I am lying here watching you; the silk sheet covers your lower parts while your chest and abdomen are exposed. I can define each and every muscle, the moonlight highlighting your every feature. For a man, you are absolutely beautiful.

There is no question in my mind that, you are perfect, in every sense of the word. Your eyes are closed and I watch intently as your chest rises and falls slowly. At this moment in time, this is the most peaceful I have ever seen you. I reach out and lightly touch the contours of your stomach, dark eyes immediately snap open and lock with my own.

I barely have time to hold my own silk sheet in place over my naked body as you pull me towards you. I knew you hadn't been sleeping; you were most probably just consumed by all your thoughts. You don't tire easily anyway and considering that that had just been the first round, you wouldn't be tired at all.

You run your hand over my shoulder and down my arm, then move your hand to my lower back. You stare at me like I am yours and nothing else matters in the world while you run your hand up my exposed back, cupping the back of my head when you get there.

This whole process makes me shiver and in your eyes I can see your amusement. In your mind you know I am yours, I will be forever and always yours. This is what I want and deep down inside I know you need and want me.

I slide my leg on top of you; the silk sheet falls away, resting between my legs now. Your one hand is still cupping the back of my head while your other slowly starts making its way up my exposed leg.

Without any warning, your lips are on mine, your kiss is slow and deep at first… then becomes hungry, filled with want. You pull me close to you and hold me tight, while your hands explore my body, still kissing me. All I can do is hold onto you in return and respond to your caresses with my own want. I surrender to you in every way I can.

The time goes by like a whirlwind. Everything is spinning. Our two bodies are moving together, in and out. We are tangled, touching, caressing, exploring, and kissing. We become one and in that instant we express our love for one another.

After, I am nestled up against you; my arm is draped across your chest and my face is buried in your neck. Our breathing is hard and our hearts beat as one. You are holding me gently but possessively. Your one hand is tenderly stroking my lower back. Every time your touch makes me shiver and I know we will last forever, what we have is stronger than anything imaginable. Our bond is unbreakable.