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AN: okay, Mac left to go afterBrumby after their failed wedding, only she didn't stay with him. But she didn't go back to Washington either. The year is 2014.

Prologue I

Sweet's POV

I can't believe how hard it is to pack up your room. I found stuff in my closet I didn't even know I still had. I think I'm gonna take a nap before dinner. I haven't taken a nap since I was 4 but I'm so tired. Mom says we'll share her room tonight, that way we can have all of my room packed up today, tomorrow we'll do her room and then we'll send the stuff. Good thing I only had to pack the small things, mom is having someone over to take care of the furniture and all that. We're moving to Virginia, right next to DC. I can't believe she agreed to go work there, it must have been a great job offer.

You see, mom used to live there before I was born, but she doesn't like to talk about it. She got really hurt by someone there. Sometimes when it rains she goes for a walk, and always forgets her umbrella, and when she comes inside she stays really quite for the rest of the night. I mean it's not like she's a depressed person, she's pretty funny actually, and is always happy. It's just those particular times when she gets sad. Her sense of humor is a little twisted, I have to admit that. And she always gets the weirdest smile when someone mentions the dentist.

Anyway, in Virginia she met her ex-husband. The night before her wedding her friend got in a plane accident or something and she postponed it. Michael left her and went back to Australia and she followed him there. I never thought she'd be the kind to follow a guy around, I mean it's usually the other way around. She's beautiful, every man she meets automatically gets a crush on her. I wish I was so lucky.

Anyway, the thing is they did get married but only stayed together for 2 months, then they got a divorce. She had never told me this. Then, last week we were looking for my birth certificate and I caught a glimpse of her divorce papers. He's not my father though, after she got divorced she met my father and they dated for a while, then she got pregnant and he left. She never says awful things about him or tries to get me to hate him. In fact she says that it's important that I understand that he wasn't a bad person, just wasn't prepared to have a kid. She's always telling me that I'm gonna have enough problems in my life and that I don't need the burden of resenting my father too.

She doesn't date much. And when she does, it usually doesn't last. There was this one guy though, when I was around 4, whose name was Daniel. He called me Sweet. The nickname stayed, the guy didn't.

The only man that's always, well sort of always, been there is Papa JJ. He seriously disliked Daniel, I think that's why mom broke up with him. But the nickname he gave me didn't seem to bother him. In fact, he used it more than Daniel and that's how it stuck. Papa JJ's opinion is very, very important to my mother. She never makes a big decision without talking to him first. When she decided that she was interested in this new job, she told me first and then spent like 2 hours on the phone with him.

I'm pretty smart but sometimes I just can't understand what goes through that woman's mind I know that she's brilliant, and is very good at her job but it freaks me out that she doesn't seem to think so.

She never talks about her family either. The only family member she's ever mentioned is Uncle Matt. I'm named after him- Delara Mathilda Mackenzie, that's how much she loved him.

Mom says we're gonna live in a house. I've always wanted a house, of course in my mind the house came with a dad, a sister and a dog. Apparently I'm gonna have to settle for a dog, I'm gonna name him Jingo like mom's old mutt. He died when I was still a baby, and since it was just mom and me she decided that taking care of her daughter was more important than taking care of a new puppy.

She's great, I am really lucky to have her as my mom. I remember when I was little, she was a marine, worked a lot, ugly uniform too. I can't tell her that though, she'd have a stroke or something if she found out I don't like marine green.

I googled my new school, the uniform is navy blue. I know it's a school for smart kids and all,but it must be really really good if she doesn't mind the uniform. But Papa JJ recommended it, so I guess that makes the uniform not that important to her. Let's just say navy blue is not her favorite color. It looks good to me though.

I'm on the 8th grade and I'm 12. I'm a little ahead in school, so I don't have that many friends in my class Most of the kids there are 13 and 14, so I'm the baby and they make sure to make me know it. It was worse before, when I was in 6th grade, cause I was only 10 and then you could really see the difference, but after a while kids kinda got used to me being there. Mom says that there are a few younger kids in my new school. I hope she's right; I'd hate to have all the teasing start again.

Kids are so stupid. When I was little they bugged me cause I didn't have a dad, then cause I was the tallest girl in my class. When I moved to the 3rd grade after 1st they teased me cause I was the shortest, then when I went to 6th grade instead of 5th it was cause I was the youngest. I mean make up your minds will ya?

There's someone knocking on our door, I bet it's the delivery guy with our food.

God I'm tired, I've been lying here for the past twenty minutes and haven't managed to sleep. I hate when that happens.

"Dinner's here, Sweet!" hollered my mother from what used to be our dinning room, and now is just an empty space with a bunch of boxes in it.

"I'm coming mom!" I just know she ordered pizza, a meat-lover to be exact. She loves junk food just as much as I do. I don't get why she insists on eating healthy, rabbit food all the time.