Summary: After the journey of world regeneration, Kratos decides to make a visit to his son. But after Raine is attacked, his plans for 'vacation' are ruined.
Rating: PG-13 (T)
Disclaimer: The Tales of Symphonia characters and previous plot belong to Namco & Kosuke Fujishima. I own only the plot of this story.

Salvation Vacation

Raine Sage yawned quietly, stretching slightly in her bed at the Santa Cassius Inn in Meltokio. I swear I heard something, she thought. She and her brother were continuing the walk along the path they chose at the end of the world-regeneration journey: they were trying to convince others that half-elves weren't so bad. But the task was twice as hard for Raine, who was also trying to help Genis conquer his own anti-human and –elf feelings. Sometimes she thought he was a hypocrite, but… maybe it would all work out in the end. After all, everything worked nicely after Kratos left. He did come back, after all.

Turning to the window, Raine brushed the curtains aside, feeling the breeze filter through. It's still the middle of the night, she thought. So why did I wake up? Uneasy, she fell back into her sleeping position. After making sure that Genis was fine, she closed her eyes.

Not two seconds later, a blade was at her neck. "Don't move."

Author's Note: Yes, the prologue was very short. Veryshort. But the next chapters will be longer; I promise. Anyway, I have finals this week, and I got the idea for this story when I was trying to study, and I wrote this when I was done with my tests. But.. since I'm obsessed with ToS, this story should be updated frequently. Just to let you know, my favorite character is Kratos.