Must apologize…….

I'm so sorry that I cannot provide you with any updates for now. The reason is still because I'm lack of computer.

So many things happen and I'm really stressful because of it.

And I really hated the fact that I can't do anything without computer. And why the heck is a computer have to be so bloody expensive!!

And also, I have a voting.

I got a review that stated I'm lack of environmental description.

Well, for Rokkis, I'm so sorry.

I do, lack the ability to describe surrounding. Always have, even in my native languages. And it's so hard for me to write a detail when I have to browsing the dictionary, and when said dictionary not giving much help .

Ack… I probably just try to give excuses of my laziness. Hehehe

And oh, about green cards, well, I was thinking that since Harry's a Wizard, he can just swish his wand and everything is done. I just….. –Trying to hide- forget to mention it.

Don't kill me PLEASE!!!! SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, back to main point.

Because of that, I'm thinking about rewriting this fanfic.

What I want is your opinion. Do you want me to totally rewrite it, change the whole plot, or just fix the chapter, adding necessary things. I will try hard at that.

And so, I give a month for voting, If I get more than 30 reviews saying you want me to rewrite it, I will. Although I'm not sure when I will be able to post anything. But one thing is for sure, I will never discontinued my fics.

oh, I also in need for a beta. My previous beta is busy, and I don't want to bother her more and take her time for rest with my fics. Probably one who could help me with some details and some more.

So see you soon (hopefully) and love and kisses from Ryan and me for you all…….

PS: anyone know sites that recommend fics of Top Draco Bottom Harry? I'm tired of having to read a great fanfic, only ended up Draco being the bottom. That's enough for me to lose any interest on that fic and leave it alone with heavy heart. And it was written in the summary as DM/HP, Dracori, Draco/Harry fic. And as far I known, the first one is the dominate.