Sonic CD 2

Chapter 1: Ballistic Beach Zone

Today was a relatively peaceful day for the world's fastest hedgehog, Sonic, and a restful one as well. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy had just returned from a particularly dangerous mission to stop Dr. Robotnik from destroying the world, during which several of the heroes' lives were put in mortal danger, and so they decided that they needed the rest. At the current moment, everyone was asleep in Sonic's house. Tails was collapsed onto the floor, Amy was sprawled across the sofa, Knuckles was napping in a hammock outside, and Sonic was asleep, yet at the same time miraculously running on his treadmill. The TV was on, and the volume was blaringly high (Tails was leaning on the remote control), but everyone was so deeply asleep that they didn't notice anything. Unlike the rest of them, though, Dr. Robotnik was hard at work.

In Dr. Robotnik's lab, the mad scientist stood dumbfounded, looking into a telescope.

"What?" he shouted. "This can't be! This is too good to be true!" What first appeared to be anger revealed itself as perpetual glee as Robotnik looked once again into the eyepiece of the telescope. "This is perfect!"

One of the robots nearby, concealed in a shadowy corner, asked Robotnik about the situation. "What is it this time?"

"A small globe has come into orbit around this planet."

"What does that mean?"

Robotnik was willing to explain. "This specific planet is one that can defy the very sensitive bonds of the time-space continuum. For its size, it was called the 'Little Planet'."

"The Little Planet? I remember that place. It was the place where you first sent me to attack and destroy Sonic the Hedgehog…and we've been bitter rivals ever since." The robot walked out of the shadows, revealing itself to be Metal Sonic, rebuilt from ruins once again. "What makes you think that this attempt will be any more successful than the last?"

"Because we have a head start. Sonic and his friends will surely be tired out from the last time we fought. He won't know to raise a finger against me as I find the Time Stones and build my empire from the past forward!"

Metal Sonic did not understand. "The Time Stones?"

"You don't remember them? They have properties similar to the Chaos Emeralds, but they only appear on the Little Planet, and they allow the user to defy time. If I can capture them and bring them back to Earth, I can use them to control Earth. These gems' powers can be used anywhere, at any time. I can build time portals for my workers to pass through, then build a massive dominance on this planet before anyone can stop me!"

"I see. There is much logic to this plan. However…there is still one question that I have. If this planet can defy time, what guarantee do we have that it will stay here long enough for us to execute this plan?"

Robotnik paused before his reply. "We don't have any, which is why we must act quickly."

Sonic woke up suddenly with a strange feeling, like a sixth sense. Something was up, and he had to find out what.

The others were woken up by Sonic's somewhat noisy exit, and they asked him why he was leaving.

"I have to find out why I'm feeling this. I think it has to do with a place I haven't been in a long time."

After much conversation, Tails convinced Sonic to take some help with him in the form of the Tornado, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Sonic then shot forward with supersonic speed towards the place where his odd sense was directing him to.

Tails was flying the Tornado and keeping a surprisingly even pace with Sonic. Amy sat in the biplane's back seat, and Knuckles was standing on the top wing. Noticing Sonic stop, Tails slowed to a halt and landed, with the engine still idling as everyone but Tails got out. "What's up, Sonic?"

Sonic had little response other than to lift a shaky finger toward what loomed ahead. To Tails and Knuckles, it looked like a metallic sphere similar to the Death Egg, covered completely with machinery, and suspended freely in the air. Sonic and Amy, however, knew that the giant floating sphere was more than that. It was a planet, but a very small one, self-contained and constantly on the move, yet always in orbit around a larger celestial body. Since the planet could defy time and land anywhere completely at random, Sonic and Amy knew that an occurrence like this wouldn't happen again for many years, possibly never again. The Little Planet had arrived at Earth.

"What is that thing?" Knuckles asked incredulously. "Robotnik couldn't possibly have built that since we saw him last."

"He didn't build that. It's a planet," Sonic replied. "That's why I feel this odd sense inside of me. That planet, called the Little Planet, has the ability to defy time. It also contains seven powerful gems called the Time Stones, which are much like the Chaos Emeralds, except that they allow the user to defy time. That's what I felt. It's like the Time Stones are calling out to me. They're in danger. Robotnik's found out about the planet, and he's coming to take the Time Stones. I have to stop him, but I have to go alone. I won't risk anyone else, like I did the last time I went there." When Amy heard this, she took a step backward. "I have to face Robotnik alone." Sonic suddenly looked quite happy, possibly even excited. "Robotnik's probably rebuilt Metal Sonic again, so maybe we can have a rematch." Sonic grinned and looked expectantly toward the planet. Suddenly it began to change, fading from the metallic wasteland it was—or, rather, will be—to the lush paradise that it is "now".

Understanding what Sonic intended to do, Tails got out of the Tornado and let Sonic get in and have the controls. Sonic flew toward the planet, making sure that he landed on its northern hemisphere so that gravity would remain relatively unaltered. By now the time was night as Sonic got out of the plane and surveyed the landscape around him.

Sonic had landed on a smooth beach, which faded into hilly grassland covered with palm trees. There was a strategy in mind when Sonic landed: the area was similar to the place where he first got onto the Little Planet.

With a running start, Sonic launched into the grassland ahead. He noticed that it was infested by robots modeled after various insects. Destroying one revealed a spark, which sprouted a flower when it touched the ground. Sonic destroyed a couple more robots, which looked like beetles and mosquitoes with long, needle-like noses, and a few more flowers appeared. Seeing an odd sign that read, "Past," Sonic ran through it and could have sworn he heard a voice shout the word "past" into his ear—just like last time. Noticing a line of gold rings, Sonic grabbed them, and then found a loop leading into an underground tunnel perfect for ramping massive speed for a long distance.

As Sonic started to run, he felt the energy he collected from the sign around him. It was a familiar feeling to him. He continued to run through the loop and ran straight into the tunnel, rolling into a ball at just the perfect time to avoid having his head lopped off by the roof of the tunnel. The energy around Sonic became stronger as he exited the tunnel and launched into the air from its vertical exit. In the middle of his flight, Sonic unrolled from his ball form and saw everything around him replaced by flashing light of many different colors. The energy around him felt at its strongest just before it bottomed out to nothing. The colors faded away and Sonic saw the landscape around him replaced by one of slightly darker colors, shorter trees, and fewer of Robotnik's henchmen all over the place. Sonic had entered into the past of the same area he was in.

Just as soon as he entered the world of the past, which happened to occur at noon, Sonic saw a machine that looked like the top and bottom of a rounded rectangle with three bolts of electricity connecting the top and bottom. Sonic jumped into it, spun, and destroyed it. All of the enemies near him were destroyed as well. Continuing onward, Sonic saw something strange—he saw himself, a couple of years younger, running toward a signpost with Robotnik's face on it. The younger Sonic was being tailed by something pink, wearing a green shirt and an orange skirt—it was Amy. The older Sonic contemplated attempting to contact his younger self, but then remembered that he had, at the point his younger self was at, never seen any odd foresights of himself. He decided that it was best that he not meddle with the past, lest it adversely affect the future. Sonic decided that the only thing he would change in the past would be the presence of Robotnik's robot-making machinery.

With that plan thought out, Sonic turned back on his path and sighted another sign, this one marked, "Future." Sonic ran through it and heard voices again; except that this time they said, "future," just as Sonic remembered it. Without waiting any longer, Sonic found the past variation of his speed tunnel, surprisingly existent already, and ran through it again. The flood of colors once again surrounded Sonic, and was soon replaced by the area he was in at first, albeit without a single Badnik in sight. Sonic found another "Future" sign and ran through it, keeping his pace and jumping over rocks and hills on occasion, until he was for the third time swallowed whole by the bright colors of time travel. This time he was spit out in an idyllic forest of palm trees, without anything even relatively evil in sight. Even Robotnik's face was gone from the sign, replaced by a picture of Sonic, which could only mean that the past form of himself had already been and gone. Sonic passed the sign, which made a large gold ring appear.

Sonic knew what had happened. Since the future was good, Robotnik's secret hiding place for the Time Stones was revealed. Sonic was relieved, yet at the same time afraid; if a Time Stone hiding place existed, Robotnik had probably captured a Time Stone or two and placed it there.

After passing through the ring, Sonic found himself in a flat area filled with land, and with water dotted throughout. Also spread throughout the mysterious landscape was about a half-dozen of purple spaceships. Sonic was prepared to do what he had always done here: destroy the UFO's, one by one, until they were all gone; then the Time Stone would reveal itself. Sonic destroyed all six of the ships and got the Time Stone, a green one. He was then swiftly returned to the regular world, in the same time frame he entered it in, just in time to face Robotnik. The insane scientist was coming toward the past version of himself in a walking machine with two springs for hands.

Sonic was confused for a second, and thought that he always faced Robotnik in the future; and because of this, how could both himself and his younger self be in the same place? Then Sonic had an idea: maybe he didn't face Robotnik in the "future" necessarily; maybe he always faced Robotnik in the same time frame, and this frame just happened to be the future to Sonic back then. Sonic noticed that Robotnik acted just as he would when Sonic last saw him, but the scientist was garbed in an outfit Sonic had not seen him in for years. That, Sonic reasoned, must have been a negative result of an overly complete time warp. Fortunately, Sonic's was incomplete enough that his physical style was not hindered, or brought too far ahead, by performing a simple time warp.

The young Sonic managed to beat Robotnik quickly enough that the older Sonic needn't do anything else; instead, he just ran in a line after his younger self, until the Time Stone, usually temporarily stored in a small alternate dimension until it was needed, suddenly appeared in front of Sonic and began to spin rapidly, creating a huge flash of light.

When the light faded away, so did the Time Stone, and Sonic found himself in the same time as before. Looking up, Sonic realized that the ground of Earth was above him, meaning that he must be on the bottom of the Little Planet.

Sonic soon came to another realization: Earth wasn't above his head; Mobius was! The Little Planet's time on Earth was complete, and Sonic noticed that the ever-familiar Never Lake was the area that the tiny sphere had landed next to. Even more to Sonic's horror was that the lake was surrounded by machinery, meaning that Robotnik had noticed the move sooner than Sonic, and had taken advantage of his Time Stones to move back to the past and set up a fortress.

Back on Earth, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy looked shocked as the Little Planet, which Sonic was still on, flashed a few times and disappeared, leaving only a handful of sparks as evidence that it had ever been where it was. They knew that Sonic was in trouble if he was still up there with Robotnik; he could be in any time and almost anywhere in the entire universe!