Kagome woke with a feeling of content. Last night Sesshomaru hadn't taken her but gave her something more precious. He had given her romance. He demanded nothing of her and had been content to lay with her in the most intimate of positions while softly giving her what she always thought a relationship should be full of and not demanded of, affection. She was ever grateful for it. She had been expecting maybe some sex but that was just the part of her that Miroku had taken control of. It seemed more and more she was seeing herself in the same light as Miroku. In truth all people have an inner pervert. Miroku has just embraced the fact and openly exhibited it.

She chuckled slightly.

She felt Sesshomaru stir beside her. She turned in his arms and looked at him. A soft smile playing at the edge of her lips. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear and smiled when he leaned his head into her touch.

He looked so peaceful laying there.

She sighed. "Are you going to swoon over me all day or is it time to start the day?"

She smacked him playfully on his shoulder and moved to get up respecting his wishes. But as she was on her knees she was back on her back Sesshomaru weighing her down. Sesshomaru had a playful glint she had seen before. "What are you up to?"

"I do not answer questions that are plain to see."

Her eyes widened. "Not here!"

Then he laughed. She froze. She was in mid push. She stopped and looked at him. She had never heard him laugh. It was melodic and beautiful. Supplied by the glint in his eyes she reflected what this could mean. One; Alien's have taken over the Demon Lord, two; someone is going to die, three; Alien's have taken over the Demon Lord, and four; someone is going to die. Either way she was prepared to protect her kin. But in this situation it was most probably the Aliens.

She turned her attention to the clearly mischievous Sesshomaru and narrowed her eyes. "Then we shall have to find a more….private place." His eye locked onto hers. "Am I not to be denied?"

She didn't even realize she nodded her head. Okay, he was horny. This could be dealt with. At least no one is going to die.

He stood and threw her over his shoulder. As her world tilted she saw the face of a heavily awake Jaken come into view, then Sesshomaru's butt. "Hey I said I would come willingly."

"I think this holds a more erotic aspect to it."

"Uh I think someone wants to talk to you."

He turned and Kagome's hair smacked him audibly in the leg. He didn't jump as it made impact but merely began to question the toad. She stared lazily off to the side her gaze drifting toward his butt every often.

"Go ahead and go to the next village and see what you might have heard about the rumors of the jewel in this area. We will meet you there."

She looked up as Jaken bowed to Sesshomaru but he was already striding away purposefully while she felt his grace and care as he carried her.

He had been walking for so long and she accustomed to his rear propped her elbow against it and rested her head. She could feel him bounce her to jar her elbow from place and groaned.

"Don't worry we will be there soon."

She was getting tired of waiting and too kit in her own hands to placate his horniness. At least that is what she told herself.

Pushing softly from his back she levered herself out of his grasp. "What if I don't want to wait?" She sashayed closer to him, stopped and swayed her hips across his. His growl was recognizable. She leaned in and brushed her lips lightly over his and lingered thoughtfully before pulling away slightly and smirked. She could tell he was battling his control. "Come on Sesshomaru." She said silkily.

"I don't want to hurt you." She was a bit put off by his comment.

"Why not?"

"I don't know." She smiled.

"Hurt me."

His eyes snapped to hers and she widened her smile a bit.

"Hurt me." She repeated again. "Please." She added in a half whisper.

It was all he could do not to. When he seemed to not budge she did it for him and wrapped her legs around his waist. She haughtily sealed his lips with her vicious kiss. She bit and nipped at his lips and tongue when it rose to meet hers. When she drew blood she licked it up brutally and did it again. The ferociousness and brutality of her kiss was enough to drive him across the edge until his erection was pounding painfully.

She could feel him on her stomach. The hardness was enough to make her move faster and become crueler with her kisses.

Soon they were rolling on the ground fighting for dominance. She had him pinned and was straddling him, her kimono raised above her hips. She ground her hips into his as he lay there. His erection rested against her vagina and she couldn't help but touch herself first to draw her obi out of place and let her kimono slid open. She wore her bra out of habit even though it was a size too small to accommodate her size. With her bosom almost overflowing she used a claw to tear it down the middle and it fell open. Sesshomaru growled at them. He reached to touch her but she smacked his hand away content to play with herself. She rocked her hips feeling him pulsing against her and touched herself. Moaning and growling she brought herself to a painful arousal.

He wanted to reach her and touch her but each time he tried she denied him and continued to play with herself. Watching her made him want to hurt her. To take her with a force that none other could match. And her rubbing against him was getting aggravating when the pleasure would not be released. She he flipped her over and pinned her arms above her head. She smirked at him and tugged at his hakamas. He moved to take them off when she pushed him back and removed them for him while his hands fumbled with the rest of his clothes. She slid on top of him and resumed her play. With a swift move of his hips he slammed into her. He heard her yelp. He back arched as she was in mid caress of her body. Then she started to move with him. He raised his hips to egg her on but she moved slowly. She had a glint in her eye as she rocked. Then without warning she pulled completely off of him and turned so her back was facing him then pushed him back inside her. The pleasure increased and he felt his eyes roll back into his head. She was going to kill him if she went any slower. Taking matters into hand he lifted himself off his back and pushed her to her knees then resumed their game. Only he went fast without relent. She came hard and cried out. The sound of flesh smacking flesh only increased his arousal. He came once but was on a two second rebound before he was at it again. He could smell her tears. But he could tell they were tears of pleasure. He watched her throw her head back and captured her lips with his swallowing her moan. He could feel her walls tightening and knew she was close to another orgasm. But he pulled out before she could come. She cried harder and then he turned her over and entered her again. She screamed scaring the birds out of the surrounding trees. He took her mouth with his and felt her muscles cramp around him.

One more time. He thought as she crashed. Then he moved faster and harder bringing her to the peak before she tumbled down around him pulling him over the edge. Now. He thought as he sunk his fangs into her bottom lip giving her a courting mark.

He collapsed on top of her pinning her to the ground laying his head in the crook of her bodice. He was tired. She laid there and brought her arms to his head. She ran her fingers through his hair and smoothed it out. She caressed his head and played with his ears. He growled softly and she sighed allowing herself the comfort of him surrounding her.