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He went to see her again. She knew it. He promised himself to her but she knew what was going on behind her back.

She absentmindedly rubbed the mark on her shoulder where the intended mark had been placed. The mark telling all she was spoken for or soon to be, the place where he had exchanged his blood with her blood at a bite of his fangs. He said he was only going hunting for food but she knew better. They have been playing this game for close to two and a half years now and she was long over him. Let him go to the undead miko, let him go to her and promise that they will go to hell together see if she would care.

Since she found out about the façade he played well and his true intentions she no longer trusted him with herself nor the ones called Miroku, Sango, and her Kitszune pup Shippo. He was only seven but he acted like her was fifteen. Once they found out Inuyasha's true intentions were none the pure they left him to his clay pot in search of the jewel. Without her there was no way for them to find the shards since Kikyo no longer possessed the power to sense them. The only regrets she had were that she hadn't found out sooner. She had always feigned ignorance when it came to him. The only one who knew of her act was Sango, her only true friend other than Kaede in this time. When they told Kaede of Inuyasha's intentions he was kicked out of the village and told to never return.

The Shikon No Tama was over half complete and all they needed to collect was Naraku's and a few strays, but Inuyasha has no knowledge of this. She would no longer have a reason to stay here once finished except to care for Shippo and she no longer had a reason to return home with her family dead. She remembered the night she went home to visit her family and to prepare for the upcoming battles in the Feudal Era for it was summer in her time and school was over for her. For she had graduated with flying colors. Something Inuyasha never cared to know.

It was another bad day. She not only had to sit Inuyasha before she came home but she had to endure seeing him with Kikyo again. She had tried to get away before her presence was known but he noticed her and chased after her shouting apologies and asking for forgiveness. She couldn't and wouldn't forgive him ever again. If he wanted to be with her so be it. Who was she to stop him?

She walked away from the well building in a huff forgetting to close the doors. She was all too happy to release herself from the never ending duties of being the Shard Detector.

There was an eerie silence about the house. She walked to the door and threw it open to shout out. "I'm home. Momma, Grandpa, Sota?"

The smell of death encased her nostrils once she stepped into the room. She seen the bodies in all the blood and wished she were dead also.

That was the day she made the deal. The deal with the Angel of Death. As soon as she made her wish he appeared beside her and asked her if that is what she truly wanted. She said, "No, what I truly want is to make Inuyasha suffer. If I had not spent all my time looking for those be-damned shards, I could have been here and stopped then from dying.

"I will make you a deal. You go back through the well and I will see to it that you get your revenge."

"How? I am merely a mortal and I have only the powers of a priestess. What good would just that do against someone as strong as Inuyasha."

"I will give you any powers you want just tell me what you desire."

"I desire to be immortal, to be able to run really fast, to call upon any weapon I need without a word but with the passing of the thought through my mind, I wish for the ability to have sensitive hearing, I would like the element of fire and the ability of no fear . Can you comply with that?"

"Are you sure that is what you want?" She shook her head in affirmation. "Then I should tell you that because of the single drop of black blood that lies dormant in your veins, that is likely the kind you will become." She looked at him with confusion in her eyes as to what he was pertaining to but kept silent as he went on. "Give yourself a day for your changes of body to set in. I advise you stay in your time until then."

"Kagome?" She heard a small voice ask from her left.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Can we take a break?"

She looked back at Miroku and Sango they were exhausted. She immediately felt guilty. In her huff she hadn't realized how much they had walked. "Yeah let's seek shelter under a tree for the night."

They settled in and she began to cook dinner for everyone.

It was hard enough for them to cope with her new transformation, but they quickly came to recognize this new power was good for fighting and keeping them safe from enemies. She had no idea the Angel of Death was going to turn her into a demon, a full one at that.

Once they all ate and their bellies were filled she figured she might as well take a bath in the hot spring nearby. Making sure Shippo was asleep first.

"I am going to go take bath in the spring we passed on the way here. Please do not follow me." She told Sango and Miroku. "Take care of Shippo until I get back."

She walked away without glancing back.

"I don't know if she has changed for the better or for the worse." Miroku said to Sango.

"I think it is for the better." She voiced back. "At least now we will not need the assistance of the traitor Inuyasha."

"I guess your right."

Kagome smiled as she heard the ending of their conversation as she walked away. She knew she could trust them to understand.

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