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7 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 3 Days


The rock on Anzu's finger flashed as she waved it about the room, showing it off to Mai as the blonde gaped.

"Yep, it's a diamond!" Anzu squealed blue eyes dancing. "Isn't it pretty!"

"Ooo!" Mai exclaimed taking her hand and pulling the stone up close to her eye. "It looks real too!" Anzu pulled her hand away sharply.

"Of course it's real! Yugi-darling wouldn't give me a fake ring!" She turned to her fiancée as he entered the room carrying boxes full of dishes and flashed him a sweet smile. Yugi smiled back over his heavy box and finally put it down on the floor next the couch collapsing upon it next to his wife-to-be. Jounouchi and Honda entered after him, carrying many more and heavier boxes then he had and set them down next to his. The tall blond male, named Jounouchi, came over and slapped his friend roughly on the back. Yugi was nearly thrown out of his seat.

"I still can't believe you actually did it, Yugi," Jounouchi said grinning broadly, all white teeth glowing. "Never thought you'd have enough guts to actually ask her to marry you!" Yugi's ears turned slightly pink.

"To tell you the truth neither can I," Yugi answered.

"You know what a wedding means, don't you Yugi?" the brown haired Honda muttered secretively leaning very close to Yugi's ear. "A bachelor party! Don't worry me and Jounouchi will plan everything, it will be a surprise," he hinted suggestively, nudging him in the side with his elbow. "And the honeymoon of course, but I guess you'll be planning that," he added slyly. Yugi's face went bright crimson.

"Honda!" he cried, glancing fearfully over to his wife-to-be to see if she had heard. But she paid the boys no attention, twittering away with Mai on the other side of the couch excitedly.

"And its going to be a big wedding!" Anzu explained to her jealous listener. "I've already invited everyone!"

"And so soon too!" Mai exclaimed. "How long have you guys been engaged and not told me?" she questioned hotly, golden hair falling down her back.

"About five months. Oh, I can't believe it!" Anzu squealed looking over the calendar ecstatically. "In only one week we'll be married! Isn't it wonderful?" she asked a pen hanging out of her mouth. Yugi rubbed his temples trying desperately to get rid of the headache that seemed to be building upon him all-day and growing steadily worse. None the less he did the prefect fiancée thing and put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her check.

"Yep, wonderful," he answered for what seemed like the millionth time this week.

"This is going to be so prefect," Anzu sighed happily, blue eyes dancing.

Yugi held his aching head.

'Actually I feel kinda over whelmed,' he admitted silently. The proposal had really come onto him too quickly. True it had been him who had given her the ring, it had cost him more than a year's paycheck, and it wouldn't be hard to forget that, not for a long time. But Anzu had been hinting that she had wanted to settle down for a while and everyone else had been pressuring him to do it too. They had only been dating for about a year. Hell, he was only 23. He and Anzu would have had plenty of time to figure out their futures but since they had known each other for so long everyone expected of them to marry. Like a classic love story, two childhood friends finding love in one another.

Yugi looked down at the floor and clutter of boxes surrounding him. A dreadful feeling was nagging at the back of his mind mingling with his bleeding headache and for some reason he could shake it.

'It's probably just nerves…' he thought. 'Come Yugi, its your freaking wedding! Lighten up!' he ordered himself firmly.

Jounouchi watched as his friend got more and more depressed.

"Come on, Yugi. I need to talk to you," he murmured grabbing the front of Yugi's shirt pulling him off forcefully the couch and into a corner. Yugi looked at his friend very confused, brushing off the wrinkles the blonde had made in his shirt.

"What is it, Jounouchi-kun?" Yugi asked. Jounouchi crossed his arms over his chest, frowning slightly.

"You're thinking about him, aren't you?" he speculated knowledgeably.

"How did you know?" Yugi asked, slightly embarrassed.

"Yugi," Jounouchi moaned sympathetically. "That was like seven years ago!"

'Seven years, three months, and two weeks three days, or was that four…' Yugi thought uselessly, head bent and shadowed.

"I know it's hard but you have to move on with your life!" his friend advised him, voice softening. "You have Anzu now! He wouldn't want you wasting your life thinking about him," Jounouchi insisted, placing a hand on Yugi's shoulder.

"You're right, I know you are," Yugi answered finally lifting his head. "But I just wish he could be here, you know." Jounouchi nodded in understanding.

"Come on," Jounouchi encouraged, pushing him toward the light again. "Go have fun." As they reentered the room, Jounouchi looked around. "Where's Mai?" he questioned Anzu. She shrugged.

"Said she had something important to do," Honda answered. Jounouchi scoffed.

"More like didn't want to be put to work," he muttered darkly picking up a clipboard to start inventory on the dishes that had come in. With a tired sigh, Yugi also started working, trying to ignore the throbbing pain within his skull.

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

"Ryou! Hey Ryou! Its meeeeeee!" a high pitched voice shrieked, fists banging on apartment door loudly. "Open up! Come on, let's have a drink!"

"Go away, Malik!" Ryou shouted back to him, voice slightly sharpened with stress. "I am not getting drunk tonight!"

"But I thought you loved me!" Malik cried. Ryou frowned.

"Malik, this is serious! I have an important meeting at work tomorrow!"

"Oh work, its always work with you," Malik groaned dramatically. "What about me? What about my needs? If you don't let me in I'll be all alone at home with no one to talk to and I'll get depressed and start cutting myself. Really, its true." Ryou opened the door so forcefully Malik almost fell backwards.

"Don't give me that crap. I'm not as gullible as I used to be."

"Come on," Malik taunted leaning up against the door fame, tantalizingly. "You know you want me."

"Are you hitting on me?" Ryou questioned, one eyebrow lifting up suspiciously.

"If I was would you let me in?" Malik asked hopefully, grinning innocently into Ryou's blank stony face.

"I'm not sleeping with you," Ryou said flatly. Malik rolled his eyes.

"You're as dry as a prune, you know that, Ryou." Ryou shrugged as if he really couldn't care less. "One drink won't kill you," Malik insisted, waving a bottle of beer in front of the white haired man's face. Ryou frowned at this subtle joke. Malik knew Ryou was an extremely light drinker, one bottle was enough to make him to go sleep for hours. After several seconds, Ryou finally sighed in defeat.

"Fine," he groaned, knowing he would regret this later. "But I mean it, Malik, no funny stuff when I fall asleep before you do," he warned as Malik rushed passed him and flopped down onto the couch, a twelve pack of beer beside him.

"Okay, okay, fine. I'll just wait for the day when you admit your undying eternal hot passionate love for me," he purred. Ryou closed the door loudly behind him.

"You're a horrible influence on me," Ryou groaned falling down upon a large cushioned armchair. Malik threw a beer bottle at Ryou's head. Ryou caught it clumsily, almost dropping it on the floor again.

"But if you don't drink more then you'll never build up your alcohol resistance and you'll get beaten at all the drinking games, you'll lose tons of money and people we'll take advantage of your unconscious body, believe me I'm saving you a lot of pain and suffering." Malik twisted the cap off the bottle and took a huge swig of the burning liquid. Ryou eyed his bottle skeptically.

"What if I never get drunk in public?" Ryou asked.

"Oh please, if all your friends were drinking you'd drink too!"

"No I wouldn't. I have free will, I can whatever I want," Ryou insisted stiffly. Malik scoffed in disbelief and swallowed another mouth fill. His light violet eyes spotted a pile of letters on the coffee table. "Since when have you been in contact with Yugi?"

"I haven't been, not for at least three years, why do you asked?" Ryou questioned, finally opening the bottle awkwardly, little drops of beer getting all over his shirt.

"You got a letter from him… and Anzu. Eeek." Malik held it up white lacy patterned envelope. Ryou put his beer down on the table and took it.

"It's… ah, marriage invitation?" Ryou spoke reading the first line of the letter.

"Who's he marrying?" Malik asked curiously.

"Anzu," Ryou answered obviously, Malik shrugged and went back to drinking. "Um… that's a surprise…" Ryou muttered reading the letter all the way through.

"What is?" Malik asked dully.

"For some reason, I never thought of Yugi and Anzu getting together."

"Wasn't she like always hanging on him and stuff?" Malik asked.

"She always liked the other Yugi," Ryou corrected putting the letter on his dresser so he would be able to see it later and so it would not to he lost if he got too drunk.

"I always thought that guy was gay," Malik said, finishing his bottle and picking up a second one, absolutely no change in his behavior at all. Ryou was only a little jealous as he sipped his beer cautiously.

"You think everyone is gay," Ryou answered critically.

"Only the really hot ones…" Malik admitted grinning slyly, eyes watching Ryou hungrily. Ryou noticed he was looking.

"I'm not sleeping with you," he repeated firmly.

"Hey! I wasn't even thinking that!" Malik exclaimed, slight hurt.

"Sure you weren't," Ryou said, voice dripping with obvious sarcasm.

"Its not like I think about is sleeping with people all the time!" Malik cried. Ryou made a snort of disbelieve into his drink. "WELL I DON'T!"

o)o(o)o Is anybody wasting tears on loneness that everyone becomes? o(o)o(o

A warm slender arm wrapped around Yugi's throat from behind. Soft lips leaning forward pressing against his own.

"You okay?" Anzu asked worriedly, as she pulled away, blue eyes shining with happiness. "You look a little pale?" Yugi nodded, making his aching head spin.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," he insisted, stepping away from her, feeling slightly dizzy.

A sudden throb pulsed through his brain. Yugi winced, clutching his head.

"What's wrong?" Anzu prodded lovingly, placing a hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "Oh my, Yugi you're burning up!" she exclaimed urgently. Yugi was in too much pain to protest as she pushed him down onto the couch.

"Oh god, my head," he moaned. Anzu put a pillow underneath his head.

"I'll get a cool cloth," she said and rushed into the kitchen. Yugi could feel his whole body burning up, the sweat dripping off his skin. There was an odd flash of light in Yugi's eyes and then the horrible feeling of something inside his skin, clawing its way out. His body shook in revulsion.

"Yugi, is there something wrong? You look sick!" Honda exclaimed and then suddenly he and Jounouchi jumped back, staring in horror at Yugi. Yugi looked down to see a huge lump of skin as large as a balloon inflating on his shoulder.

Yugi screamed. He could feel something hard pressed up against the inside of his skin trying to find it's way out. He felt stretched as though he was a bacterium about to split into two.

Anzu, about to enter the room, stopped at the doorway, mouth gaping, dropping the cloth she had gotten for Yugi on the floor. The lump on his arm formed what looked like a human hand as it pushed itself passed Yugi's flesh.

Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu looked sick, faces pale, too stunned to do anything. Yugi's purple eyes widened, watching the phenomenon in terror. An entire human arm and a shoulder was now hanging out of his skin now, its fingers stretching forward, clawing at the air. Another flash of pain and an entire naked body fell out of Yugi's arm with a thud onto the carpet before his feet.

Black and red spikes of hair could be seen growing out of its head, a handful of jagged golden bangs burst from his the top of his forehead. As the pain finally faded, Yugi's vision was burred. He watched the figure stand up in all its glory, red eyes searching the room.

'It can't be…' Yugi was fading away. He lifted his head to see the newcomer more clearly but his head swirled and he blacked out.


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