Bonding Time!

Disclaimer: Raven and Terra belong to DC Comics. Everyone else you already know who they belong to.

Psyche-Out's office, the Pit

"YOU WANT US TO DO WHAT?" Terra yelled in shock. She and Raven were in Psyche-Out's office, having a session with the Joe psychiatrist. Terra was a blonde girl with the power to control earth and rock. Raven was a gray-skinned purple-haired girl who was half-human half-demon. She was an empath and a telekinetic. Both were former members of the Teen Titans, and they didn't get along too well.

"You two really need to learn to get along…at least without destroying everything around you." The blond Joe replied simply.

"What about everyone else and Pietro? They don't always get along, and yet no one complains." Raven told the Joe. Suddenly, there was a scream, and what looked like a very scared Pietro zipped by the office. He was being chased by what appeared to be half the Misfit team, all carrying various pointy objects.

"That one is beyond help." Psyche-Out responded.

"Good point." Terra quipped.

"Okay." Psyche-Out said as he looked at a file on his desk. "As punishment for your last fight, you two are going to clean up the kitchen. And no powers. I am telling this to both of you."

"Fine." Raven mumbled.

"Whatever." Terra shrugged.

On the way to the mess hall

Terra and Raven walked toward the mess hall. Accompanying them was Bard. Bard was a black-clad cowboy who happened to be Raven's brother.

"This is your fault, you know that?" Terra grumbled.

"Oh, sure. Blame me." Raven muttered back. "I'm not the one that drank the coffee and was reenacting the movie 'Earthquake'."

"Well, I wasn't the one who made Pietro cry like a little girl!" Terra snapped.

"I wasn't the one who covered him in mud!" Raven snapped back. The two girls continued arguing as they went inside the mess hall and into the kitchen.

"Actually, this is about the fight you two had on fashion." Bard reminded the two girls as he continued escorting them to the cafeteria.

"Johnny not another word, or you'll get to see how far I can throw you." Raven threatened.

"Okay, okay. Calm down, sister." Bard held up his hands in self-defense. With that said, Bard left the room. "Good luck!" He called as he walked out.

"Oh, shut up Bard." Terra rolled her eyes.

"Okay, you do the mopping. I'll do the dishes." Raven said, holding out the mop to Terra. Terra shoved it into Raven's chest.

"How about you mop, and I'll do the dishes?" Terra countered.

"You'll break the dishes." Raven growled.

"And you'll make the floor slippery!" Terra snapped.

"Fine! We'll rotate!" Raven suggested.


General Hawk's office, two hours later

"So, how is it so far?" General Hawk asked. He and the Joe caretakers were gathered in his office.

"So far, so good." Shipwreck answered as he sat there watching the cafeteria from a window.

"You know, I think that something may go right this time." Low Light smiled.

KABOOM! The cafeteria exploded.

"Me and my big mouth." Low Light sighed.

"What in the world did those two do now?" Hawk yelled. With that said, the three Joes went to the mess hall to see half the cafeteria demolished. Terra and Raven staggered out, faces covered in soot, coughing, and their clothes tattered.

"What happened here?" Shipwreck blinked.

"Someone left a bottle of nitroglycerin on the counter, and it fell over." Raven coughed.

Trinity. The three Joes thought in unison.

"Get out of here, and get yourselves checked out." Low Light ordered. "I'll come with you." Low Light helped the two girls get to the infirmary.

"So, how did it go?" Cover Girl asked as she walked up.

"Tell Psyche-Out that he shouldn't start any more bonding sessions! The place can't take it!" Hawk yelled.

The End