Teen Titans Go: Elseworlds

Circus Summer

Chapter One: The Circus is in Town

Disclaimer: I really hate writing these things. That having been said, I don't own any of these characters, and never will, but that doesn't stop me from writing this stuff. Also, if anyone has any complaints about the way I handle this….complain in a review or something.

A/N: This story can be likened to an Elseworlds book…the basics of the characters remain the same, but they aren't the Titans you know and love. They may not be better or worse, but they are different. That being said, on with the show.

The air was thick with the scent of animals, people, and a hint of popcorn, and sawdust crunched under foot. Another large crowd had formed, all to see the many attractions, such as the acrobats, the freak show, and the clowns. It was an atmosphere of fun, excitement, and fantasy, the kind that make young children want to run away to join the circus.

The opening act had just ended, and they were moving onto the acrobats now…the Flying Graysons. It was a family act, and a great one. People from all over the city came out to seem them, and marveled at their skills as the preformed again and again, never once making a mistake, though occasionally the youngest member, Richard, was late for the show, and as a result, there had to be a lot of ad-libbing.

Three young men in the audience were eating popcorn, and drinking sodas, two root beers, and a Pepsi. The pepsi drinking was a mountain of a teenager, an African-American with about 6 feet or more in height, and muscles on his muscles. He was also bald, and wore a silly smile on his face as he listened to the other two boys, one a short blonde kid with one pointed tooth that always stuck out of his mouth and short but messy hair, and the other a rather rotund boy with long orange hair in a small ponytail and with large, mutton-chop sideburns. He also had a uni-brow, and the beginnings of a double chin. They were arguing over something minor, a television program they watched the night before, the two of them going at it like rabid fanboys.

"Guys, would y'all just chill please?" the large teen sighed in annoyance after a moment, and quieting the two boys. "The show's almost over….."

"Sorry, Vic…" the blonde one went red from embarrassment, and rubbed the back of his head with one hand. The redhead tossed a piece of popcorn in his mouth before speaking up.

"Yeah, what he said…" he piped in, before going back to munching on his popcorn, a blissful smile appearing on his face. "You know, I'm glad we got to do this…I mean, we are missing the last episode of season three of Clash of the Planets, but that's what VHS is for, right?" The blonde nodding, laughing a little. "What's so funny?


"The clowns were out like…half an hour ago, Garfield."

"Artie, dude…..they're still funny."

The redhead threw his hands over his head, his popcorn container wedged between his legs. "I give up….sometimes you are one of the strangest people I know."

Laughing, Vic added, "And with you, that's saying something."


About fifteen minutes later, the show was over for the Graysons, and young Richard, usually called Dick by his friends, was pulling on a pair of regular sweats and a t-shirt, grunting as he struggled to get it down over his spiked-up head of hair. "Stupid…shirts….." he managed, finally pulling it down and running a hand through his hair. Then he set out from his parents' trailer, and headed to the freakshow, wallet in hand.

He waited in the line, and bought his ticket, and walked along with the others, stopping by one specific booth, where the Four Eyed girl was. Of course, the moniker was an understatement.

The girl had red skin, short white hair, and of course two sets of yellow eyes, the top two set on her forehead. She was wearing a dark cloak, and reading a book with interest, occasionally raising one hand to the red chakra on her forehead, where the small v of her parted hair was.

"About five minutes 'till closing time people…." A voice called out, and Dick stuffed the ticket stub in his pocket, and walked out back, waiting for a moment. Then the four-eyed girl walked out, shoulders hunched down. He smiled, and offered her a wave.

"Hey, red…" he joked, making her wince at the bad pun.

"Richard…" her voice came, deadpanning. They were both around fourteen, and they got along fairly well. "How was your show?"

"Good….though I swear I wanted to stick around here today…."

For an instant, her cheeks went a darker red, and she looked down at one of her heavy boots, smiling slightly, a rare sight indeed.


"Yes Raven, really….." he smiled again, reaching out and taking one of her hands in his. She didn't pull away, since he was pretty much the only person her age who remotely liked her. Everyone else in Haly's Circus were nice to her, but to be with someone her own age after having to sit around all day like some kind freak….which she had to admit, she was. Somedays she wished she looked more normal, but on others she was just…grudgingly happy to be around her friend.

They walked for a while, in silence, before they asked each other about their day, at the same time. Dick laughed, while Raven went quiet, a small chuckle escaping her lips after another moment. "You first…" she said quietly.

"Well…I got another letter from that girl, Kori…." He started, shrugging a little, his face going red for a second. "Not sure how to reply this time….she seems really sweet…."

"Oh?" she almost looked upset for a moment, but covered it up quickly. "Well…just answer with your heart…I don't see why it has to be so hard for you to talk to a girl….a normal one, at least…"

Dick looked over to her, a slightly sour look on his face. "Raven, why do you have to keep putting yourself down so much? So you have four eyes and red skin. Big flippin' deal. There's also a bearded lady and vertically challenged people around here. Here, you are normal."

She smiled slightly again, the third time that night. She was starting to set a record. The only sore spot with the two was how she joined up with the circus. She was running from something, wearing just a tattered t-shirt when she stumbled upon the circus. Immediately everyone went to help her, and the Graysons nursed her back to health, which was how she met Dick. That was a year ago. So it took them quite a while to get to where they are now, able to manage small jokes and some laughter.

"Thanks…" she crossed her arms over her chest, hugging the book she had with her tightly, and smiled for a fourth time.

Not too far away were the three boys from before, the big one named Vic now eating two hotdogs. The blonde one, Garfield, was making a face, and shaking his head a little, and started eating a tofu dog. Artie, the redhead, was slurping on a soda, and looking around with his slightly beady eyes.

"Nice place, isn't it?" he said after a moment, before his eyes flickered over to the two talking teens, and he blinked. "Wow…I heard there was a four-eyed girl here…."

"Dude…she DOES have four eyes!"

"GAR! Don't get their attention…they'll think we're being jerks…" Vic added, smacking the short one over the head.


Of course, Dick heard them, and couldn't help but laugh a little as he walked with Raven to the trailer she stayed in, by herself. She wasn't all that comfortable around people, and when she had gotten the courage to, had asked the owner for her own trailer. He obliged kindly, trying to make her time with them easier. She stood on the small stairs, and blinked a little as Dick turned to go. She tried to say something, stopped, then tried again.

"Uhm…want to come in for something to drink…" she started, babbling a little. "It's…been a long night, you know…"

He smiled, and turned back to face her. "Sure….wild horses couldn't keep me away." She flushed a little again, the pink noticeable on the red of her face, and she opened the door, letting them in before she closed the door again, peeking out of the window, then lowering the blinds to keep everyone else's prying eyes out.