Angela: Ok. This is a whole new thing... I don't even know why I came up with this... I guess I must really hate math if I'd actually sit there and wonder about things like this... I dunno. Enjoy, I suppose. And the usual disclaimers apply.


His footsteps echoed in the empty hall. Slowly, he stopped. And he stared. The door was covered in ancient heiroglyphics and drawings. Warily, he pushed open the door taking a deep breath. The door swung open with a loud creak. And his eyes saw only darkness. He took a step, and another. And another. Suddenly, a dim light came on and he could see. The room had the look and feel of an old abandoned tomb left for years. Treasures, covered in dust, were scattered around. He felt an odd sensation, which caused the hairs on his neck to stand on end. Slowly, he turned. And fell back onto his rear.

"What are you doing?" snarled a voice. His eyes shut instinctively, as he was thrown out into his own room...


Angela: Well, that's the prologue. The original was only three chapters long, but I won't be posting the third until it under goes a major revising, since it really sucks and is confusing. But until then, ishi, review, have a nice day.