van....in search of his revenge. Quickly Aya and the Slayers made there way through the streets rideing quickly.

It didn't take long to find them. The sounds of swords clashing agenst one anouther could lead one to almost anything. They all dismounted there horses quickly as they ran to the edge of the arina, giveing the two pleanty of room for their battle.

Aya and the Slayers winced instenctivly as the swords meet in an unearthly clatter, shards of light danced from the hit. Useing a burst of strength Van dhubrf him off his blad and spun a swipe at Dilandau's middle. Gracerfully he was able to doge the attack.

Van attacked quickly with a thrust at Dilandua's middle which Dilandau bloaked with some diffculty. Anouther came quickly from above. And then anouther from the side. Dilandau bloaked them quickly before leaping back and delevering a blow to the chest of Escaflowne.

The squealing sound of metel scraping across the chest of the Escaflowne rang clearly through the air. Griding throughout alls ears. Escaflowne reacted quickly as though no ingery had been imbarted. The sound of sword striking sword rang through the air.

Escaflone retracted quickly, but slow enough where Dilandau's Asleides had time to launch its Crimma Claw at it. As though expecting such an attack, Escalfonwe jumped out of the way, allowing the Crimma Claw to hit the crumbling figures behind it.

The Escaflowne brought its sword down hard upon the Aslides's, quicker then most The Escaflonwe swiped its sword at Dilandau's ungaurded middle. Dilandau hunched slightly at the movement and stabed blindly at the Escalfowne. It hit it firmly in the shoulder, but the Escaflowne appeared not to even notice.

The Escaflowne ramed its sword fully into the middle of the Aslides. Jerking it back out it swiped at the neck then at the arms of the Aslides. Even through the thick sounds of metel crushing, turning burning you could hear and feel the sicking cracking of bones from the lone pilet of the Aslides.

Aya felt tears rush into her eyes and drip softly down her pale white face. Her eyes where wide and filled with a haunting anguish. As though she herself had suffered the wounds she felt pain ripp through the core of her being. But it wasn't the internal pain that caused the tears to stream like a river down her cheeks.

No. It was the fact that the unthinkuble had just taken place. Dilandau Albertou, Commander of the Dragon Slayers had just been defeated by the King of the burnt country of Fannlia. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. This wasn't how it was soppose to end.

Where was her fairy tale ending? Yes Dilandau had done a horridouse deed by rejecteing her after then one night together but she had thought, that maybe in the future they would come together agine and they would ride off into the sunset holding the eachouther in there arms there eyes reflecting the love they felt for one anouther. Like in all the fairy tale loves.

But no. It seemed that fate still looked down upon her and frowned. It seemed that fate wasn't done toying with her, and of all the things it had done to her in the past this had to be the worse. She relized then that despite everything that Dilandau Albertou had ever done, she loved him.

It was plain as day. And nothing he ever did to her or anyone eles would ever change that, as slightly pathtic as that sounded it was true. Becouse for the breifest time in her life, just before they'd made love she had seen the love and warmth in his eyes.

She'd seen the way he looked at everyone eles, they had been cold and cruel for all but her. For her those ruby depths had held the happyness of both worlds for her. He had given her the one thing she had wanted since she was but a child.

He had given her the love and acceptence she had yearned, and been starved for. He had saved her from Allen Shizar, the sweetness in his crimson kisses, and lastly the look in his eyes when she'd awoken after she'd fainted in Chesta's arms.

She'd known then that he wasn't as indefferent as he was appearing to her. She'd seen then conceren....and love in his eyes. She didn't know why he fought so hard agenst the feelings he clearly felt for her, but he did. She thought maybe it was becouse he didn't want to make himself vulnerble to the enemy to the enemy by makeing it public knowlage he loved someone. Many could use her agenst him.

Or maybe he was just afraid of love, after all from what he knew he'd been a solider since he was a child, perhapes he'd never really been in love nor felt it. Real pure love that is. Neither had she, but she hungered and embraced it with all she had, she didn't want to lose it.

But perhapes when your surrounded by death and carnage all your life you lose that emotnal more feeling part of yourself. Whatever it was it was there, and Aya knew it. She'd thought that maybe after this war on Gaea was over perhapes she and him could work out there problems.

But no. It appeared that she wasn't going to get that chace. The irnoy of this situation was not lost to her. She'd wished to come to Gaea to escape her pain and loss and for a while she had. Then when she was returned to her world she'd wished to return to Gaea to him and now she would lose him.

Not in a petty argument, but he would die.....just like before. Back in her past life she'd lose him also to badites, now she would lose him in a battle. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right!

Tears flowing freely Aya relized she had to see him one last time. Even if he was already dead she had to see him. Just one last time. She ran quickly across the arina, the Escalfowne's sword was lowered as the King of Fannlia relized he had won.

Aya climbed quickly up the Aslides and pulled and yanked on the metel opening of the Gyemilth. To her utter suprise it pulled away easily. She lower her hands in through the icky goo withen. At last her fingers grasped the leather of Dilandau's armer.

Behind her she could hear the Escaflowne shifting and changing and out of the corner of her eye she could see the Slayers walking toward them.

Quickly she pulled Dilandau halfway out of the the gel. She winced as she saw the deep red blood dribbling down his lips and falling down his pale, perfect skin.

"A-Aya"he said, despite his mortal wounds his voice was as strong as it had been when she'd first meet him.

She smiled sadly,"Yes?"

"I-I..."his voice faltered and he turned his head from her.

Aya raised a hand and touched his face, gently she turned it till his ruby eyes meet her own blueish-green ones,"Its o.k.......I forgive you........"

Confusion marred his delecet features before they convolsed with a supressed pain, there time was nearing its end."Why?"

"Becouse, I love you. I've loved you since the day I meet you. I've loved you life times before this one and I always will."

Dilandau face filled with suprise. He'd been sure that all she felt for him now was hate. But no. She loved him. For the first time in this crazy war this thought didn't envoke the fear of those feelings. For once he welcomed the feelings her presence wrote,"I am sorry, Aya."The apology felt awkward on his tounge. Like it was his first time saying them, but most likely it was,"I love you, but it is too late."

Aya shook her head wildly, her hand going up to touch his hair in a gentle carese,"No. Don't say that...."

He smiled slightly, though his features twitched with the concealed pain,"Its the truth, Aya. You shouldn't fear my death, I don't fear it. I've no regreats, but the fact that I'm leaveing you behind and that that blasted king was able to....acomplish ending my life."

Aya ran a hand down his cheak and leaned down and kissed him firmly on the lips, ignoreing the blood that soaked her lips as she did so. Slowly she pulled back and in his eyes she saw the warmth of a lifetime withen them.

"We will meet agine, Dilandau, and then it will be forever this I promise you."Aya said her words filled with compleat sincerety and confidense.

Dilandau's lips moved to a small smile as his hand lifted and caresed her tear-streaked face gently. He then opened to say something only to stop in midgestsure. His face stilled as his eyes slid shut for what would be all of eternity. His hand fell tonelessly from her face.

Aya's whole being crumpled inward. Freash tears fell down her face. Her movements became shakey wobbly. Lowly, She reached down to his side and unsheated his sword.

Her eyes where drawn downward to the Dragon Slayers faces. Forceing a weak, sad smile she said,"It is time. Thankyou all for being the friends I never had. Farewell."

There eyes went wide as they relized her attempt they quickly began to climb the Gyemilth to stop her, but they had no time. For she staped herself hard through the stomace, makeing what she knew full well was a mortal wound. She lowered herself down with her dwindling strength so her body lay near her beloveds.

The slayers reached her, there faces drawn and each had tears in there eyes that threated to fall at any time.

"Why?"Gattie asked, though they already knew.

Aya's eyes scaned over them, seeing them for the final time. Her face calm, and seren she said seven simple words,"Do you belive in life after love?"The slayers lowered there eyes in pain tears falling free at last, though noone comments nor moved to wipe them away.

And for a momment that burned withen enterently Aya let out her last breath and her eyes closed and her face went serenly still. Aya Miyako Black was lost to both worlds along with her warrior lover.


Aya Black and Dilandau Albertou's bodys nor was the Zeibock Alslides was ever found. Perhapes it was better that way. Who knows what many would have done with their remains. Some say that Zeibock Generels Dragon Slayers where still alive and toke there bodys. But I soppose noone will really know...............

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Deep In The Forest~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Two graves glinted oddly in the sunlight, A sword stuck at the head of each grave. But.....in the middle of the graves on a silver plaque there read these words:

"Together for a short time they showed truth beyound lies.
Love beyound deception
And they proved the words
True love lasts for eterenty
They where the true hero and heroin of the destenys wars.
They lost the war, but the battle they won.
They will be together
For true love knows no boundries."

The End.

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