A Different Path

Chapter 1: Prologue (A New Beginning)

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SUMMARY: Harry was taken from the door step of Privet Drive right after Dumbledore left him. He spent the next fifteen years traveling the world and learning about magic. He now has to attend Hogwarts so he can train under the tutelage of the Great Albus Dumbledore. Harry is in for a rough year. Voldemort is putting plans into motion that will not only resurrect his body without any weaknesses, but give him eternal life. He is also unleashing a terror within the school itself. All he needs now is the information he lacked all those years ago and he can defeat his enemy. There is only one problem. Harry is no pushover. All 5 previous books rolled into one with some original ideas. Follow Harry as he takes A Different Path.


In life there are choices to be made. From these choices different paths are created. Each path has a different outcome. One way could lead to riches and fame. Another could lead to death. The choices that create these paths occur every day, almost every second.

Many think back on their choices and wonder what would have happened if they chose something different. Would their life be better? Or worse? Some people are driven mad by it. That is the harshness of reality. We have to make these choices and accept the outcome whether good or bad.

Now here is a question. What would you do if you had to make a choice for someone? Someone you have never met before. If you saw what would happen, if that person stayed on the path they were on. If you had the power to change it, would you? Would you send them down a different path?


From out of the shadows a dark, strong man watched the world's most powerful wizard make the worst mistake of his life.

He watched as the tall, old, slim man with the long, flowing white hair and beard placed a small boy on the doorstep of the worst muggles he had ever seen. Of course he wouldn't usually care, but this was different. The boy was special. This boy would decide the fate of the world.

He knew he had to do something, Dumbledore had lost his touch.

The dark mysterious man was a wizard, and not just any wizard. He was the sole heir to the greatest wizarding lineage in history. Not Merlin. He was the sole heir to Jupitus Zeus; the greatest and most powerful wizard ever born.

Zeus was so great and powerful that he was believed a god to both the muggle and magical folk. His secrets were passed down from father to son, but sadly the line will now end because this man could not father a child. He brought shame to his family. He was the weakest son to ever be born.

His name was Marcus Cassius Latarius.The only thing that saved him from banishment was his mind. He was, simply put, a genius. He was also the most powerful seer since Nostradamus.

The latter being the reason he was watching Dumbledore bend down to place a kiss on the baby's forehead, and with a final whisper, Dumbledore vanished.

Marcus sighed and remembered the reason he was here. He had a vision last night; a vision so powerful and so horrific that he had screamed for hours.

The vision was of the boy's life if he were to be left on this doorstep. The vision stopped when the child turned sixteen. The reason it stopped was because the child snapped from the horrors of his life and destroyed the world.

This boy was Harry James Potter.

The child was born of light, but from horrible life experiences through manipulation, he turns dark. So dark, that the devil himself was scared. He could not let that happen. And it all starts with this doorstep.

Marcus slowly made his way over to the boy after making sure the coast was clear. The child was so innocent and so beautiful. He reached down and scoped up the sleeping bundle.

Then he caught sight of it. Why this boy was special, also the reason why everything would have gone wrong in his life; why he went dark. The scar, a cursed scar. Over his left eye, semi-hidden under a head of unruly jet-black hair, was a thin red lighting bolt scar. This scar would one day be the symbol of hope for the wizarding world.

Marcus was suddenly brought out of his thoughts when the boy in his arms woke with a whimper.

"Shh…" He soothed. "It's alright little guy, I got you, and you will be safe now. I will protect you, and I will teach you all I know. You shall be prepared for the evils in your life. I swear on it."

Little Harry looked up at him with big emerald green eyes that shone.

"You are so full of potential. I can sense it… You are a natural. But right now, we must go rescue your idiot of a Godfather. We also have to intercept your father's other friend. If we are lucky we can get the bastard who betrayed your parent's and brought this on you. Come my boy, let's make haste."

And with that final word, the man pulled out his wand, and with a few waves, he created a bright blue arch. He faced Harry once more and said, "Don't worry little one, you won't feel a thing."

Then he stepped through and disappeared from Number Four Privet Drive.


"LILY AND JAMES! HOW COULD YOU?" Screamed Sirius, a strong man with long black hair. His face, that was usually handsome, contorted with fury beyond belief. Tears ran down his checks, screaming at a fat, pitiful excuse of a man, who flopped down, blabbering like an infant.

"S- Si- Sirius w- wwhhat wasss I to Dooooo?" The Short, fat man stuttered.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED LIKE WE WOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!" He took a second to catch his breath. "Now Peter, say hi to the devil for me." Sirius began to raise his wand in the air, ready to strike. Unbeknown to him, the short fat wizard had his wand secretly behind him, also ready to strike. Before either one could utter a sound, a word was screamed twice.



Both wizards soon found themselves on the ground without their wands. The only difference being, that the fat one was tied up. Both looked to see who attacked them, and found a man holding a baby with one arm, and a wand in his other hand.

Both were too shocked to speak. So Marcus took advantage of the silence and spoke.

"What were you thinking Sirius? How could you let Dumbledore take Harry from you? He had no right. Instead of finding out what happened to Harry, you went after this excuse for a human being. Look!" Marcus held Harry a little higher at this, "Harry here needs you. He doesn't need a killer for a godfather."

Sirius' shocked face collapsed as he began to cry again. Quickly his face changed to rage as he fully understood all of the man's words.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GODSON!" Sirius screamed as he jumped up.

Marcus sighed; He was afraid of this. He quickly reached into his pocket, grabbed a ball, and threw it right at Sirius, "Here, catch!"

Sirius, who was too enraged to think clearly, caught the ball on reflexes. The second the ball was enclosed in his hand he disappeared.

Marcus looked down at Harry. "One life changed, two to go."

He turned his attention to the waste of flesh below him and snarled. "You deserve death you bastard. But it is not my place to decide your punishment. I will however pray that you suffer for your heinous crimes."

The fat man started to quiver and his eyes were glancing in every direction looking for a means of escape. He closed his eyes, and looked as if he was concentrating extremely hard. Marcus just laughed.

"I wouldn't bother if I was you. The ropes stop all forms of magical transport." Marcus grinned. "And animagus transformation."

The worm masquerading as a man froze and paled dramatically. He started stuttering apologies and pleading his innocence saying that it was Sirius.

"Oh no," Marcus spoke, cutting off the worm, "I know you were the secret keeper. I also know you were planning on blowing up this street, cutting off your finger, transforming into a rat, and framing Sirius for your crimes."

The evil fat wizard paled even more and was frozen with shock. His mind just couldn't comprehend how the man knew all this.

Marcus saw that he successfully rendered the man speechless and decided to end this and finish his business. Staring at his capture with loathing, he spoke in a deadly voice.

"I hope you burn in hell and suffer a million fold for what you did and were going to do. You deserve no mercy, and no second chance. I wish this boy were old enough to pass judgment on you, because his life is ruined thanks to you. I hope the Ministry sentences you to a Dementor's kiss. "

Marcus then held Harry out into Peter's face. He spoke in a deadly whisper.

"Take one last look Peter. This is the face of your best friend's son. A face of a parentless child, which you caused. The face of your betrayal and the face that will haunt you forever. Burn in Hell Peter."

With that said the man pointed his wand straight into the air and yelled a few syllables. A bright flash erupted from the tip of his wand. He cast a disgusted look at the now crying Peter, and then quickly created the bright blue arch and stepped through. Leaving only a tied up, crying wizard behind, with a sign on him that read:



The man and the boy reappeared several miles away, the baby screaming hysterically. But try as he may, he could not ease the baby's wailing. As quick as it started, the crying stopped. Sniffing the air, he wrinkled up his nose and glanced down at the now smiling boy.

"You're enjoying this aren't you? Well Uncle Sirius will have to change you, because I refuse to and by the smell of it, I am guessing it won't be pretty."

Harry responded with a giggle. Marcus let himself smile, for the first time tonight.

He looked up at the cottage he was currently standing in front of. It was nothing special, just very secluded. It obviously belonged to a man who liked his privacy.

Or … a Werewolf.

Sighing, he glanced down at the smelly kid who was now happily sucking his thumb.

"Well, this is the last life to change. Let's hope he is not as hotheaded your godfather. I heard he was the reasonable one of the bunch. If not, we can always use force."

Making his way up to the door, he knocked. Shuffling could be heard on the other side, and then the door swung open.

"PETER!" The man before him yelled, not registering that it was not Peter at all.

Marcus was finally able to have a look at the wizard before him. He was around 5'11" had brown hair with a few gray strands here and there. He was very pale with bloodshot eyes. Basically he looked like shit.

The wizard's eyes showed that he quickly came to his senses and realized the man in front of him wasn't Peter. He could also tell the wizard had figured out who was in his arms. Deciding he better act quickly before the situation got out of hand; he pointed his wand at Remus, while holding Harry in the other.

"Hello Remus" He said. "Before you ask, yes this is Harry." He could see the conflict on Remus' face. He knew that while he held Harry, Remus would listen and do what he was told.

"Listen carefully. I have Harry for a very good reason, I also have Sirius. I want you to come with me now and there I will explain everything."

Remus' eyes glinted red for a second, showing the werewolf behind.

"I know you don't trust me, but you will Remus. Look at it this way; you have no wand on you, and mine is pointed directly at your heart. I can easily fire a silver arrow"

Remus' eyes flew open wide.

"Yes Remus, I know; I know a lot. Come with me and I'll tell you what I know. If the arrow is not enough, keep in mind that I am currently holding your best friend's son. Now are you coming?"

Remus Nodded.

"Good. Follow me."

Again he created the large blue arch and stepped through it. After a second, Remus followed him into what would be the beginning of a new path.


The first thing Remus registered when he came out of the weird arch was a familiar man huddled in the corner of the room. The figure he was looking at had shoulder length black hair and was currently sitting on the floor with his face in his hands crying. Remus felt the power of his betrayal. He felt the power of his grief and rage, and with an animalistic cry, he charged at Sirius.

Sirius was in inner turmoil. He had failed James and Lily, and he had really failed Harry. He let his anger get the best of him, and now some psycho has Harry. He also let the rat Peter get away. He should have killed him the second he saw him. Before Sirius could beat himself up any further, he heard someone scream.

He looked up and saw his best friend Remus running full speed at him with a face full of rage. Sirius realized that Remus thought him as the traitor. Before he could make a move, Remus suddenly froze, and was banished to the spot right next to him. Sirius tried to move and speak but found that he couldn't; he quickly glanced over at Remus to find his friend in the same situation.

The room suddenly got lighter, and Sirius turned to stare at the same man who was responsible for him being here. The man who has Harry.

"Hello again Sirius, sorry it took so long, but I had to be sure Peter got his just deserts. I also had to convince Remus over here to join us. Now let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Marcus Cassius Latarius."

After he made this announcement, he conjured a crib which he placed baby Harry into. He then stood directly in front of the two bound men.

"Alright, we have a lot to work on. Both of you are wondering why you are here. Both are wondering why Harry is here, and both are wondering who the hell I am. All very easy questions to answer.

"First however, we need to sort out the problem between you two. Sirius I am going to ask you a question. Blink once for yes, twice for no.

"Are you willing to submit to Veritaserum to prove your innocence to Remus?"

Sirius blinked once.

"Excellent. Now Remus, I know you don't exactly trust either of us right now. So on good faith I will give you Harry to hold. In case you try anything however, Harry has a portkey on him that will activate the second he leaves these grounds. Is this satisfactory to you Remus? Remember, once for yes twice for no."

Remus blinked once.

"Ok, I am going to release you now Remus, try anything and you will end up right back to your current situation. Did I forget to mention that this room is special? If you try to harm anybody inside, you are quickly bound. One of my more prized creations, I must say."

Marcus waved his wand at Remus who was now able to move. A second later, he was quickly bound up again.

Marcus just laughed, "I thought that would happen. Now that you see I wasn't lying. Just get young Harry, then watch and enjoy the show. You'll be thanking me after this I promise." He could still see the suspicion in Remus' eyes.

"Since I know you still don't trust me, I will give you my wizard's oath. I, Marcus Cassius Latarius, swear on my life that I only have good intentions that will make the other three occupants in this room happy."

Marcus glowed very swiftly for a second, and then looked at Remus.

"If you are not happy when this is all said and done, I will die on the very spot I stand. You know the workings of a wizard's oath. Now I will release you one last time. Get up, take Harry, and have a seat. Nothing else is needed or required. All right? Now, let's try this one more time."

Remus was once again released. He took a few calming breaths then very slowly and carefully stood. He took his time while making his way over to Harry. He was still very suspicious, but his need to protect Harry was greater then anything else. He knew he would feel better with the boy in his arms.

Reaching the crib, he bent down and picked up the now sleeping boy. Remus was hit with a strong sense of sadness. He remembered holding Harry like this a few weeks ago. He remembered laughing with Lily and James. He remembered how much of a happy family they were. He didn't like the situation, but he would humor this psycho for now while he formulated a plan. He sat down on the chair that was provided for him, making sure Harry was comfortable. He looked up at Marcus and was about to speak when a strong odor hit him. It was times like this when having a super sense of smell sucked.

"Harry needs to be changed." Remus stated to Marcus.

Marcus raised his hands in the air. "Don't look at me; I was hoping one of you two could do it. I figured one of you had experience."

"Well I do. Traitor over there was too scared. He was afraid of Harry peeing on him like he did to his father." Remus said while glaring at Sirius.

"Yes, well, you wouldn't mind changing him now would you? I could make a little setup in the corner for you."

Remus just nodded while thinking of a way out.

Marcus quickly conjured a change table for Harry and realized a conjured nappywouldn't work. He also needed wipes. He didn't trust Remus alone with Sirius, so he had to restrain him once again while he got the necessary supplies. Luckily he bought everything in bulk earlier in the evening.

"Ok Remus, I have to pop out of here for a second and get everything I can't conjure. I am afraid that I just can't trust you alone with Sirius. Not until we finish what we started."

Before Remus could speak he was once again frozen in place. Harry was placed on the changing bed and Marcus disappeared.

Marcus reappeared with a slew of things. He saw Remus sitting down, looking at Sirius with such hatred he almost shivered. Sirius was staring at the ground while Harry was still sleeping.

"My sincere apologies Remus; but I had to make sure no harm befell upon Sirius. The charm would have kicked in if you tried, but sometimes verbal abuse can be just as strong as physical. Something you know of very well."

Marcus, waved his wand, and Remus was released. "If you would please quickly change Harry for the sake of his well-being and my nose."

Remus wasted no time in making his way over to Harry. He concealed a grin as he took off Harry's dirty nappy. He just hoped his plan worked.

Once Remus finished removing the old nappy, he quickly spun, ready to throw, hoping his aim was true.

His plan was not executed as expected. In mid-turn Remus froze and fell to the ground. Since he was in the motion of throwing, the momentum carried the diaper till it fell lazily halfway towards its target.

Marcus stood staring at Remus with wide eyes at the stunt he tried to pull. He glanced at the shitty nappy on the floor. Then without warning he laughed. Hysterically.

After a few minutes of laughing, Marcus finally composed himself enough to speak.

"You tried to escape by throwing a dirty nappy at me. That was your brilliant plan? Granted I would have been grossed out, but what would it have accomplished? Remus I thought you were smarter than that. That was funny though, I haven't laughed like that in a long time; for that, I thank you. Now could you please finish the job before Harry catches a cold?"

Once Remus was again unfrozen he had the decency to look ashamed. He glanced over at Sirius and stared directly in his eyes. He knew that look; Sirius was laughing. It just made Remus angrier then he already was. He swiftly finished his task all the while grumbling under his breath. Harry, now changed, snuggled against Remus.

Marcus mentally went over everything he was about to say and decided it was time to get the show on the road. He quickly pulled out a vial of what looked to be water.

"Now Sirius, I will release you, but do not talk. Take the potion and answer Remus' questions. After that, we will sit down and I will explain myself fully." He turned to Remus.

"Remember, do not try anything. You will be frozen the second you do, so it's not worth it. You're in for a rude awaking."

Surprisingly, Remus spoke. "How do I know this is real Veritaserum?"

"I thought you would ask that. Have you ever been placed under it?"

Remus nodded. "Excellent. Then you know how to tell if it has the right affects. I will put one drop on my tongue, to prove it's not poison, then put one drop on yours. It will be strong enough to ask one question and you will feel the effects. Do you agree?"

Remus nodded again.

Marcus put one drop of the clear liquid on his tongue. Remus saw his eyes glaze over and his face become relaxed. Sure signs of Veritaserum and that it's working properly. Remus blurted out the first question that popped in his head.

"Where the hell are we?"

Marcus' answer was in a monotone, almost bored voice. "My house."

Marcus quickly shook his head to get rid of the affects. "Good question Remus, I will be glad to answer in a few minutes. From the look on your face I can see my answer did not satisfy you. However it was the truth. If you would like to administer your own drop?"

Remus grabbed the dropper and soon felt the cool liquid on his tongue. He then felt a calm feeling wash over him, like he was sleeping yet still very much aware of what was going on. He suddenly heard a question "What is your date of birth?"

The words went from his mind to his mouth without him realizing it. "March10th 1960."

Straight after he answered, he felt awake again. He gave his head a little shake to clear it, and looked up at his captor.

"Yes it is in fact Veritaserum, but I don't know what you are here to prove…"

"Patience Remus you will have all your answers in a few seconds. Now Sirius, are you ready?"

Sirius just blinked.

Marcus unfroze Sirius and before he had a chance to do anything Marcus had put 3 drops of the liquid in his mouth. Sirius was soon relaxed with glassy eyes.

"Before you speak Remus, let's make sure it worked properly.


"Sirius Alfred Black."

"Date of Birth?"

"May 14th 1960."

"Excellent; everything seems to be working. All right Remus, fire away."

Remus said the question that has been nagging at him every second for a day now. "Why did you betray Lily and James?" The answered shocked him to the core.

"I didn't."


"I didn't."


"James and I thought that I would be the most obvious choice. We thought it would be a great idea to use a red herring. Peter was the real secret keeper. No one would suspect him. Everyone, including you, would think it was me. It was perfect."

Luckily for Remus he was sitting down. He was shocked beyond words. It made sense. It was perfect. It was just as perfect for the other side. Then a thought stuck him. Peter was the real traitor. He was going to kill him. He was interrupted from his dark thoughts by a voice.

"Does that satisfy you Remus?"

He looked up and nodded his head, not trusting his voice. Marcus administered the antidote to Sirius. It only took a second before Sirius started speaking.

"Remus I am so sorry." he said in a raspy voice.

Remus' head shot up and he looked at his best friend. "You have nothing to be sorry for. I am sorry old friend. I should have known you would never betray them. I believed the worst in you."

"No Remus, I should have insisted they use me. I was the one who suggested Wormtail. It was me who believed the worst in you. You are a great friend Remus. I let you down."

Both men were in inner turmoil but Remus once again proved he was the levelheaded one.

"We both made mistakes; let's not argue about who was more wrong. Let's not blame ourselves or each other. Let's blame the son of a bitch responsible for this. Wormtail. Now what I really want right know is some answers from our new friend Marcus over here."

Sirius smiled at Remus and turned his gaze to Marcus. Said person was currently staring off into space. He suddenly snapped out of his thoughts and conjured two chairs; he motioned Sirius to take one.

"Ok," Marcus said once he got comfortable in his own chair, "Please do not interrupt. Ask questions after I finish."

Both men acknowledged.

Marcus started his explanation. "Two days ago I received a vision. It was the most powerful vision of my life. The life of a boy, that was doomed. I saw horror after horror in his life until he snapped. After he snapped, the world as we know it was destroyed. I couldn't let this happen. I had to intervene. I should hope you both have deduced that this boy is Harry."

"That's impossible! There is no way Remus and I would let Harry live a horrible life!" Sirius exclaimed.

"You had no control over it Sirius. You see, when you confronted Peter he was able to escape and frame you for his crimes. You were not given a trial and were sentenced to Azkaban.

"Remus, at the devastation of losing all three of his best friends, went into depression and made a few suicide attempts.

"Dumbledore also had a large part in Harry's life. He is the one that forces him to grow up with Harry's Aunt and Uncle. Both of whom hate magic as much as Voldemort hates muggles. He wasn't even told about magic until after he turned 11 and Hagrid had to pick him up. That's when things got worse." Marcus said in a solemn voice.

"What happened?" Remus asked quietly.

"I am afraid to say that I cannot tell you. It is not good to dwell on things that will not pass. I will tell you this.

"Voldemort has not been destroyed and has only temporarily vanished. He returned to power when Harry turned fourteen. We can delay that as long as possible, but for now we must train Harry. That is what I am here for. I will train Harry with all my knowledge."

"Wait, hold on a second. If Voldemort is not destroyed, then why don't we do it? Plus why should we train Harry? Why not move away and hide him?" Sirius said.

"There are two reasons why we can't destroy Voldemort. One, I have no clue where he is. I only saw snippets of Harry's life so my detail is not that great. I was only allowed to see major events. The second reason is that we can't kill him … Only Harry can."

"What does that mean?" Remus asked.

"There was a prophecy made about Harry before he was born. I will not go into detail at the moment, but basically it will come down to Harry and Voldemort and only one will walk away. I want to make sure that one is Harry.

"Now, I brought you two here because I felt you deserved to be with him. Give him the fun he deserves. Help him and be there for him when his trials of life come to pass. There is nothing on earth you two can do to stop this fight. The only thing you can do is prepare and support. Are you with me or not?"

Remus and Sirius looked each other and held a silent conversation. Both looked at Marcus with determination.

"I will not let Harry go through this alone; I will be there every step of the way." Sirius said.

Remus nodded his agreement. "From what you told us, Harry would have had a horrible life growing up. I will make sure he now has a great one."

Marcus nodded his head, stood up, and held his hand for each man to shake in turn. "Let's go get situated and grab a bite to eat."

Both men smiled and Sirius grabbed Harry from Remus. He then looked at Marcus. "Just to let you know, you're not getting out of the woods that easy. We still have a lot to talk about."

After putting Harry to sleep, the three stayed up talking till early morning. After which they went to sleep too. When they woke they would devise a rough plan for Harry for the next few years and play the rest by ear.

One thing was certain. Harry had to leave Britain. He had to leave Dumbledore for now.


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