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All it Takes is a Name

Chapter 5 – Alpha Sharingan Fraternity

Sakura stopped dead on her tracks and quickly turned around. She could see the taller boy smiling sarcastically at Sasuke. Tension filled the shop as the two boys stared at each other. Sakura could see that this will not be a safe place to be if the tension doesn't go away.

"Why are you here Itachi? I could lose my job with these kinds of actions that you're doing." Sasuke muttered angrily at the boy before him.

Ignoring the question of his brother, Itachi instead tried to provoke Sasuke more. "So I see that you have a girlfriend now brother. On the bright side, you have taste."

"She isn't my girlfriend you bastard. She is just a customer that I have to make sure doesn't get harassed by the likes of you." Sakura could see that Sasuke's hands were trembling. She didn't know if it was from anger or from fear.

"Well if she isn't yours then I guess I have the right to take her away. And even if she was yours dear brother, I would have taken her all the same." Smirked Itachi as he tried to get around his brother who was blocking the way.

Sakura could see that the man Sasuke called Itachi was trying to make his way to her so she decided to run to Hinata's direction. Sasuke meanwhile stepped in front of Itachi so that he couldn't make his way to Sakura.

"You're not going anywhere Itachi." Growled Sasuke as he clenched his fists and raised them in front of his brother's face.

"My you want to fight with me brother? You will really lose your job now plus you're just going to lose anyway." Itachi got into a fighting stance and readied himself for the coming attack.

"I don't care if it costs me my job! I have to make sure that this ends today Itachi." Sasuke got into his own fighting stance as well and then he looked at the other boys around him and threatened them. "Don't make a mistake of aiding you buddy here, if you do then you will also die."

The other boys stopped advancing and looked at Itachi who nodded to them as a sign that they shouldn't interfere.

Sakura, who safely made her way to Hinata, was shaking with fear. Things were happening so fast that she didn't have anytime to comprehend what was happening.

"Sakura, let's get out of here. I don't want to get involved in a fraternity fight." Hinata said as she grabbed Sakura's hand with her trembling hands.

"Wait, what do you mean by a fraternity fight Hinata?"

"Are you serious? You don't know who these men are?"

"No clue, so tell me now."

"Well these boys belong to a certain fraternity; it is the most powerful fraternity in the university."

"Really…" Sakura said as Hinata dragged her to the door of the shop.

"Where do you think you're going ladies?" A man blocked their way out and gave them a sadistic grin.

Sasuke got distracted with the commotion at the door and turned around.

"Now is my chance!" Itachi thought as he moved forward and delivered a punch to Sasuke's face. The punch connected as Sasuke unfortunately turned back around to face Itachi.

Sasuke fell to the ground, his lip bleeding from the punch.

"You're such a weakling my little brother, you always had been and forever will be." Itachi stepped on his brother's chest and looked over him.

"Itachi you bastard! Why do have to keep on ruining my life! Do you get pleasure in seeing me suffering?" Sasuke coughed out some blood and looked at Itachi with murder in his eyes.

"I didn't think that you could think about your own brother that way." Itachi said in a sarcastic voice that caused Sasuke shake and try to get his foot out of his chest. "Don't get up yet dear brother; let me remind you that you will always be second best to me. All you can do is hate me. Try to kill me and you will end up dead yourself."

With that Itachi kicked Sasuke in the stomach hard and sneered at him. Meanwhile at the door, Hinata backed away from the boy who blocked their way. Sakura on the other hand wasn't intimidated.

"Get out of our way buster!" Sakura shouted at the boy.

"My, what a fierce little kitten you are. I like women who get on rough."

Sakura didn't move an inch as the boy drew near her. She just hung her head low and stayed like that until the boy was a few inches away.

"All that spunk for nothing missy, very disappointing." The boy reached out to grab her by the shoulder when suddenly Sakura kicked out and gave him a "nut-buster" that sent the boy squirming in pain.

"I may not be physically tough but I am smart enough to know where it hurts like hell." Sakura said with a smile on her face.

Sakura took Hinata's hand and started to lead her out of the shop. As they stepped out Sakura turned her head around and saw Sasuke lying on the floor beat.

Haruno household -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Are you alright Hinata?" Sakura gave her friend a cool glass of water as she sat at the couch beside her.

"I'm fine Sakura; it's just that the events that happened a while ago were a bit scary." Hinata gulped down her glass of water and gave Sakura a small smile. "But I am surprised that you didn't recognize the people who crashed the shop."

"I'm sorry but I really don't know who they are, how come you know them Hinata?" Sakura gave her friend a quizzical look.

"Well maybe if I tell you who they are you will recall them because that group had something to do with you past." Hinata closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

For a few minutes silence came upon the two girls. Hinata was thinking how to best describe the group to her friend with the least sorrow involved. Sakura on the other hand tried to think hard on who those people might be.

Finally Sakura decided to break the quiet moment. "So who are these people Hinata?"

Hinata took another deep breath and started to speak slowly. "You see Sakura; the boys who crashed the shop belong to a certain fraternity called the Alpha Sharingan."

Sakura gasped when Hinata mentioned the group's name. She never expected to encounter again the same group who almost ruined her college life. They were the reason why she started to hate fraternities and anything that had to do with them. Sakura sank further into the couch and closed her eyes.


"Welcome to Konoha University young students. I am the dean of this school Tsunade-sama." Said the tall girl about 30 who stood in the stage addressing the students before her.

The dean then gave her introductory speech and the opening remarks. She described the different courses the school has to offer and how the said courses are unique from each other.

Looking around the auditorium, Sakura saw that a lot of students were very excited already. Some on the other hand look like they think that college is a place for good time. And some looked like they could be future trouble makers.

"Let me remind everybody that this campus runs on a liberal system. We don't have many rules when it comes to behavior but we are strict with our academic requirements." Tsunade-sama said.

"I hope that I can be a consistent dean's lister here." Sakura whispered to her newly found friend Hinata.

"I'm sure that if we study hard and perform well in curricular and extra-curricular activities then we can make it." Hinata whispered back.

Tsunade-sama then introduced some of the teachers who the students might have in their classes. "This is Asuma-sensei; he is a teacher of Physical Education and specializes in tack and field. Next we have Kurenai-sensei, she is our only literature professor as of the moment and she loves to give out hard book reports. Also we have here Gai-sensei; he is our extra-curricular moderator so if you feel like you want to join organizations then he is your man. Last but not the least we have Iruka-sensei; he is our coordinator for basic education so if you have questions about general education then you may approach him.

After the formalities in the auditorium, Sakura and Hinata decided to explore the campus together. They visited the library, canteen, the gym, the park, and a whole lot of other places.

"Wow, this campus sure is a big one, Sakura." Hinata said to her friend.

"Yeah, imagine we could get lost here if we aren't careful." Sakura said while looking at the different buildings.

The two girls walked and walked until they reached a certain area with only a few shady looking buildings. They both thought that this must be one of the dorm areas. But both of them didn't notice that a couple of boys were watching them nearby.

"Hey boss, look at those two cute looking girls. How about we give them a little company?" The boy wearing a strange cap said to the boy beside him.

"That is not a bad idea Kabuto. Let's go and introduce ourselves to them." The boy gave a snicker and got up from his hiding place to make his way to the two unsuspecting girls.

Sakura and Hinata were to busy looking around to notice the two boys making their way towards them. The boys both wore black cloaks with some weird design and they made their way to the girls with unheard footsteps.

"Hello ladies, mind if we join you?" The taller of the two boys said to them.

Sakura and Hinata whirled around in surprise to see the two boys. One was tall with long black hair and had piercing eyes while the other one was a little bit shorter wearing eyeglasses and he had silver hair but was shorter. Their looks alone made Sakura and Hinata shiver with fright. Both of the boys before them didn't look like good to them.

"Who are you two? And what do you want with us?" Sakura asked them.

"Oh I am so sorry for not introducing ourselves." The taller one said with a hint of sarcasm. "My name is Orochimaru and this is my companion Kabuto."

"Pleasure is all ours ladies." Kabuto made a small bow mocking them.

"I'm sorry but we have no time to talk with you two." Sakura said as an excuse so that she and Hinata could get out. "We were just looking around campus because we are new here; this was our last stop so we have to really get going." Sakura took Hinata's arm and attempted to walk by the two boys in front of her.

Kabuto blocked their path while Orochimaru took hold of Sakura's hand. "Where do you think you two are going?" Hissed Orochimaru. "We haven't even given you the detailed tour of these buildings; right Kabuto?"

Kabuto gave a nod and took hold of Hinata's arm. "Come on ladies, we are going inside the building over there." said Kabuto as he pointed to a rather large structure at the end of the path.

Sakura and Hinata were both shaking with fear. They know that these boys were up to no good. Sakura was already thinking what these boys might want with them which frightened her even more.

"Let us go you creeps! We aren't going anywhere with you two!" Sakura said while struggling to get out of Orochimaru's grasp. She looked at her friend and saw that she was also struggling to free herself from Kabuto's hold.

"If you don't let us go then I will scream!" Sakura said in an attempt to scare the two boys.

"Go ahead and try missy. Nobody is going to hear you out her. This is the territory of the Alpha Sharingan Fraternity. Scream and you will just bring out more fraternity members here. Now you wouldn't want that right?" Orochimaru called out Sakura's scare tactic and the pink haired girl just kept silent.

"A-are you t-two Alpha Sharingan m-members?" Hinata managed to say.

"As a matter of fact we are you smart little freshman." Kabuto said with a sneer.

"What are you going to do to us?" Sakura said. She and Hinata were really trembling now. They are at the mercy of two frat boys who won't let them leave just yet.

"Well since me and Kabuto here have been lonely for quite sometime we thought that you girls could fill that loneliness for us." Orochimaru gave them a smile that sent chills down their spines.

Sakura and Hinata were both thinking the same thing: "Are they going to rape us?"

"Well since there are no more protests let us go ahead to our room shall we?" Orochimaru and Kabuto held on to the girls as they made their way to their residence.

While walking Sakura and Hinata were frantically thinking of a way to get out of their very tough situation. Of course they don't want to get raped by these two boys.

"God please somebody help us." Sakura thought to herself. She knew that resistance was futile and she certainly didn't want more frat boys joining them.

Upon reaching the room of the two boys, Sakura and Hinata were forced to sit on a bed each. Kabuto and Orochimaru began to take off their shirts. Sakura and Hinata were already in tears now. They can't believe that such a thing is about to happen to them.

"Please… Don't do this to us… We can give you money…" Sakura was begging to the two boys hoping to reason out with them.

"Honey we don't want money. What we need is something more than that." Orochimaru gave them an evil smile. Turning to Kabuto he said, "So which one would you like Kabuto?"

"I think I will go for the white-eyed girl."

"Very well, I guess I get the pink haired one."

The two boys looked at the girls and proceeded to make their way towards them. Both girls were now flowing tears. Both felt really helpless and scared at the same time. This was not the way they wanted their college lives to start.

Orochimaru pushed Sakura to lie down on the bed and stared at her mischievously. Kabuto on the other hand was having a hard time with Hinata because she was really trying to push him away. Kabuto liked the idea of Hinata being physical.

While the two boys were preoccupied with the girls they didn't notice that their door was slowly opening. A figure in a mask and hood made his way silently towards the two boys.

Orochimaru meanwhile laid on top of Sakura and attempted to kiss her. Sakura, out of desperation and reflex, slapped Orochimaru hard in the face. This angered Orochimaru and raised his hand to slap her back, and then suddenly something hit his head. Orochimaru fell sideways and dropped to the floor with a loud thud. Kabuto turned around upon hearing the noise and saw a masked figure standing there with a baseball bat on his hand.

"Who the hell are you!" Kabuto said angrily and was at the same time shocked.

"None of your business. Move away from that girl or else you're going to get the same treatment." The mysterious man said moving towards Kabuto while twirling the bat.

"Do you know that you won't get away with this act boy? You picked the wrong people to mess with. I'm giving you the chance to get out of here or else you will have a hard time with the Alpha Sharingan haunting you. Kabuto threatened the man.

"Alpha Sharingan you say? What a bunch of losers. You don't scare me boy. A geek like you who is acting so tough is just plain sissies." The man moved closer towards Kabuto and gave him a warning swing. "Move or else you get it."

Kabuto still kept his tough act and charged at the man with the bat. He aimed a straight punch towards the man's gut. The man had surprising speed and easily stepped aside and hit Kabuto on the head as the "geek boy" moved past him. Kabuto fell down unconscious and also hit the floor with a loud thud.

Sakura and Hinata just sat there in awe. They never expected that someone would come to save them from their predicament.

"Thank you so much for helping us sir." Sakura stood up and made her way towards the guy.

"Hold it right there missy. Let me clear it up for you. I didn't come here to save you ok? It just happened that I needed to settle a score with this fraternity. I never intended to save you." The man said coldly.

Sakura stopped walking and was startled with the man before her just said. "This man just saved her from two sick bastards and this is what she hears from him after she thanks him!" Sakura thought.

"Mister, you don't have to reply like that. I just thanked you for saving us you know." Sakura placed her hands in her hips and pouted.

"Don't give that cute face missy because that doesn't work on me. You better beat it before more of these frat kids come here." The mystery man said as he dragged the girls towards the door and slammed it once they were out.

Sakura and Hinata had a mix of anger and joy as they stared at the now closed door. They couldn't believe that they had a guy like that as their rescuer. Well on the bright side, at least they were safe now and all they have to do is to run out as fast as they can.

"Whoever you are, I am grateful for your deed whether it was to help us or not." Sakura thought to herself as she and Hinata ran towards safer grounds.

From that day on, Sakura never knew who their mystery savior was. She also never saw any of the Alpha Sharingan members around campus. She promised herself that what the fraternity did to them will never be forgiven. This is how her hate grew towards fraternities.

Sakura advanced with her college life with no trouble from the group at all. She was glad that they weren't bothering her anymore and that she and Hinata have moved on from the horrifying experience.

End of Flashback

"Sakura, are you alright?" Hinata looked at her friend with concern written all over her face.

"Sorry Hinata, I was just recalling the first time we encountered them. I really didn't realize that we would be seeing them again." Sakura gave out a loud sigh.

Sakura invited Hinata to sleepover at her place because she felt more secure being with her. She accompanied Hinata to her house to pick-up some things first. The trip to Hinata's house was quite, both girls couldn't say anything.

After getting the things from Hinata's house they decided to stop by the grocery store to buy dinner. Sakura bought a lot of instant noodles and Hinata bought the drinks. They both arrived back to Sakura's house and made their literally instant dinner.

While eating, Hinata decided to start a conversation because she didn't like Sakura being quiet and all.

"Sakura, what do you think happened to Sasuke?" Hinata knew that it wasn't the best thing to talk about right now but she felt that Sakura might be thinking about him.

"I don't want to talk about that right now Hinata." Sakura said grumpily but deep inside her she knew that she was concerned for the boy. He did try to save her from the Sharingan members. She let out another loud sigh.

Hinata knew that Sakura was worried whether she admitted it or not. She decided to drop the subject and instead eat her meal. After eating the two girls went to Sakura's room where Hinata will also be sleeping in. Nothing much was said between them for they mutually understood that all they need is each others company for the meantime. Both fell asleep instantly as the night blew through the open window.

Meanwhile at the other side of town ---------------------------------------------------------------

Sasuke was having a very bad night. After the scuffle with the Alpha Sharingan during the afternoon, his boss fired him because he couldn't even keep order in the shop. Sasuke was already expecting that he was going too fired but at the same time he was frustrated because it was his stupid brother who caused him another loss.

With one job left, he knew that it will be hard for him to go to college. His salary at the Kunai Slice wasn't exactly that big. He lay down in his bed and thought about his actions at the shop.

"Why did I even try to save that girl?" Sasuke said out loud. "Did I save her as a customer or as someone I might like?"

"Shut up. I don't like that girl. We have nothing in common. It was enough that I saved her twice from the group with the first one being accidental." A voice inside his head said.

Sasuke sighed out loud and proceeded to sleep it off. The image of Haruno Sakura in his mind as the night wind blew through his window.