Chapter 1

Valentine's Day

John Carter walked over to Doc Magoo's. He had finally gotten a break. It had been one of those hectic days. Most people didn't know that he still thought of her once an awhile. But after his shift, he was going to go visit her grave. He needed to visit and say 'Hi'. She sometimes helped him with his problems. He never felt like he was talking to himself, when he went to Lucy's grave. He just wanted the day to get over with.

Pratt was on his nerves again. He had figured out that Chen and Pratt were dating. He didn't talk to Chen much anymore, but they were still good friends. Gallant, was becoming a better student, which was good. It was sometimes hard to be near the med students. But he hid it well.

Carter looked at the time. He had order his lunch, and then watched as the time go by. He then went back to work. A few hours later and his day was over. He walked into the lounge. He was finally on his way out for the night. He took his lab coat off and put in the locker. After he put his jacket on he left for the day, and went to visit Lucy's grave.

"Hey Lucy, it's Carter. Well my life is been... well... hectic these last few years, but now its gotten better. I'm in love with someone. She was here a little after you ever came to county. She was a med student then, and now she's back as Nurse," He said to her as he talked to her grave.

"Maybe you sent her to me. Because when I'm around her I feel... well... special. I haven't felt that way in along time. Maybe you were the one that answered my prayers every night. I don't know Luce, but one thing is I miss you around the ER. You would of been a great doctor. I know this was Sobrieki's fault, and well you didn't deserve to die so young, and you had a whole life ahead of you.

"I mean here I am blabbing on, and you probably don't want to hear me talking like this. Well Luce your one in a million and I miss you, every day I do." As he set down a dozen roses, he continued "I brought you some flowers today. Like I always do. I always think you deserve to have flowers, even if your still not with us."

Carter stood up, and said a prayer before he left the grave site. He then headed off to his own home to think about his day, and what the rest of the night brought to him. Later that night, he couldn't think of what to do, so he went back to work. He went into the lounge, and heard someone come into the lounge.

It was Valentines Day. A day Abby would remember forever. It was the day her best friend was stabbed and another med student killed. She had thought about going to Lucy's grave but she didn't know if she should. Getting stuck with night shifts two days in a row decide for her. She walked into the lounge to find Carter already there. "Hey."

Carter looked up as he saw Abby standing there as he just shut his locker, "Hey," he replied, as he put his lab coat and stethoscope back on. He knew he was off, but he needed to work. He needed to keep his mind off of this horrible day. "How are you?" He asked her as he closed his locker.

Carter turned around, before Abby could say anything, Susan had walked into the lounge, "Hey" He said to her, as he yawned. He was suppose to be off not on, but he couldn't sleep. He wished Lucy was still here, and had gotten to meet Susan to.

Susan could feel the tension in the air. Carter was sitting down and Abby was by her locker. They were just staring at each other. She had heard about what had happened Valentine's day a few years ago and was aware that it still bothered Carter. "Hey!" Her cheerful voice shattered the silence and snapped both Carter and Abby's attention to her.

"Somebody woke up on the right side of the bed." Abby said teasingly. Susan always seemed so cheerful. Carter watched the exchange between the two. He was glad they had ended up as really great friends.

Susan could tell Carter looked stressed and sad. She really didn't know what to say for the risk of saying something bad. She walked over to her locker and fumbled with the combination. Once it was opened she slid off her wet jacket. The cold Chicago snow had been falling and everyone knew it was going to be a cold winter. She walked over to Carter and was about to put her hand on his shoulder when a beeper went off.

Carter looked at Susan. "It's not me," He said to her. Carter looked at the clock. "Well if you excuse me I think I'm going to get to work," He said, to the two ladies. He needed to work, and tonight looked slower to him. He couldn't stand it .

Carol walked into the ER, it had been a long day, but she was coming back to the ER with Doug, She looked up to see people coming out of the lounge. What shocked her the most was to see Susan there. "Oh my God Susan!" She said to her friend. It had been a long time.

"Carol! Oh my gosh!" Susan was so glad to see Carol. It seemed like it had been forever. She grabbed her into a big hug and started laughing. "What are you doing here?"

Carol smiled at Susan. "Well I want to be back in Chicago, I miss it here, and of course we need to catch up later."

Susan was glad Carol and Doug had decided to come back. As they started to catch up, Susan realized that it was her beeper that had went off. "I am really sorry. I have to go. Let's get dinner tonight if you are free. I am so glad your back!" She grabbed her into a huge hug again. As she passed the front desk she heard the news: multiple GSWs coming in. As she prepped for the patient she hoped that Carter would be working this one with her. She had to figure out what to say to him.

Doug had only been a few steps behind Carol when she came in but he could see she was talking to old friends. He had never been much on confrontations so he decided to let her have some time to do it. He followed her to the lounge where she was putting things in her newly assigned locker. "Tell me why you wanted to come back to the windy city again! It's freezing Baby!"

Carol laughed. "Doug you want to know why, I miss it here, and I thought you did to."

Carter saw Abby was sitting on the couch, and then heard multiple GSW. "Are you coming?" He asked Abby. "Come on let's go help Susan." He said as he ran out the door with hoping she was behind him.

Abby heard Carter ask her if she was coming and then tell her they should help Susan before she got a chance to answer. "Sure. Why not?" She said half sarcastically even though she didn't think Carter was paying attention. She followed him to the trauma room where she waited to she if she was needed.

Carter got to a trauma room. "What we got?" He asked. He did actually overheard her Abby's comment. "Are you OK?" He asked her as they were working on the trauma, "Get a CBC, chem seven." He shouted as he waited for Abby to answer him.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She was helping Lydia with the blood work. "Just tired. Why?" She said as turned around from the patient.

Carter looked at her. "I was concerned, is that OK? "He asked her. They were almost finished with this trauma. He could tell Susan was watching them interact as well.

As the patient crashed they finished compressions. "Time of death 16:12." Susan looked up at Carter's face. He seemed really distant and she didn't know what to do.

Carter looked at Susan as she called it. It was hard for him to cope with death, he watched her leave. He and Abby followed her to the lounge. Doug and Carol were in there, still, as well.

"Well, I am going for a food run, what can I get you guys?"

"I'm not hungry." Carter said to her as he looked at Abby, and waited for her response. Also he could tell Susan wanted to talk about something with him.

If it was about food, Doug heard it. "Chicken fingers... pickle... diet coke... and something sweet. Maybe an apple pie?" He grabbed a twenty dollar bill out of his wallet. "Thanks Suze, I owe you!"

Carol couldn't laugh as Susan asked about food. ''You're that hungry mister?" She asked him. She thought about the question, then laughed and walked out of the lounge.

Doug was on her heels. "Sorry, I'm a little hungry. I just didn't get a chance for breakfast.

Carol laughed again, "What are you sorry for? Being hungry? It's natural," She said to him.

"Hey Sweetie, I was just giving you a hard time earlier. You know I want to be back here too. How bout we have a nice dinner when you get off... rent a movie... it'll be fun. Then we can finish unpacking? Besides, I have something I need to talk to you about."

"What about the girls?" She asked him about the twins. "Maybe Mama can take them for the night." Carol said to him.

Doug looked at Carol carefully. "You decide what you want to do with the kids."

"I think Mama will be fine with having the twins at her house overnight."

"I just thought we could spend Valentine's Day together. I haven't gotten a chance to have a real conversation with you for awhile, and like I said, something has been bugging me and..."

Doug was interrupted by a gurney smashing through the doors. It was a kid who had just been hit while riding her bike. Her father was coming in, too.

"I do want to be alone with you too, and now I want to know what's bugging you," She said quickly before they had to get out of the way.