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Turns out "numbness" is actually a word, weird.


Chyaputa 15: I Live for You, I'll Die for You


Yugi, Atemu, Malik and Bakura were sitting in chairs in the hallway outside of Ryou's surgery room. No one spoke. Yugi had called Jounouchi, Honda and Otogi as well; we were on their way. Malik was still in shock. Every once in a while he would stand up from his chair and walk across the hallway, mouthing something and muttering to himself. Bakura stayed in his seat, dark eyes staring up at the ceiling.

A strange feeling was rushing through his system. Numb, complete and utter numbness. What was he supposed to feel at a time like this? Why was he even here? Bakura had never lost anything important to him, how was he supposed to feel? What did this body feel? Bakura looked at his hands.

They were shaking, like Malik's and Yugi's and Atemu's. His pulse raced and pounded painfully in his veins, a rush of adrenaline. Was he afraid? Afraid of what? He was in no danger. He felt restless. He felt like he had to get up and run. Run right out of the hospital and all the way back to hell.

'That's right, run back to hell,' a voice taunted in his brain. 'Run away from your problems and your pain. Run back to your numb torture…' Ryou had wanted that. Ryou had wanted to be numb. That was the reason, Malik said, that Ryou loved him. But that couldn't be right. When Bakura had lived in Ryou's body, Ryou had never even seen him. He wouldn't even have know the dark spirit existed if Bakura hadn't talked to him back when Ryou had first entered Domino High, when he had first met Yugi. Yugi and Atemu had talked to each other constantly; he and Ryou hadn't talked at all after their first encounter. How could Ryou possibly fall in love with him?

'I don't deserve to be loved,' Bakura thought.

There was a strange feeling in his gut as he thought about Ryou. Like he had just swallowed a bunch of snakes and they were now eating him alive from the inside out. He felt empty. The thought that Ryou might die, that he might never see his lighter half again, how did he feel about that?

'I don't want to feel…' Bakura thought as the snakes continued to devour his insides, hollow him out. 'Why is this so painful?'

A door opened at the left. A doctor emerged, removing gloves and surgical protective clothing. Malik stopped pacing, Yugi and Atemu both stood up. Bakura remained in his seat, he didn't think his legs could hold his weight.

"Well, how is he?" Malik pleaded, rushing up to the doctor. The doctor's eyes were shadowed.

"I'm sorry, he was already in the critical stages…" the doctor said softly. The room went still. Yugi let out a loudshaky cryand threw himself against Atemu's chest. Atemu wrapped his arms around Yugi's body and tried to stop his own sobs from echoing down the hall.

"He's dead?" Malik asked, his face had gone slack, arms hanging limp at his sides.

"I am sorry for you loss," the doctor said.

"How can you be sorry!" Malik screeched. "You didn't even know him! I was the only one who knew him!" Tears burst from his violet eyes. The Egyptian lunched his body toward the door of the emergency room. The doctor grabbed his arms and held him back. "Let me go, you bastard! He's not dead! HE'S NOT DEAD!"

"I'm sorry sir, but you will have to calm down!" the doctor shouted over Malik's wails and screams. "We can not let you in there until we clean up the-"

A blurred white shape had jumped out of the chair in the hallway and dove into the surgery room.

"Bakura!" Atemu cried.

"You can't go in there yet!" the doctor shouted but Bakura didn't care. He had to see for himself. He had to see Ryou… dead…

The doors swung uselessly behind him, the other doctors in the room backed away in shock. A nurse tried to lead him out of the room again but Bakura shoved his way passed her. There was blood everywhere, the room smelled of blood, Ryou's blood.

Bakura approached the corpse on the table. There was a large bloody hole in its chest where the doctor's had tried to operate. Bakura's eyes found his white haired head, his face.

Bakura stood staring at the body. The nurses and doctors watched Bakura closely in case he went mad and started crying or throwing things.

"Its…" Bakura said hollowly, trying to suppress his emotions. "Its not…" He stormed out the emergency room as forcefully as he had entered. Malik, Yugi and Atemu were all watching him now.

"Bakura…" Yugi said, tears running down his face.

"It's not him!" Bakura said forcefully, eyes wide. "That is not Ryou!"

"What!" Malik and Yugi cried.

"What are you talking about Bakura?" Atemu questioned suspiciously. Without a second of hesitation Malik ripped out of the doctor's hold and ran into the room too, the doctor following him protesting. The Egyptian ran back out as well, grinning broadly.

"He's right! That's not Ryou!" Malik screamed joyously.

"That's the guy, the white haired guy they brought in from the car crash?" Bakura questioned the doctor fiercely. The doctor looked quite unnerved.

"Ah… yeah, that's him," the doctor said uncertainly, scratching his head very confused.

"That means…" Yugi said.

"Somewhere, Ryou is still alive!" Malik cheered happily, jumping into the air. Yugi and Atemu embraced, crying again but this time it was with sheer happiness.

Bakura stood there, breathing heavily staring straight up at the ceiling. His head was spinning; he was dizzy and light-headed.

"Well, he's probably back at the hotel and- hey Bakura wait!" Yugi cried as the white haired thief ran passed them right down the hall towards the exit as fast as he could, Malik only a few paces behind him.

How are you going to make me sleep again?

…How you going to make me understand?

Malik had barely put the key in the door before Bakura forced it open with his foot. Malik and Bakura dived in at the same time, jabbing each other with their elbows to get through first; they ended up falling in a tangled mass on the floor.

Ryou was sitting on the bed closest to the TV, the remote out stretched in his limp hand. He stared at the two on the floor in confused shock as they both struggled to get up and reach Ryou first.

"Where the hell have you guys been!" Ryou questioned, sounding frustrated and standing up. Bakura and Malik both managed to get up at the same time and launched themselves at Ryou. The trio flew back and landed on the bed behind Ryou. "What the hell is wrong with you guys? Get off me! I can't breathe!" Neither let go. Malik had started sobbing uncontrollably into Ryou's chest and Bakura was simply squeezing the life out of his poor lighter half.

Yugi and Atemu entered the room too. Yugi was still crying with happiness, Atemu looked quite disgusted at Malik and Bakura slowly crushing Ryou under their weight.

"Come on you two, show some dignity," Atemu groaned and tried to pull Bakura and Malik off Ryou. They moved reluctantly. Ryou blinked and pulled himself away from both of them, eyes wide with fear.

"What the hell is going on!" he squeaked, looking quite terrified.

"Its all Yugi's fault!" Malik exclaimed truthfully.

"Hey!" Yugi shouted.

"He told us you were in a car crash and were in critical condition!" Malik explained, tears still streaming down his face. "So we went to the hospital to see you and the doctor told us you had died!"

"What?" Ryou said astonished. Yugi and Atemu nodded. Bakura remained silent on the floor, glaring at the bed, letting Malik tell the story. "You thought I died?"

"Yeah and then Bakura ran passed the doctors to see your body and he saw it wasn't you!" Yugi said happily. Ryou looked down at Bakura surprised. Bakura looked hastily away, glaring fiercely at the wallpaper.

'I can't believe I did that…' Bakura thought, face heating up.

"I tried to run passed them too," Malik moaned darkly, glaring at Bakura. "Bakura wouldn't have gotten in if I hadn't been distracting the doctor…" Ryou was still looking at Bakura, a strange look in his eyes. "So, what's with you two?" Malik asked suspiciously, staring at Yugi and Atemu who were both whispering things in each other's ears secretively and standing very close. Bakura's lip curled.

"You seemed to have gotten over Anzu and me rather quickly," Bakura muttered tactlessly to Yugi, eyes darting up to Atemu coldly. Yugi's face flushed in embarrassment.

"You?" Atemu questioned harshly at Bakura, suddenly very suspicious himself. "What is he talking about, aibou?" Atemu questioned. Yugi looked very suddenly very uncomfortable.

"Its nothing!" Yugi protested hastily. "We… just, ah… kissed…"

"You what!" Atemu exclaimed outrage, eye bulging. Bakura was casually scratching his scalp as though he weren't really paying attention to the conversation.

"You made out with Yugi!" Malik exclaimed.

"You kissed Yugi?" Ryou asked plesantly stunned, eyes very wide.

"He kissed me!" Yugi insisted to Atemu reassuringly.

"You kissed aibou!" Atemu shrieked turning furiously toward Bakura.

"God, it was only once," Bakura snapped, bad tempered and scowling.

"You kissed Yugi and then you go and make out with Ryou!" Malik shrieked, also turning upon the thief, seething with anger. It was Ryou who turned red this time.

"You made out with Ryou?" Yugi repeated, bewildered.

"You kissed aibou!" Atemu cried out again, red eyes aflame.

"I don't see how this is any of your business," Bakura spat.

"Like HELL it's my business!" Atemu cried, Yugi tried desperately to hold him back.

You're looking for that sun, you're looking for that light

Lonely? You're not the only one who feels this way

It was late before Yugi and Atemu went back to their room. It was even later when Malik finally went to his. Ryou had protested that he didn't have to go but Malik insisted that he did. Before leaving he had given Bakura a very weird look, a stern warning look but there was something else behind it. Forgiveness? No, not from Malik. Acceptance? Maybe. It felt weird. It felt like Malik was giving him something, grudgingly but he was still giving him something. The door closed behind Malik with a snap and a click of the lock.

Ryou was sitting on one of the beds staring at him. Bakura was leaning up against the wall, arms crossed protectively over his chest. He had tried not to say anything else during the whole reunion and explanations; he had stayed in the background as everyone else chattered away. He still couldn't think of anything else to say now.

Ryou sighed and fell back on the bed.

"Finally…" he moaned. Bakura frowned and raised an eyebrow in question. "I just wanted quiet. Nice and quiet." Ryou closed his eyes; he looked so peaceful long white hair spread out on the quilted blankets. Bakura had the sudden urge to jump onto the bed and lay beside him but he resisted. Minutes passed. Bakura knew he should say something about their argument earlier. To say he was sorry for claiming Malik and he were sleeping together and for ruining his life but… Ryou had said he wanted quiet…

To Bakura's shock, Ryou suddenly let out a small weak sound. A sob? He did it again. Bakura's skin crawled. He rushed over to the bed and sat down next to Ryou. What was wrong? Why was he crying? He wasn't the one who had almost lost his light. Nervously, Bakura put a hand on Ryou's forehead, letting him know he was there. Ryou sobbed louder.

'No, you're not supposed to cry more!' Bakura shouted in his panicked mind. Why the hell was he crying? Bakura wished he would stop.

"I'm sorry," Ryou sobbed. "I don't know what's come over me. I just…" he gasped for air. "I had a bad day…" Bakura didn't know what to say to this.

'You think you had a bad day? You almost died! You did die. There's nothing worse than that,' Bakura thought.

"After I drove away from the hotel, I was so angry, not just at you at myself…" Ryou explained.

Bakura scoffed. "You have no right to angry at yourself," he growled coldly. "You didn't do anything wrong." Ryou stared up at Bakura and blinked, tears in his soft brown eyes. Bakura felt like grabbing him into his arms and holding him tight against his chest, never letting go but again somehow he resisted.

"I was driving recklessly," Ryou explained, squeezing his eyes shut as he recalled the memory. "I swerved and smashed my car into a tree. The damage wasn't that bad, I could still drive it home, but the guy in the car next to me went skidding into another car and…" Ryou stopped, voice clogged. "They crashed. It was all my fault… That guy who died in the hospital was probably my fault…" Bakura again didn't know what to say.

'What am I supposed to say?' Bakura asked silently, angry at himself that he couldn't make Ryou stop crying.

"Then I got home and… you weren't here," Ryou explained tearfully. "I thought you were mad at me, that you had run away again and were now living on the streets again and I…" Ryou sobbed again. Bakura felt sickened. "I wouldn't have been able to stand it if you left again… Oh god, those people who died… its all my fault…"

"I was the one who said those things to you…" Bakura argued firmly.

"I shouldn't have gotten so mad," Ryou protested. "I hurt those people." A flame of anger lit in Bakura's chest.

"Did you invent cars?" Bakura spat angrily, getting very frustrated at himself.

"What?" Ryou asked very confused, looking up at him. Bakura rolled his eyes, irritated.

"Did you invent cars?" Bakura repeated sternly. Ryou blinked again.

"Um, no…" he admitted.

"Then it's not your fault! If that inventor hadn't invented cars then that guy wouldn't have died!" Bakura insisted firmly. Ryou looked confused.

"That's not how it works," Ryou said timidly. "It should have been me…" The anger flamed again and Bakura grabbed the front of Ryou's shirt and jerked him into a sitting position, eyes hard.

"Don't you ever say that!" Bakura snapped harshly, eyes fiery. Ryou looked shocked. "If it had been you on that table… I…" Bakura couldn't find his voice. It was embarrassing. Humiliating. He felt weak, exposed. He looked furiously away from his light and let go of Ryou's shirt. Ryou did not fall back down on the bed; he remained sitting, eyes wide. Silence. "I was… I-If you had gone, I wouldn't have been able to find you again…"

"Were you scared?" Ryou asked, stunned.

"Of course!" Bakura spat. "What the hell was I going to do without you!" Bakura cried a little too angrily. He was facing Ryou now. They saw each other's eyes. Bakura's gut unclenched, his anger drowned instantly. He felt as though he were about to throw up. The tension between their two bodies seemed to lessen and then focus.

Before Bakura knew it, his hand had grabbed Ryou's face again. He wanted to kiss him like he had before, to make Ryou his, but he stopped. Slowly, reluctantly he let go of Ryou's head.

'What am I doing?' Bakura shouted at himself. 'I am not weak like this!'

"Why did you stop?" Ryou asked. Bakura looked up, slightly shocked. Ryou looked serious.

"It doesn't seem right…" Bakura said truthfully, eyes void and dark. Ryou cocked an eyebrow like the way Bakura did. He grabbed Bakura's head and pulled it towards his, their mouths meeting. Bakura didn't need any more encouragement. He picked up the pace and grabbed Ryou by the hair and around the waist pulling their bodies together. Mouths wide and teeth flashing, the kiss was painful sloppy. Ryou finally pulled away, gasping.

"Woah…" Ryou breathed, slightly dizzy. Bakura smirked and bit Ryou's neck, playfully. Ryou giggled as Bakura's tongue roamed around his skin. "Bakura," Ryou said clearly, trying to get his attention.

"Mmm…" Bakura grunted still busy at Ryou's neck.

"Do you want to live with me in my apartment?" Ryou asked. Bakura stopped, lifting his mouth from Ryou's skin.

"What about Malik?" Bakura asked lying down, putting his head on Ryou's chest.

"What about him?" Ryou asked curiously.

"Doesn't he live with you?" Bakura questioned stiffly.

"No," Ryou corrected.

"But he was sleeping in your house…" Bakura said.

"Well sometimes he does but… how did you know?" Ryou asked. Bakura paused.

"The night I came back…" Bakura said. Ryou's eyes widened.

"When was that?" Ryou asked curiously, moving down to get on eye level with Bakura. Bakura frowned in memory.

"You were drunk, both you and Malik. You were both asleep. I thought maybe you two were…" Bakura stopped, turning his head slightly away.

"Oh…" Ryou said in understanding. "That's why you asked if we were sleeping together, because you thought we were lovers or something?" Bakura nodded jerkily. "Oh god that must have been awful! Shit! Why did Malik have to come over that night? If I had been awake…" Ryou regretted.

"I probably would have tried to kill you," Bakura said truthfully. "I was very unstable, just coming back from hell and all. I was so confused. I just grabbed some clothes and Malik's motorcycle…"

"That's why you didn't have any shoes…" Ryou said. He looked down at Bakura's scarred feet with sickened pity. "You were out on the street for a whole week…" Bakura grabbed Ryou's head and turned it towards his own.

"That's over now. That was my punishment," Bakura said firmly, looking right into Ryou's eyes.

"Are you still being punished? Do you still wish that you were dead?" Ryou asked seriously. Bakura shrugged.

"Let's say my punishment turned out to be not so bad. As for being dead, I'm already dead, life is only temporary. Hell owns my soul," Bakura admitted. Ryou grinned.

"Till then you're mine," Ryou said. Bakura raised an eyebrow.

"You mean, you're mine," Bakura mused, he ran a hand through Ryou's hair and then pulled the other man closer. "How would you like sleep with a dead man?"

"I don't know, it might be boring," Ryou taunted. "An eternity in hell, maybe you've gone dry." Bakura's mouth dropped open.

"Oh yeah, like you have any experience," Bakura scoffed. "Virgin."

"Hey, I am not!" Ryou cried, poking Bakura in the ribs.

"Yeah maybe, with who? A girl, right?" Bakura hissed. Ryou's face flushed.

"Well… yeah…" Ryou mumbled. Bakura smirked.

"You're still a virgin in my eyes," Bakura taunted, dark eyes flashing. "But that can be fixed." Ryou grinned, excited nervous dancing in his stomach.

"I love you," Ryou said seriously. The smirk vanished from Bakura's face.

"I live for you, I'll die for you," Bakura said just as seriously. "If that doesn't mean love, stop me when ever you want."

The End

(Or is it…?)

Malik sighed as he entered his lonesome empty hotel room once more, the door closing with an ominous snap behind him. He was tired, very tired, emotionally drained from the day's events. He could think of nothing else he wanted to do than to lay down on his bed and sleep himself into a coma. Malik walked over to the mirror to survey the damage. His face was paler then he had expected, even after such a stressful rollercoaster of a day, he hadn't expected to look like worn out.

'I need to sleep,' Malik thought to himself. There were lines under his eyes and his stomach ached. He pulled himself away from the mirror and flopped himself down on top of the bed. The mattress creaked beneath him as he shifted around onto his back staring face up at the ceiling. Malik's stomach churned and growled. 'Maybe I'm getting sick.'

Unexpectedly, the thought of Ryou popped back in his head. Malik felt suddenly even sicker. He had been watching his friend in the other room; Ryou had barely taken his eyes off Bakura through the entire conversation. Malik had been worried at first Bakura didn't seem the type to care about anybody but the way the white haired man had acted back at the hospital made it quite impossible for Bakura to say he didn't felt something for Ryou.

So they liked each other. Good for them. Ryou didn't need Malik anymore, Bakura could protect him and take care of him now. Malik's stomach jerked unpleasantly upward, Malik's hand flew up to cover his mouth.

'As long as Ryou's happy, it's fine,' Malik thought, hand still covering his mouth, watery eyes staring at the ceiling. 'I'll be ok…'

Malik was feeling very, very sick. His stomach jolted and turned as if something was moving around in his insides. Malik felt very much like throwing up, he hated throwing up. The thing swimming inside him was moving more violently, knocking against his ribs and bones.

"What the hell?" Malik grunted through the pain. He placed a hand on his stomach. To his shock, he felt the skin on his stomach move and stretch upward.

He pulled his shirt away from his stomach and saw a lump of his own copper flesh pushing itself out of his stomach. It looked suspiciously like a nose. Malik would have screamed if his fear and shock hadn't been gripping his throat. But the mutation wasn't finished yet. Aface was coming out of his stomach. Malik couldn't breathe. The thing inside him jerked upward toward the ceiling.

Malik watched in terrified paralyzed horror as soon an entire head and neck rose out of his own flesh. The head was covered in pale blonde spikes of hair, a strangely familiar stretched and creepy expression on its face.

The eyes snapped open, Malik started in surprise. The head rotated around to look directly at him. Its face immediately cracked into a wide sadistic fanged grin.

"'Ello," Yami no Malik greeted.

Malik stared at the head sticking out of his stomach for a second, horror struck, then…


The REAL End

>>>>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>


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