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All it Takes is a Name

Chapter 1 – Care to chat?

Konoha University classroom, 10:00 am -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It was another day for the students at Konoha University. The sun was shinning brightly, the trees were swaying with the wind; it was the perfect weather. As the students of the Jounin year literature class waited for their teacher who was very late already, some of them were getting irritated.

"Damn it! Where is our teacher? It's been an hour already!" said a pink-haired girl in glasses as she tapped her pencil at the book in the desk. As she did so, the classroom door opened and a running man clumsily made his way to the teacher's table. Everyone stared at the late teacher and gave him very annoyed looks.

"Good Morning." The late comer said in a gasping manner. "As you all know I am not your regular literature teacher. Your usual teacher, Kurenai-sensei, has to take a leave of absence for the rest of the term. I will be substituting for her as of this moment until further notice."

The class was now murmuring. They had mixed reactions to the news of a new literature sensei. Most of the boys in the class were happy to here the news because they all think that Kurenai-sensei was a very strict teacher who gave them a hard time with useless literary pieces. On the other hand, the girls were not happy; simply because the new teacher looks very perverted and he was late.

"Well let me introduce myself," said the new teacher. "My name is Hatake Kakashi. You may address me as Kakashi-sensei or just Kakashi alone. If you have any questions you can see me at the teacher's area everyday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Now I will be checking your attendance and then you are free to go."

Kakashi begins his roll call of the students. "Haruno Sakura,"

"Hai!" said the pink haired girl.

"Hyuuga Hinata,"

"Present." Was the soft reply from the white eyed girl.

"Hyuuga Neji,"

"Here." said the white-eyed boy who Kakashi guessed was related to the Hinata girl.

"Nara Shikamaru,"

"Hn..." came the lazy reply from the boy face down on his desk.


"Here." said the girl who looked very energetic.

"Uzumaki Naruto,"

"Mmmnn." came the reply from the blond haired boy who was eating ramen in the middle of class.

"Why on earth are you eating ramen in the middle of a class?" asked Kakashi.

"I was hungry and you were late so I thought that it was ok to eat ramen." replied Naruto.

"Next time I catch you eating in class, I will make sure that you get detention for three hours while starring at a giant picture of delicious ramen." threatened Kakashi.

Naruto immediately stopped eating and apologized to Kakashi realizing the hardship of starring at a picture of ramen for 3 hours.

"And last on the list for this class is Yamanaka Ino." said Kakashi. "Right here sensei!" shouted Ino. "Ok, so that's it for our class today. Tomorrow I want you all to be ready to recite on the different forms of literature." With that Kakashi brings out a book and proceeds to walk out of the classroom.

"Hey isn't that Come, come Paradise!" shouted Naruto.

The boys heard it and rushed over to Kakashi.

"Perverts!" the girls shouted to the boys who were intently looking at Kakashi's book.

3:00 after school -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Another typical school day for Sakura and her friends has ended. They were all sitting under a tree in the school gardens discussing what they can do. Ino was busy trying to flirt with Shikamaru who was just lying down and starring at the clouds. He was mumbling how troublesome it was to even get up from his view and flirt back with Ino. Hinata was not with them that time because she went out with Naruto to have another "ramen date". Tenten and Neji were talking quietly on one side. "Probably talking about themselves again." Sakura thought as she starred at the different people passing by while thinking if she too will get a boyfriend soon.

"I'm going to the internet shop for a while guys. See you all tomorrow!" Sakura waved to her friends as she got up and walked to the famous Internet and Coffee Shop.

"Well I guess this is what I like doing anyway. Surf online and chat with different kinds of people." said Sakura to herself. was the most popular internet café in the campus vicinity. Not only does it rent out computers, it also has a coffee shop that serves very delicious snacks and drinks. Sakura's favorite was the triple chocolate cake and a tall cup of coffee while she browsed though the web.

As she entered the shop, she felt that she was in another world. Sakura always had that feeling every time she entered the shop. The noise was minimal, soothing music played in the background, and everything looked so relaxing.

"This is really a great way to get out of stress from school." Sakura said to herself.

She made her way to the counter to ask if there was a free computer.

"Hello." she said to the guy who was busy writing down in a piece of paper.

The guy looked up and Sakura was surprised to see a handsome boy with onyx eyes starring back at her.

"May I help you miss?" the guy asked her.

"Wow! He looks so cute! I wonder why I haven't seen him before here, he must be new." Inner Sakura screamed.

"Uh yes, I was wondering if you have a slot available." she smiled at the guy.

"Computer # 8 is free, go ahead and sit down and I will have it opened in a few minutes." the guy answered blankly.

Sakura walked over to her terminal and sat down. She glanced back at the counter to get another look at the guy when she realized that the guy was also looking at her direction. She quickly turned around and blushed.

"Was he looking at me?" Sakura asked herself.

"Of course he was! He was checking you out!" Inner Sakura shouted.

"Nah must be my imagination." She was thinking if she should ask for the guy's name but she was having second thoughts because she didn't want to let the guy get any ideas.

She decided to ignore the guy for now and went on to surf around. She checked her e-mail first and saw that there was a lot of junk mail.

"Why do I keep on getting these kinds of mail; stupid advertisements and promos." sighed Sakura.

After a few minutes she decided to go chatting in mIRC. Sakura logged-on her name and password and entered a room with the title "Happy Community". She watched the activity in the room for a few minutes to get a feel of the room. Suddenly a window opened asking her if she wanted to chat.

Introverted-boy: Hello. Ctc?

Cherry18: Uh sure. )

Cherry18: asl?

Introverted-boy: 18/m/Konoha

Cherry18: Hey cool! I'm also from Konoha. 18/f

Introverted-boy: Yes I know you are from Konoha.

Cherry18: Huh? Wait a minute, how did you know I am from Konoha?

Scared that it might be some stalker)

Introverted-boy: Let's just say I know, ok? I'm in no way a stalker so please don't be afraid.

Cherry18: Ok… So are you a student at Konoha University?

Introverted-boy: Nope, I'm trying to earn money so that I can study at the university.

Introverted-boy: I currently have 2 jobs now and I really hope that I can study there soon.

Cherry18: Oh ok. So what jobs do you have?

Introverted-boy: Uhm, sorry but I can't tell you now… Sorry…

Cherry18: Huh? Uh ok then. So what do you want to talk…

Suddenly the electricity in the shop went out.

"Oh great, just when I was having a good conversation with someone." Sakura mumbled to her self.

After a few minutes the power comes back on... .

"I guess it was just a temporary brownout". She waited for her computer to start up again and was hoping that the guy was still there in the chat room. While Sakura waited she looked around the shop; some people were falling in line at the counter to pay their bill, some where also waiting for their computers to load so they can get back to their own little space in the cyber world, and some were just plain sitting as if nothing is happening around them.

Finally the computer finished loading. She immediately went to the chat room and saw that the guy was still there. Sakura clicked on the guy's name and proceeded to chat again.

Cherry18: Hey sorry for leaving all of a sudden. The power in the computer shop that I was in went out.

Introverted-boy: It's ok. Actually I was also cut out because the power also went out where I was.

Cherry18: I guess the sudden power shortage affected a lot of people.

Stupid Sakura not even realizing that the guy could have been in the same shop as her)

Introverted-boy: Uh yeah… So what were you saying before we got cut off?

Cherry18: Well I was asking if…

Suddenly her cell phone rang and saw that it was her mom calling.

"She probably wants me to go home already." Sakura said to herself.

"Hello mom? Yeah I'm about to go home now. I will be there in 15mins. Ok? Bye."

She went back to chat with the guy.

Cherry18: Sorry I had a call.

Introverted-boy: Was it your mom?

Charry18: How did you guess? Anyway, I have to go now. Maybe I'll see you online again tomorrow so we can continue our conversation.

Introverted-boy: Ok then, bye.

Sakura logged-out and went to the counter. She saw the attendant closing a chat room when she got there.

"Excuse me but I'm gonna go now. How much do I owe you?" she asked.

"You don't owe anything. The rental is on the house." said the boy with onyx-eyes.

"Really?" Sakura was surprised but decided that since it is free might as well take it.

"Well thanks." She then decided to ask the name of the guy in the most innocent way.

"So what's your name? I haven't seen you around here before so I'm guessing you must be new." she asked.

The guy gave her a blank stare as if telling her that his name is none of her business.

"You don't have to know…" the guy responded in a sudden cold manner.

Sakura was taken aback with the sudden change in mood by the attendant.

"Hey take it easy. It's not like I'm gonna haunt you down or something. All I wanted was to know your name for practical reasons." Sakura said in an irritated manner.

"What's with the sudden change in your mood? Is your name that important or something? Geez… Why did I even bother asking it in the first place!" With that Sakura stormed out of the shop.

On the way home she kept on thinking about how bad the manner of the attendant was at the shop. "The nerve of that guy talking to me like that. All I wanted to know was his name and nothing else. I guess he isn't as cool as I thought he is." The people around her looked at her weirdly because she was talking to herself.

"That guy doesn't deserve to even work in that shop! Why I think the guy I was chatting with is better than him."

"Tomorrow I'm gonna go back there and show that guy that he was wrong in talking to me like that." She thought.

7:00pm at the Haruno household ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So how was your day dear?" Sakura's mom asked.

"It was ok mom."

"We have a new teacher for our literature class and I also went to the computer shop again."

"You're spending time again in front of that computer? You know you should go out more and meet people. You're already 18 and you still don't have a boyfriend."

Sakura almost choked on the mash potatoes that she was eating.

"Mom cut it out!"

"I'm in no way interested in having a boyfriend as of the moment." Sakura lied to her mom.

"Oh come on, a pretty girl like you should definitely have a boyfriend."

Sakura couldn't believe that her mom was encouraging her to get a boyfriend. Her mom told her before to stay away from boys and she should just stick to her studies.

"Times sure have changed." Sakura thought.

As she lay in her bed Sakura couldn't help but think about the incident that she experienced at the computer shop. "Maybe the attendant was just sensitive. But a name is a name, one should be proud of his/her name. Well tomorrow we will see if mister handsome attendant will tell me his name."

Somewhere on the other side of town, another person was also thinking about how the day went by. He knew that it was uncalled for that he treated the pink-haired girl in such a cold manner. But he couldn't let her know his name. It might scare her and he wouldn't want that to happen. But then again, why should he bother with these thoughts. As far as he is concerned the girl is just one of the customers he needs to serve.