Yes, I am aware of the fact that there are many high school fics starting with a new girl going into a new school and meeting people etc. It is going the same way as I have mentioned but I am trying to give this story a twist and alter it a little. Please watch out for OOC-ness. This is an AU fic.

Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 01

New Girl, New Friends, New School

It happened so fast.

I was just standing in front of the desk of the red-faced principal, staring at the ground, sweating, tugging at the rim of my pleated skirt as he yelled and fumed at me, for a crime I did not commit.

"You're expelled!"

I looked up, eyes wide behind my glasses.

"You can't do this to meeeeeeeeeeeee!" I yelled, my voice beginning to echo around the whole room, and as my arm, which was outstretched, about to grab at something, just sort of pulled back. No, it wasn't just my arm. It was me! My whole body! I wasn't wearing my school uniform! I was no longer wearing anything!

AARRGGGHHH! Where are my clothes?

And I stood with people all around me, in the nude, my hands covering myself terribly. People taunt and laugh, and their faces etched with amusement and scorn. Pointing at me.



Cursing, I let my hand that was somehow squished underneath my body crawl out from under the covers, despite the fact that it was painful due to cramp, and swatted my stupid digital teddy bear form alarm clock off my white bedside table. It landed on the ground, and began beeping extra loud.

"Damn you!" I screeched hoarsely. "Damn you!"

Kicking the covers off my groggily looking form, I forward-rolled off my bed, and stepped on the switch of my alarm clock. It stopped beeping altogether and I was left in peace.

For now, at least.

"Nuo, wake up yer lazy bum!"

Oh well, I had peace and quiet for a total of 4 seconds.

That's what it's like in my house.

Always noisy.

Like a farm.

I live with my darling siblings – my older sister Eurydice (pronounced You-row-dice) who inhabits the master bedroom, my two little brothers Jimmy and Billy who inhabit bedroom three, and my sister Laney, who inhabits bedroom four, and me.

I inhabit bedroom two.

Eurydice is the oldest – and in our family – the oldest gets the best things. She's only 23 years old, and goes to college. She takes up the huge room mat the end of the corridor. I'm just wondering why she also needs an en-suite, but you'll see why. Let me take you back several years ago back in our old house with only one toilet…. Back then, my little brothers and sister were only four years old.

"Eurydice! Are you finished in there?"

I was thumping my tiny clenched fists against the locked bathroom door repeatedly, and soon, my sister's high pitched voice (hormones, you gotta hate them) responded about half an hour later.

"Not yet! I'm doing my hair!"

"Billy needs to go to the toilet!" I shrieked back, glancing at my brother who kept dancing around in circles with his legs twisted around one another as he writhed uncomfortably; he was biting his lip and sweating. "You alright?"

"No." He squeaked. "I need to use my potty!"

"Eurydice! At least throw out the tube (the potty)!"

"Wait! Hold on!"

Too late.

Billy had already peed himself silly.

That memory still burns in his mind now and then. Poor kid.

Jimmy, Billy and Laney are triplets. They're only seven years old. Laney was born first, then it was Jimmy who was born five minutes later, then it was Billy who was born an extra three minutes. Jimmy and Billy share a room since they have now developed a fear of girls, screaming about 'cooties' whenever Laney appeared driving her nuts, and Laney now has the smallest room – but she doesn't seem to mind much.

And me? My name is Nuo and I'm 17 years old, and this, I think, is the right time when teenagers realise how much life sucks, puberty haschanged your bodydramatically, including voice alterations and you realise that you have hair sprouting in the most unusual places of your body, and all those other things. I've been having that same stupid dream – no, nightmare about my previous school – which I attended for several years until last week for ages ever since I was expelled. And now, no other school will accept except from this boring – looking High school infested with stuck up snobs, sissies and idiotswho think they're all that.

The school is called St Mango's High School. It really is for mangos, I see their students sometimes out on the streets when I'm walking home, and I can't help but go and stare as they parade around shops, annoying shopkeepers, shoplifting – anything. I couldn't believe that I was going into that rotten old dump, well, it does seem a bit rotten. I heard it's run by nuns and funded by the locals who reluctantly pay their hard-earned cash for that place. They don't even have a uniform. The students are allowed to wear whatever they want – and I'm sure some students have gone to school with t-shirts with swearing words and ugly things.

We live in the area where the houses seem bigger than usual – but still, my parents moved out of the house after getting job promotions, leaving us with a handful of cash and the house to ourselves. Eurydice has all the responsibility over all of us, yet she spends time at the gym in aerobic class rather than clean the house or make dinner for us.

Which is why we hired a nanny, called Nana. Well actually it was my parents who hired her after they left to work around the globe. Nana is at least fifty something years old, yet she told me a couple of weeks later that someone proposed to her. I didn't find it surprising – Nana is a very considerate person and always takes care of us. She is an excellent cook and tailor. We treat her as if she is family.

My parents don't live with us. My mum is in Finland fashion designing for older ladies, while my dad is a pathologist/martial arts instructor.


Back to me!

I scratched my messy head, which had a bird's nestful of dull blackish twiggy hair and looked at myself in the mirror on my dressing table. Picking up the comb, I managed to smooth it down slightly – however I still did end up looking like an afro-man or at least someone who stuck their head into a blender.

Well, today is my first day, and I wasn't looking forward to it either. Eurydice was going to give me a lift there, so I don't think I'll be going in alone.

The boy brats are running up and down the staircase getting organised, Laney is screaming for her dolly which she always carry around, and Eurydice is still in the bathroom. Nana is cooking in the kitchen downstairs.

I just realised that it was 8:15. Frantically, I leapt over to my wardrobe and crawled through huge bundles of my neatly folded clothes that Nana did the day before, and managed to fish out my outfit for today. First impressions always count, don't they? At least I want to fit in and make some friends there. I ripped off my pyjamas and pulled on my t-shirt and jeans, halfway struggling to get it up my waist. Then I put on my cardigan and socks, and then breezed out of my room.

After cleaning my teeth and washing my face as I do daily, I ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen, where the boy brats were fighting over a stupid lame prize from their favourite cereal. I just realised they seemed to have some facial hair just below their noses. Still, it was hardly visible. Laney was busy grooming her 'My Little Pony' in her hands. Eurydice wasn't here yet.

"Oh yeah… you brats are staying over at your friends house, aren't you?" I asked as I took a seat.

Jimmy and Billy stuck their tongues at me. "We're not brats, and we're staying over at Jonathon's, Nana's taking us." They replied in unison.

God, must they be so freaky?

I felt so sorry for Laney – having to look like the two idiots, well sort of. She had longer hair and eyelashes; yet, I still did see an uncanny resemblance. She had the same sort of floppy hair as mytwo brothers did, except longer. I've also noticed that my brothers seemed to have visible hair undertheir noses.Oh my god… is that a moustache I also see on Laney?

Somehow, we ended up even late than usual – since Eurydice received a phone call from her darling boyfriend over the phone, and used up five extraminutes. It was now 8:45, and we were still strapped in the seat by seatbelts in her small green car.

"Where the hell is she?"

Yes, I am 17 and my legs work well, but I required a ride today.

Suddenly my angry curses under my breath were faded by the loud hoots of some eejits in their car. Unstrapping my seatbelt, I looked out the back of the window to see boys all crammed into one red car, 'whoo'ing and screaming like mad as they sped along the highway freely, and do a dangerous turn in the t-junction, earning beeps from angry drivers.

"Lucky pricks." I muttered as I adjusted my glasses.

Eurydice dropped me off the high school entrance, just when the bell had rung, and to be honest, I was thankful she was late. I felt as if I immediately did not fit into this school – it seemed to be filled with girls with hair tied into ponytails, dangly earrings, short skirts that almost showed their buttocks and low cut tops; boys with the most outrageous hairstyles and clothes, and people who didn't seem to look ordinary at all – like me. I'm not wearing any jewellery, or any make up, or wearing any sexy-looking top that just screams 'I'm a total downright bitch' - as most did.

I just hobbled past them and prayed I would be safe as I reached the office, waiting for the principal to reach me.

A nun came over as I sat patiently in the waiting area.

"And you must be Miss Yung, am I right?" The nun said cheerfully.

"Er… call me Nuo." I replied back, and I couldn't help but return the smile.

"Alright, please follow me."

So I did.

And the more we walked, the more this school looked ancient on the inside, yet the students looked more modernized.

She stopped at a door in a small hall and opened it to reveal an even shabbier-looking room. She gestured me to go in, and I stepped cautiously.

Another nun was waiting for me there, with reading glasses attached to chains from her ears – the old fashioned types my gran has.

"Ah, Miss Yung, please take a seat." Her voice almost made me squirm. It sounded a bit nasal, if you know what I mean.

She gestured to a wooden block, which I believed was 'a seat'. I soon felt splinters through my trousers and on my butt. I stayed in my seat calmly.

"I'm delighted to have a new pupil here, at St Mango's."

"Have you seen my record?" I mumbled at her.

"Yes," She said. "Yes of course, my dear." She said quickly, and then she looked at my expression and swallowed. "Take this as an opportunity to refresh and start all over. You'll fit in well with the others."

I choked. She did believe that it was my fault I got expelled! Maybe she was also worried that I might set a whole classroom on fire or something just as my record had said – which was so un-true? I just stared at her as she continued blabbing about some of the school's history, constantly checking her old-fashioned pocket watch, which matched her glasses, and the next thing I knew, my timetable and map was shoved in my hand and I was dismissed to my first class when the bell rang for first period.

It was chemistry.

In room 10.

Only half of the boxes with my subjects displayed what teachers I had and what room number I was meant to be in, half of it was also empty of information. I stared at my map. There were four sets of stairs here in this place – called North, East, South and West, but they weren't in the north, east, south or the west. I hated being the New Girl.

Students poured out from doors on each side, and I was soon caught up in the rampage, at least it wasn't as busy at my old school. I easily squeezed my way past and looked for directions, hoping that a big huge sign outlined in flashy lights would say 'Nuo, your class is over there!'. It actually read 'Class D.5'. I looked at my timetable, under 'chemistry'; it also said 'Class D.5'.

My new chemistry class was over there, by the huge trophy cabinet and billboard. I was a couple of minutes late, and I opened the door nervously. The whole room was silent as I emerged.

Another nun was inside.

Well, what did I expect?

I walked in stiffly, and the nun turned, a solemn look turned into a goofy smile erupted and she rushed me over quickly in front of the whole class.

"Class, I welcome you, Nuo Yung, she will be joining us in this class!"

The class didn't even stare at me as I stared at them one by one from left to right. The girls were talking and the boys were also talking. They hardly noticed their teacher – or me, not that I really wanted them to see me anyway. The room looked dusty, and was the brick walls seemed to be coated in white paint, yet I could see several cobwebs sprouting in corners. Only a couple of windows on the side had light shining through. Lights glued onto the ceiling dimly lighted the room, and a trolley filled with hazardous substances and other chemistry related things were stuffed into trays on a trolley stood beside me. Other than that, the classroom was filled with five rows of wooden benches that were the desks and posters of the periodic table and famous scientists.

"Please tell us a bit about yourself, Nuo." The nun said.

Hmm, she seemed cheerful enough. I felt a little bit secure standing beside her, to be honest.

"Er…." I stammered hard and stared at the ground, my fingers twitching like mad and my eye sort of winking non-stop – a very bad habit of mine when I become extremely anxious and ditzy. I found these 'introducing-myself' bit rather hard – since I didn't always talk a lot about myself or meet new people. I hardly go socialising either; I did have friends before back in my school, whom I had a great time and laugh with now and then, but – they're all long gone now.

Okay, get a grip, Nuo! You can do this!

I breathed in and out, and finally, mustered enough strength to squeak out meekly; "Well…. I uh…. Livewithmysisterwhoisafitnessinstructor – "

Before I had the time to ram those words back into my mouth it was already too late.

Yes, even if my words were jumbled together and so quiet, people could still hear.

They began sniggering.

My cheeks flared red with embarrassment. Okay, I do look a little chubby in person. I do have slightly large thighs and arms. I don't have much of a waist either.

I swallowed hard and gulped. "I have two little brothers and a little sister. They're triplets."

They looked bored enough already.

At that point, I was sweating badly.

Eventually, I sat awkwardly in my new seat, beside these chatty girls, and soon, they turned to me as the class began working. The girl I sat beside was wearing a baby pink top and jeans, with high heels. She had purple coloured hair - definetely dyed, and stinging scarlet eyes. She smiled; I could see that she was wearing heavily applied makeup, especially at the eyes.

"Hi, my name's Daneira, nice to meet you." She offered her hand, and slowly, I took it.

"Um…. I'm Nuo, nice to meet you." I replied quietly.

"So, what school did you transfer from?"

"Oh, I wasn't transferred, I was e – I mean, I just moved. From Episcopal Academy."

Daneira looked shocked. "You went to that school?"

"Um… yeah…" I said. She must know that Episcopal Academy is for quite wealthy people – yet also filled with stuck up people.

"That school is filled with sods, you're so lucky to have moved from there!" Daneira replied with a smile.

I smiled nervously with her. That really wasn't much what I meant.

"Have you got your timetable? Me and my friends could show you around for the whole day."

"Really? That'd be nice!"

"Girls, say hello to Nuo." Daneira turned from me and gestured my way to other girls sitting on the same bench.

They stared at me, then at Daneira and smiled and waved cheesily at me.

I nodded politely back at them. Hmm, guess this first period wasn't going to be so bad, at least I made friends with some new people who seem nice enough.

"Okay, today we'll be doing an experiment…" the nun said back up at the whiteboard.

"Hey Daneira? who's the nun?" I asked her.

"That's Sister Roy, she's actually the youngest of all the nuns here."

"Find your partners and get started!"

Immediately the class went into a hustle, and I was suddenly caught in this mess and was looking around like an idiot to see if anyone was left.

"I'll be your partner, Nuo." Daneira chirped from my side, and I realised that she hadn't moved an inch from her seat.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Sister Roy had come up to me several times asking if I had Topic 8, which seemed to be what everyone in the whole year was up to by now – Acids and Alkalis.

Yet, I had no idea that this day was going to get far worse.

"Oh my gosh!" Daneira squealed. "I am SO sorry!"

I was sweatdropping and wiping at my pants nervously. Daneira splashed some sulphur chloride over them and they were my best trousers too. She had her hands over her mouth, and I couldn't see what her facial expression was. I could only see that her friends behind her were giggling at me, but I paid no attention to them.

So therefore, I walked around during the day with Daneira looked as if I've just wet myself.

People stared, pointed and giggled.

Daneira looked at them in disgust, and smiled at me. "Don't worry Nuo, they're just being silly. Ignore them."

She brought me along with her group for the whole day, and took me on a little 'tour' around the whole school – telling me which nuns to look out for, and people who I shouldn't be hanging around with. We were still talking about it in lunchtime, in the cafeteria.

"You see those girls?"

She was pointing to a bunch of four girls at a corner. "That's Hilary, Julia, Miriam and Pyrrha. They're geeks, don't talk to them."

"Uh… okay." I replied; biting into my sandwich while the others stuffed their faces full of French fries from the cafeteria.

"Hey, Tala, my man!" Daneira suddenly shouted in my ear, and I looked to the side where this tall guy with bright crimson hair walked up, followed by some other guys behind him.

I stared. Man, he was hot! I could've sworn my glasses had steamed up once I laid my eyes on him. Quickly, I took them off and tried to wipe them clean again.

"Hey, who's this pretty babe?" The guy called Tala said as he suddenly appeared beside me on the bench.

I looked at him, eyes squinting, before carefully prodding my glasses back on. "I'm Nuo." I squeaked.

"Ah, the new girl, eh?" He said cheekily, and for once, it wasn't only my face that burned red. Some reason I also believe my ears turned red – which was thankfully hidden by my hair. "I'm Tala."

"N-N-Nice to meet you." I stammered clumsily.

"And this here is Ray," Tala gestured to a Chinese boy that also made me squirm. "And this here is Johnny." He gestured to another boy with red hair, except all he done was frown at me.

"Um…. Hi."

They all said their polite 'heys' back to me and somehow I felt relieved to have at least met some boys at this school.

"What happened to your pants?"

I stared down at the stain and cringed. Daneira and the others giggled feebly.

"I... uh... "

"I accidentally spilled some chemicals over them." Daneira replied quickly as sheshoved me away a little from my seat.

"You guys seen Kai?"

Tala shrugged. "Nope, haven't seen him this morning – hey, you're in my chemistry class, aren't you?"

Johnny grunted.

I shrugged. "I… can't remember."

"You know your way around here?" Ray asked.

"I showed her around this morning." Daneira replied in a matter-of-factly tone.

"Ah, well, we'd better be going now, right guys? We got a football game to look forward to after lunch. See you, Nuo." He winked at me and smirked.

Despite being flushed in the face, I waved cheerily back to them. Man, are they polite or not?

But then, Daneira pulled me back so that I was facing them. "Those guys are idiots too, don't bother talking to them. Oh, and there's a lot more of them prowling around the school, you've only just met a third of them."

"Who's Kai?" I asked.

"He's my man." She replied cheerfully.

I blinked.

"Hey, want to go somewhere else which is fun?" She asked.