Forever and a day…

Methos leaned back against the tree as he watched the people standing around the grave finally walk away. He had considered telling them the truth, but it would have only complicated maters greatly, and they would have tried to recruit him into their little 'League'.

He'd been a rather reluctant member of the original League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and felt no great desire to take part again.

The old Witchdoctor started dancing and chanting around the grave, sprinkling some strange powder over it. The sky grew dark, clouds moving closer without any wind to carry them.

Methos' sense of self-preservation kicked in, and he stepped out from under the tree as the first thunderclaps echoed across the open savannah. In all his long years, he had never seen anything quite like this, and no mater how many times he did see it, it always took his breath away.

The ground started to shake, the Witchdoctors chanting growing louder and taking on strange harmonics that defined understanding. Methos looked round, worried that someone might be watching, but the gathering storm had forced everyone inside. A gigantic bolt of lightning struck the ground in the very middle of the grave, sending up a shower of earth and dust in every direction.

"That hurt." A voice protested from inside the now exposed coffin.

Grinning, Methos walked over with a crowbar in his hand and quickly prised the lid away and looked down at the man inside, "You need to find someone else to do this."

"Who else can I trust?" Tak Ne, more often known as Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, or just Ramírez, laughed as he pulled himself out of yet another grave, "It's not my fault that the Sprit of Africa chose me as its champion."

"You could have stayed in Scotland, or got that damn-fool Highlander to help you."

"If MacLeod were to discover that I am still alive, than it wouldn't be long before The Kurgan heard and came looking for me again. Believe me, decapitation is a very painful way to die."

"I intend never to find out." Methos pulled out a sword from under he coat and handed it to the other Immortal, "This is yours I believe: I dug it out from under the wreckage of the lodge."

"You have my thanks, old friend." Ramírez drew the sword and looked at the blade, "You're very trusting; giving another Immortal a sword like this…" He looked round, but Methos was nowhere to be seen, "Creepy old goat."

The End

Short I know, but just something I've wanted to write since I first saw LXG.