The Abuse in a Violently Different Dimension
By Juu & Jekyll

A Harry Potter Dimension Jump fanfic that will feature a same-sex relationship, though that is not the main storyline.

1. Hit the Floor

I know I'll never trust a single thing you say
You knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway
And all the lies have got you floating up above us all
But what goes up has got to fall

Harry Potter was not a happy little camper. He was, to be quite honest, quite pissed off and liable to cause mass destruction if one were to even look funny in his direction. Fortunately for others, he really gave off that 'killing'-vibe, and thus people tended to stay clear of his path.

There was however a certain Potions Professor who stubbornly refused to let his own day be ruined by, who he perceived as a pesky little brat, that was currently storming in his way. He made to intercept the boy with the desire to deduct some house-points.

"Mr. Potter! What-" he sternly started to speak, but something what felt like an invisible force pushed him aside and not to gentile against a wall. This left the professor wondering how the Gryffidor was able to do so, while he had shown so much difficulty with nonverbal spells in class.

Harry Potter simply brushed by without paying any attention to the professor. He stormed further through the hallways until he was at the seventh floor. There he found himself in an impromptu staring match with the gargoyle that guarded the headmaster's office.

The gargoyle stared unimpressed back at him.

"Open up!" Harry finally demanded of the stone monster. He knew that naming all sorts of candy would be useless, since Dumbledore had abandoned that way of security long ago.

The gargoyle didn't even blink and Harry's rage heightened. "You get me in there, you stupid brainless rock-"

"Potter," said a very cold voice right behind him. "You have been out of line."

Harry didn't turn around to confront the speaker, but kept his eyes fixed upon the gargoyle. He racked his brains for a possible password, but Snape's angry voice kept distracting him.

"If it was your plan loose points from Gryffindor, then you achieved your goal. Fifty points off for your violent outburst and assaulting a professor."

Harry spun around, still extremely frustrated and furious, and glared at Snape.

"Give me the bloody password," he spat. The Potions Master remained unimpressed and even raised a brow.

"Another ten points for your incredible rudeness..."

"Give me the password! NOW!"

"And ten points for poisoning the school with your current mood..."

Harry narrowed his eyes, figuring he would have to try something else. "I thought, referring to your preference for potions, you'd be fond of poison as well."

"Not one as ill brewed as this one," Snape responded just as luminously, but with an extra scratch to it. "Besides, I am your Defence professor now."

Harry bared his teeth, and Severus could swear that he heard the youth growl as he lost his temper again. "I don't have fucking time for this!" Harry spun around, carelessly turning his back to the Potions Master, and with a loud yell, made the torches in the hall rise up high before they extinguished.

Snape was quick to use a Lumos and shone its light into the now empty hallway. He whirled around, but Harry Potter had disappeared. Snape glanced suspicious at the gargoyle. Could Potter have gone past it without Snape knowing it? He doubted it. The Gryffindor's behaviour should be reported to the headmaster either way.

He slowly turned to the gargoyle-though still wary-and muttered the password. The gargoyle leaped aside and the walls behind it slit in two, revealing the previously hidden spiral staircase.

The Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher was about to step onto them when he was hit from behind with a body-bind. The professor's rigid body fell almost in slow motion forwards where his head met the lowest step of the stairs with a loud thud.

Harry tugged his invisibility coat off his body and quickly stalked past Snape's immobile form. He muttering for form; "Thanks for the password."

Standing still as the staircase moved up like an escalator proved to be difficult as his body was brimming with angry energy. He shoved the invisibility coat back into his large robes' pocket. Almost shivering from the adrenaline, he growled disdainfully when he opened the oak door only to find out that the headmaster wasn't in his office.

Had Dumbledore known that Harry was on his way? If so, then it was very weak of the so called 'greatest wizard of modern times' to avoid him. It couldn't be fear that was keeping Dumbledore from facing Harry, was it? Fear that his lies had once again been found out?


he Gryffindor walked over to Dumbledore's high-backed chair and flopped down in it. He placed his dirty black boots on the desk's polished surface, not caring that now mud was going to stain it, and leered around the room. His initial anger was slowly simmering down and he put his wand away.

"Oi! Get your muddy shoes off! You rude boy!" one of the portraits ordered outraged.

"I'll place my boots wherever I bloody want to," Harry commented airily. He eyed a bust that was standing on a small pillar placed next to the portrait. It was obvious of the same person. "At least I still have boots," he gloated childish.

"Oh, I've never!" The painting gasped. "How dare you! How dare you mock one of Hogwarts' greatest men?" it started to shout.

Harry laughed wickedly. He was a bit surprised that he was actually having fun diverting his ire at Dumbedore to the man in the painting. At least he now had an adversary. He pulled his feet off the desk and stood up. He walked over to the bust where he made a show of examination it.

"One of Hogwarts' greatest men, you say?" he mused and moment after, he pushed with all his weigh against the bust. It fell off its pillar and shattered into pieces on the ground. Harry picked up one of them. He held it in front of the wide eyes of the speechless portrait.

"Great men don't let themselves get pushed around, painting," he declared and let the piece fall to the ground again.

There came a loud crackling noise from behind Harry and he quickly turned. The headmaster had finally appeared.

"Harry Potter?" the old man muttered almost surprised.

Harry stared with narrowed eyes at him and crossed his arms. "Oh good, you haven't forgotten my name yet."

The old man stared for a long moment back, his blue eyes roving over Harry's tense figure and noticing the dirt on the young man's boots. He then glanced at his desk where the same mud could be found on one of his knitting patterns and frowned with dismay.

The dismay became more pronounced when his gaze fell on the pieces of marble on the ground that once had been a bust. He raised his hand and muttered an incantation that should make the bust turn back to its unscathed state, but nothing happened. Dumbledore stared astounded back at Harry.

Harry grinned broad, almost as if he was challenging the old man.

"I see then…" Albus spoke gravely. He let his weary body fall heavily into his chair.

Harry took that moment to walk up to the man untill he was standing next to the desk. This so the old man would have to turn to the side to look him in the eyes. The maniacal grin transformed into a scowl.

" 'I am going to tell you everything, Harry'," the emerald eyed boy quoted mockingly.

"'It is time for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry'. Seems to me you left some important information out. Lying by omission, they call it."

Dumbledore seemed to search for words. "Harry, please listen to me-"

"No, Dumbledore! You listen to me!" Harry interrupted him. He placed his hands firmly resting on the desk's surface and leaned intimidating over it to Dumbledore.

"You know. I was really excited to be taking those private lessons with you, showing me all about Voldemort's past and finally telling me what I had to know. But you had to leave something important out, did you! You needed to keep an ace up your bloody sleeve!"

With these last words of his tirade, several objects in the office exploded due the force of his anger. Dumbledore's eyes flashed around the room, inspecting the damage done. The old man looked worried and hurt at the same time.

"Harry, my boy. Please, give me a chance to explain."

"How many chances have you ever given me!" Harry exclaimed, radiating fury. The whole room was filled up with a tense atmosphere and several objects shook in their places on the shelves. A few fell over and crashed loudly on the floor.

"I don't want your bloody words! I don't want your fake advice! Great men don't let themselves get pushed around and I've been pushed around for far too long! And what could I do? Nothing! I was too young! I didn't know!"

Harry finally pulled out his wand again and pointed it at the headmaster's face. At the same time, the oak door burst open and professor Snape marched into the room. The moment he noticed Harry and the wand in the Gryffindor's hand, he whipped his own out and pointed it right back at him.

"What is going on here!" he demanded to know. Harry now had his wand aimed somewhere at the space in-between the two professors, unsure about who was the greater threat.

"None of your bloody business, Snivellus!" Harry growled. He had to duck away when Snape threw an incarcerous at him, angry at the usage of that particular nickname. The two started to duel.

Dumbledore stood up and worriedly watched the scene. He truly wanted to help, but his previous trip had drained him and Harry had caught him at a very bad time. He hoped that Severus was able to contain the hot blooded Gryffindor so he was able to talk and explain his actions when the boy had calmed down.

A stray curse from Harry hit an oil lamp on one of the many shelves. It melted onto another object, making them both topple over with their weight onto an old planet model. The model fell, but clung with one of its appendages onto the edge of the shelf. It bumped into a Pensieve on the shelf under it and clattered onto the ground, taking various other objects with it on its way down.

The noise was terrible. The dinging of iron objects that collided and the high piercing screams of several of them made glass bottles burst. As if the debris was not dangerous enough, Snape and Harry, both obvious to all of that, got into a wand-lock.

The power crackled through the air, and then both duellers muttered an incarnation t the same time. Headmaster Dumbledore watched frozen to the spot how Harry Potter's spell hit the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor dead-on, while Snape's spell was avoided by a quick dive to the floor.

The Gryffindor had no time to gloat though. Snape's hex collided with the previously mentioned objects close behind Harry. The pile of junk exploded outward, making thousands of debris fly through the room like a fountain of sparkles.

When the room finally settled down and nothing moved anymore, Dumbledore glanced shocked around his office. He could see the bloodied form of Severus near a wall partly hidden underneath the wreckage.

Looked down upon himself he noticed minuscule fragments of the junk had inserted itself in his skin. He didn't feel any pain, but that would probably come when the shock started to settle down.

However, when he searched for the violate Gryffindor, hoping he was not too injured by the rubble, his shock heightened.

Harry Potter had disappeared without a trace.

To Be Continued

VG Jekyll (August 2014): I rewrote this chapter and changed a few tiny things. I also changed my wrongly spelled 'incantation'. Thanks for pointing it out Fawlks!

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