The Abuse in a Violently Different Dimension
By VG Jekyll
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41. Radioactive

I raise my flag and dye my clothes
It's a revolution, I suppose
We're painted red to fit right in

The room filled with a low hubbub as several people spoke with-and through-each other. Harry glanced asserting around the room and then smiled pleased. He figured it was a good turnout for the first meeting.

He stood in the Room of Requirement in the middle of a small stage that could potentially be used for duels. Around it was a lot of open space. More space than they would actually need with such a small group, but it was what the room had provided them with.

He wasn't sure if he was trying to recreate Dumbledore's Army, so he didn't want to call the gathering by that name. For one, the reason behind forming this was not the same as in his world. Secondly, no one would understand why Dumbledore's name was used…

Harry let out a deep sigh. Naming the group was not his priority anyway. This time around there was no ban on forming groups. They technically wouldn't have to be this secretive.

Nevertheless, a real club would need a professor present to keep watch over them and he had no interest in trying to explain why he was the right person to lead this study group, while a few months ago he was apparently still the dead-last of class.

He glanced around at the familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Jay was standing right beside him, as his unofficial right hand. He'd also been the one who invited most of the students gathered there.

In front of the podium stood Nathan. He was talking with Jacob, who had Luna by his side. His brother tried to get the girl to engage in the conversation and Harry couldn't keep himself from smiling proudly. The boy was truly a good kid.

There were three other Ravenclaws present, of which he only recognized Luc, the incredible tall guy with spiky dark-blond hair and only because he was a friend of Jay's.

The other two Ravenclaws were a lighter shade of blond, but one was a girl and the other a guy. The blond girl was laughing loudly and nudging Luc in the stomach while the other guy stared a bit dazed into the distance. Harry wondered if he had been dragged there against his will.

There were also two Gryffindor girls. One had been hyperactive and socializing ever since she came in, while her blue-haired friend seemed a bit shyer. Harry had done a double take at the sight of her blue hair. Perhaps he had been gawking at her, because Jay leaned over and told him the day before she still had black bangs with spikes at the back.

Harry didn't remember ever seeing these students in his own dimension.

To his utter surprise Neville and Draco also showed up, though separately. He hadn't approached either of them in person and doubted that Jay had invited them. After all, when he had first put forth that it might be interesting to also train Neville, Jay had been vehemently against it.

He glanced at Jay and when he got the Hufflepuff's attention, he send a questioning nod in Neville's direction. Jay only glanced at Neville and then smirked. He shrugged, not revealing if he in fact had invited him or not.

Harry let it slide and cleared his throat. When that didn't receive the reaction he desired, he raised his wand and used it to lift a bench behind the group and then let it drop with a loud bang. It was immediately silent as everyone whirled around to stare at where the sound had come from.

"Welcome to The Defence Association," Harry greeted them, thinking that was as good as any other name. They all turned back to face him. Some looked a bit incredulous, others still startled. He could hear Jay mutter something about it being a better name that the bumblebee army.

"You are here because someone invited you to join this association. This someone trusted you enough to keep this between us for the time being so don't break their trust. Now, the purpose of DA is to improve ourselves, in particular our fighting skills. We all have read in the newspapers about Voldemort-"

They all flinched. He guessed some things would never change.

"-attacks. Right now, it is important that we learn to defend ourselves. These attacks are getting closer to our homes, to our families and friends with every passing day. The ministry does nothing. They are safe in their buildings with high security. They don't even consider that others, you and me, don't possess that security!"

He took a deep breath and glanced around, hoping his words were reaching their mark.

"The adults aren't doing anything so it is up to us to arm ourselves! We are the youth of the nation, we are the ones who will be stuck with the big problems if things continue as they are. We need to work on improving ourselves, our knowledge, our perception of life and our abilities! This can be by practising our duelling skills, but also broadening our knowledge of both spells and hexes, as what is truly going on in the world. Because trust me, those papers are not even scratching the surface."

"Any questions so far?" Jay asked beside him as Harry took a shaky breath. If he hadn't, Harry would have gone on with his rant.

The students glanced at each other. The energetic Gryffindor still appeared to be very enthusiastic, but the Ravenclaws were staring a bit dubious at Harry. The blond guy that had seemed to be unwilling to be there spoke up.

"How do you know all of this?" he wondered.

"Which part?" Harry asked in return.

"That a lot more is happening than the papers tell. That... You-Know-Who is a risk worth considering, while my father, who is an Auror I might add, tells us there is nothing to worry about."

Harry considered the guy's words. "Did your father ever face Voldemort in a duel?"

"No," the guy answered with a shrug. "Did you?"

"Yes," Harry dared to answer. Voldemort in any kind of dimension could surely be seen as the same?

This admission was met with a shocked silence, which was strangely interrupted by Draco who had be quiet so far.

"When did that happen?!" the Slytherin demanded to know. He looked as shocked as the others. Harry was at a loss for words, but Jacob saved him.

"I was last December," he stated, drawing the attention towards himself. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, clearly unused to the attention.

"Did you duel him too?" asked someone incredulous and Jacob quickly shook his head. He glanced at Harry who stared curious at him. He hadn't expected the safe from his kid brother, but then again Jacob had been surprising him a lot lately.

"Is that why you changed so much, Harry?" Luna asked and smiled up at him. Harry gave a small nod and then jumped off the stage, desiring to be at even ground with the others.

"I guess it did have an impact on me."

He could see they all were dying to ask him to tell in detail how his supposed encounter with Voldemort went. He raised his hand to stop anyone from asking questions.

"We are going to start the training now. Afterwards, those who are interested can stay and I'll tell you about it. Deal?"

The students grumbled a bit, but then nodded in agreement and Harry sorted them into pairs. He had them work without wands at first. The exercise was simple, and one he had done with Jay before.

He had them stand facing each other with only a step in-between them. They were only allowed to move one foot, the other had to stay on the ground. What they had to do was simple. It was about making the other loose balance. If the foot on the ground moved, they lost.

Harry explained that this would help them in anticipating the other person's moves. "It is important that in a duel you pay close attention to the other's movements. That way you can predict what they are about to do or at what body part of yours they will aim at, and make sure they don't succeed in hitting that part."

He let them all go at it, making sure to step in when people became too violent.

Jay pulled Harry aside and together they watched their fellow students practise. "Was this what you already were aiming for when asking me for personal training?"

"Not exactly?" Harry answered, though the lilt in his voice gave away that he was uncertain himself.

"You sure about that buddy? Cause I distinctively remember you asking me to include Neville Longbottom, which I declined. Now it really looks like you were already thinking of gathering like-minded people."

Harry thought about it. Jay was right. Had he unconsciously already been trying to replicate his DA? Never mind. It was happening now.

"I didn't have this particular in mind, but I have taught a few sessions like this before."

"It being this training group?"


"You gotta tell me more about this!"

"Sure, when we're alone," Harry promised and left Jay's side to help out some students. He had been surprised to see that Draco and Neville had agreed to him pairing them up. He'd been curious to see how they would interact and he was not disappointed.

At first the two had behaved a bit awkwardly, trying to stare each other down. Then Neville was the first to move. Draco stood his ground though. The Gryffindor had been full sudden force, while Draco gracefully evaded. It was interesting to watch.

Harry now stepped in as he noticed Neville was getting frustrated. He grabbed the Gryffindor's fist before he could slam it into Draco's side, even though the blond was already moving way.

He ignored the Slytherin and focussed on Neville.

"Are you watching the way he moves?" he questioned.

"I am!" Neville spat angrily and glanced over his shoulder to glare at Draco. Harry pulled his first abruptly down, making him loose balance.

"No you're not. You are also letting yourself become agitated at your inability to win here. That will cause you your life in a real battle." He let go of Neville's wrist and turned to face Malfoy.

"You're good at evading, but do try to push back some more."

He was going to leave them at it when Draco caught his sleeve. "Can you show me?"


"I'd like to face off against you." Draco told him. Harry stared for a long moment at the blond Slytherin's face. Was that a challenge or did he really desire to learn from doing the exercise with Harry.

The look on Draco's face was not taunting like Malfoy's always had been. He seemed sincere. Harry shrugged and send the Slytherin a grin.

"Why not." He said and motioned to Neville to step aside, taking his position in front of Draco. "Give it your best shot, Draco."

To Be Continued

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