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Chapter 42

The Cosmopolitan Girl

The farewell party wasn't exactly a party – it was just one of those days when you'd call all your friends and go to the cinema, have something to eat, fill the town's atmosphere with obnoxious scenic and loud laughter with your friends, and harass innocent people in the streets afterwards – well, not really, not that bit anyway, we're not exactly like that… and I hope you're not like that, too!

The movie was picked by Tyson, and everyone put money forward for the pizza meal in Pizza Hut – although the waiters there did find it hard to get a table for…. fourteen people. That included me, Tala, Adelie, Ray, Romance, Hilary, Tyson, Mariam, Max, Daichi, Pyrrha, Julia and her brother, Raul, and even Brooklyn came along. No Kai. I… didn't tell him about this – maybe I was excluding him, but I had always viewed him as an anti-social person. My friends just thought he was being rude not to come. Hmm, to be honest, I didn't felt like it mattered anymore. I was happy that all my friends were here – heck, seeing fourteen people walking together in a gang is quite intimidating. We ordered five large pizzas in Pizza Hut and sat there for almost a whole hour.

I actually asked everyone to wear anything black and bring sunglasses – and they all did. Now we look like the mafia! Heehee.

Tyson brought love-hearted sunglasses as a joke, but I snatched them away from him and gave him a decent pair. Yes, now we looked cool and smart, and Brooklyn looks cool in black, too (he always wear neutral colours, so this was a change) – actually, I spotted Romance with a bit of drool dribbling from her face as he gave her his hand as if he was escort. She just blushed and accepted it with a small smile. Seems like romance was coming towards Romance's way, too. She was angry that she wasn't allowed to wear red as usual, but she didn't mind after I tempted her with a bonbon. So we all looked like one part of a gang. Except from Daichi – he's just a kid, even if he was wearing black.

Unfortunately, the movie Tyson picked had a rating of 15 years and older. In the end, we bought a fake moustache for Daichi and stuck it on him; then we entered the cinema room.

The movie was quite a dippy, sad love story which was highly unlike Tyson to go for – eventually, he was left with Hilary sobbing all over his front. The reason it was a 15 rating was because of some scenes which became quite graphical, which also got Daichi's jaw touching the floor of the cinema room. You know, I actually hadn't ever been to the cinema with them all before.

I watched them all, too – Adelie and Tala were sharing popcorn and even a soft drink, Romance and Brooklyn were just staring at the cinema screen, although Romance glanced at Brooklyn's hand on the arm rest and tried to put her arm around him (he noticed without her knowing and put his arm around her instead), Mariam and Max were watching the movie silently – I'd always thought their relationship was already there, so I didn't think too much of it. Pyrrha was silently crying along too, with Julia sitting beside her. Raul was unaffected and was just watching along, eating his Haagan-Daz.

"Nuo? Something wrong?" Ray whispered.

I turned back to Ray beside me, and shook my head. "Nope," I said, smiling. "Nothing's wrong. I… I don't know how much I'm going to miss everyone, that's all."

After the movie, we just skulked around town looking intimidating – no, not really. Half of us had to go home, actually, and I thanked them for coming out with me, my closest friends, to see a movie and eat, have a laugh, go out…

"Bye, Nuo. You're a really great friend, and you made us laugh all the time. We're all going to really miss you. Email us sometime, okay, or better yet, come and visit us?"

"Yeah, I will. Don't worry; take care, and thanks for being such good friends and helping me out all the time. I really appreciate it."

I hugged Mariam, Julia, Raul, Brooklyn, Pyrrha, Daichi, Tyson, and Max, all of them very very tightly, since they took the train here. A part of me didn't even want to let go. I just wanted to hold onto them all forever. We'd be friends forever. We'd always be friends forever. But no, things weren't like that. Life wasn't like that. So I was left with Tala, Adelie, Hilary, Ray, and Romance. Actually that's only about a quarter of my friends left.

Tala and Adelie thought they'd leave together, so we stopped at their bus-stop. "Bye, Nuo, I'll really miss you. I'll really miss winding you up." Tala joked, but he hugged me tightly in return.

"Me too, Tala." I moved to Adelie.

"Do you have to go, Nuo?" She whimpered, and she threw her arms around me. "But we've been friends for too long! Ever since we were… back in Kindergarten… I would never forget the day you wet your pants."

Cringe. "I'm sorry, Adelie. I'll never forget the day you put your hand down a toilet to get the ring you dropped."

She went bright red as well, as Tala stared at her, and then she sobbed. "I'm going to miss all those embarrassing moments we shared… together… UWAGHH!!" She wailed.

We hugged as well, and I let go, once their bus came. They sat at the back, waving to me as the bus drove along away from us. That only left me, Hilary, Ray, and Romance.

Hilary patted my shoulder and smiled. "Hey, don't forget to email me too." She hugged me, and my eyes became blurry again.

"I'm thinking of going back to China. If you ever decide to visit, you'll always be welcome in my village."

"…I've always wanted to go an authentic village… Is it haunted?"

"I… think so?"


Ray was then the next one to leave; we hugged, and then, he left too. I stayed a bit longer to wave to him on the bus. Then it was just me and Romance now; we both took the bus together since apparently, she lived down the street from me.

"Hey, Romance," I said, when I stopped looking out the window.

"Yes, Nuo-sama?"

"What are you going to do now? Now that I'm going?"

She shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe I'll try and work on my predictions."

"Is there anything else about my life you'd like to tell me about?"

Romance thought, and then shook her head. "No… I don't think so. I predicted that you'd go with Ray…. But it never happened. You've proved me wrong." She looked a bit unhappy.

"Oh…. I see. I guess some things won't turn out the way people want it to… But I chose this way anyway… so I guess this also means that people's life depends on the choices they make, too. As for me… I always make the wrong choices, sort of. But I don't regret meeting you at all. Um. I have something for Shingo, by the way." I took out a packet of dog treats and handed it to her. Her jaw dropped.


"I have something for you, too." I then protruded out a MEGA packet of strawberry bonbons. The packet was just… Huge.

Romance's eyes bulged, then they went all watery, and she began howling in her bus seat while wrapping her arms around me tightly. Yup, I think I'm really going to miss everyone.

Today is my last day, after all.


"How was the farewell party?" Eurydice asked, as she flipped through the brochure which showed us our new house in Bordeaux. The new house mum and dad had bought was really large; much larger than this one. There were four bathrooms, two kitchens, two lounges, and we even had a front porch! It also had seven bedrooms, so everyone had their own room, but mum and dad would share a room, so we'd have a spare for a guest room. Nana would be going back to Hawaii after the house was sold, so if she wanted to come and visit us, we'd have a room for her.

I shrugged, propping my sunglasses on the top of my head. "It was alright. Not much of a party. We just chilled. You okay? About your boyfriend and stuff…"

"Yeah." She replied, sighing. "I told him, that I was leaving. He said he would never forget me."

I put a hand on her shoulder. "You'll be alright, Eurydice."

She nodded, and smiled toothily at me. "We're going to keep in touch by email, and webcam. What about you and Kai?"

I shrugged again, flinching slightly as his name was mentioned. "… Nothing. I said that I gave up on him."

"But I thought there was at least something going on."

"Well, I thought there was something. He probably didn't feel anything, and I was wasting my time. To be honest, I didn't want to give up on him. It was either him or Ray. He's now just a jerk I knew."

And someone I wouldn't forget, either.

That night…

We were getting the flight early in the next morning; the one at nine am. It was only two o'clock in the morning, and I couldn't get to sleep. My room was void and stripped of all my belongings and I felt as if this room didn't really belong to me anymore. I would still miss this room very much, though. Especially my window, it's got a great view of the street and all. Not just that, but it was great for spying, too. Too bad Kai didn't live next door; I'd have my very own Boy-next-door teenage movie.

I lied in bed for a long time, my eyes never finding sleep. I wondered what would happen to all my friends in the future. I wondered what would happen to me in the future. I hadn't exactly thought about my career yet, you know. I wondered about my family, school, the animals we sent to the Zoo, everything. Like the weird banging noise outside the window that started three minutes ago.




I got up, sitting in my bed blinking dully in the darkness.


There it was again – I waddled over to my window, put on my glasses and pulled apart the curtains, looking down at the street….

…. To see Kai. With a few small stones in his fist and LOOKING LIKE A COMPLETE VANDAL.

Dude! Doesn't he even know what time it is?!

Huffing, I wrapped my nightgown over myself and stormed out, down the stairs, tiptoeing past my families' rooms in case I woke them up. I arrived at the front door, slipped on my trainers and put my jacket on, before unlocking the door and stomping outside into the cold street.

"Kai! What the hell are you doing here? It's two am, FYI!"

He looked pissed. "We're going to talk. Now. Come on." He grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the direction of the park.

"Hey! I want to go back to sleep! Can't this wait till morning?"

He turned around, sharply, eyes glaring at me; I shrunk back and swallowed. "If I recall from a reliable source, you're going to France in the morning and never setting a single foot back here."

I paused. "Oh… yeah… um…. Sorry, I didn't tell you…" How'd he know anyway? Maybe Tala told him eventually. Eh, I don't care anymore.

Kai frowned at me deeply.

"Why would you care anyway?" I mumbled, looking away from him. "I already gave up on you."

"I won't allow you to."

Silence. I turned to him, my mouth slightly hanging open now. "Uwha – what?" My face flushed darkly.

He gritted his teeth. "Nuo…" He began, clenching his fists, much like how I always did when I felt overwhelmed with emotions. "… Don't give up on me."

I paused. "… Kai…? What are you…saying?" Oh my god. This is strange. But cute. A rather different side to Kai's usual coldness and quietness. Eeeee…

"I'm saying that I like you, you idiot!" He snapped at me furiously – and then he grabbed my chin when I was least suspecting it, tilted my face upwards to his, and I felt his cold lips come in contact with my own, tightly pursed and awfully dried ones. OH MY GOD! My knees went weak and turned to jelly. It was… mm, how can I say it? Ahhh, bliss. So much bliss, I thought I'd just close my eyes and bask in the moment.

The only problem was that I didn't know what to do.

I've never kissed anyone before.

Really. I always thought I was too fat and ugly for a boyfriend. And no-one pays attention to me in the street anyway. They'll just stare at my friends. Never me.

Kai opened an eye, and let go, frowning as usual. "You're making me do all the work. And your breath smells."

My face went BRIGHT red. Okay, this is what I did not want to hear. Definitely. "I did brush my teeth this night, honestly! And… I want you to do all the work, since I'm the one who's seemingly been… uh, chasing you all the time."


It's the truth, you know.

He sighed, and leaned forwards to me again. "Wait – " He paused, and I took my time to wet my lips a bit. "Okay, go on." He continued leaning forward. Crap, I thought, why didn't I even bother to put some lipgloss on or something? Kai swooped on me again. I became dizzy, and after a moment or two, Kai let go of me, then shook me in his arms. "Nuo?"

I woke up. "Eh? Oh – I fainted. For the briefest moment. I think my life flashed before me eyes. It was really boring, and quick."

"…. " Kai didn't really know what to say. Or so I thought.

This felt a bit awkward. What do we do now?

We stared at each other blankly for a few minutes, then, I smiled, and Kai sort of half-smiled too. "I… I wasn't really planning on giving up on you, Kai. You're just too difficult for me to handle sometimes." I muttered timidly.

"You're far too easy to handle, Nuo." He scooped me into his arms again, his nose pressed against the nape of my neck as he closed his eyes, his arms tightening around the small of my back and waist, and I felt really warm inside. Ah, how long I have waited for this! Waaah, it feels soooo good. It felt as if we were stuck in our world, like back at the Lake of Mirage, only it was colder, darker, and there was no stupid pink butterflies dancing around us. And time would stop for us and even grovel at our feet.

"I won't forget you, Kai. I won't."

The next morning…

I was helping Cherie put her suitcase into the Yung family mobile which already had the Boy Brats bouncing up and down in the back rear seats, when Ray, Romance, Mariam, Hilary, Tyson, Max, and Tala, arrived outside our front lawn. Romance looked absolutely dreadful; she was crying black tears because of her mascara was running down. Hilary also looked a bit dishevelled and even Max had a bit of an unshaven stubble on his chin.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?"

"We thought we'd send you off."

"Really? You didn't have to – it's six am!"

"Yeah, we know, that's why we never got changed – except from Romance." Tyson gestured to Romance.

The girl in heavy make-up blubbered, clutching a sleeping Shingo in her arms. "I'll never forget you, Nuo-sama! Uwaaahaaahaahhh….."

I stared at them all – they were all in their pyjamas – except from Romance as Tyson noted. I laughed, then yawned myself. Yeah, I only had four hours of sleep. Kai and I took a small walk around the park, and then he went back home, while I went back to sleep – yeah, I managed to get back to sleep after that. I can still remember it vividly as if it was a dream…

It was a dream, right?

Haha! As if Kai and I really would kiss. Hahaha… makes me laugh… why would he ever kiss me? I'm like a tub of wobbling jelly… ahahaha….

"Nuo? Is something wrong?" Hilary noticed my dreamy expression.

I shook my head. "No, of course not." Jelly… ahaha…

"Nuo, we're going now. Say goodbye to your friends." Mum hollered over her shoulder, as she pulled over her seatbelt. Dad slammed the car boot shut once our entire luggage was in, and climbed into the driver seat, revving up the engine, Cherie was sitting with Eurydice in the middle passenger seats with Laney in the middle (our car has eight seats). Nana was waving tearfully with her hanky on the doorstep of our house. The farm animals were already deported to the petting zoo the day before.

I saluted them all, then marched towards the car, and squashed myself in between Jimmy and Billy who gasped for air.

"Everybody ready?" Dad said, as he adjusted the rear-view mirror.

"Yes!" Everybody exclaimed eagerly – well, except from me and Eurydice, actually.

He started the car; I turned back in my seat, waving to my friends; then at Nana, then at my friends, then at my Nana. Waaaah! I would miss them so much!! We drove further down the street, and Nana and my friends looked like tiny ants; I smothered away my tears and blew my nose.

"Don't worry, sis, you'll see them again." Jimmy said, patting my back.

"No, she won't." Billy replied.

I cried harder.

"Hey, what's that?" Jimmy pointed.


A tiny ant came over the horizon and was running towards us – or me, in particular. Eh? He looked familiar…

"KAI!?" I shrieked, and Jimmy and Billy flinched. I saw him running; idiot, why are you chasing our car? "Dude! What's he doing here?" Better question was – where had he come from? Heck, who cares?

Cherie turned back; and gaped at Kai. "Miss Nuo? Is that your boyfriend? He's cute."

I flushed, as mum turned back to see what the fuss was about, then Eurydice, then Laney, and then dad. "Idiot! You're driving a car! Keep your eyes to the front!" Mum screamed, and twisted dad's head back to the front.

"But I want to see who my daughter's dating!" Dad protested.

"STOP THE CAR!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and the car went screeching to a halt on the brakes, and we lurched forward, and then flopped back in our seats. I grabbed my bag which was between my legs and pushed past the brats and out of the car, then ran up to Kai on the road, who stopped shortly in front of me, breathing heavily.

"Kai?! What are you doing here?"

"I forgot to give you something before you left." He said, getting back up.

"… What's that?"

Kai enveloped me into a tight hug, and I began wailing again, wrapping my arms around him as well. "Our relationship was in vain!" I howled unhappily. We just started to realise our feelings… well, I knew them from ages ago. How unfair! How can God be so cruel!? Uwaahhh…

"No, it wasn't." He replied, talking with a mouthful of my hair. "How dare you say that."

I giggled weakly, still blubbering a little bit. "Kai, I have something for you."


I protruded an A5 book from my bag, and handed it to him. "This is my diary. I… I want you to have it, even though it's quite personal and really girly. But I don't mind. I like sharing! It's got more than forty chapters in total."

"Are you kidding me? More than forty chapters?" Kai looked a bit impressed though. He must've been thinking that I had a lot of free time.

I punched his shoulder playfully. "NO. Take it and remember me always. God, that's corny. But I've always wanted to say it, heehee!"

He took the diary off me, and then looked back at me. "… When will you come back?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, but I will come back. Someday. But if you would like to visit me, I'd welcome you in and you can stay there forever, and I'd introduce you to my family and then they'd approve of our engagement and let me pick my wedding dress and cake and plan the thing with Ray as our Best Man and - "

" – Okay." He nodded, gave me another hug, and pecked at my forehead; at that point, the car's horn went off as everyone in the corner were waving madly at us in anticipation. I grinned bashfully at them and waved 'bye-bye' to Kai again, before hopping back into the car.

Kai was still standing in the road – it was amazing he wasn't run over yet – actually, it was amazing we hadn't been run over together. Then it'll really be a Romeo and Juliet story for us. But then again, there weren't a lot of cars at 6am on a Monday morning.

I was grinning, I put a hand over my mouth to cover my astonishment that Kai had actually chased our car, and I felt so happy inside. Wow, one of the most touching moments in movies was actually happening to me. Kai had chased our car. Okay, maybe he hadn't really – just entered the street our car went down and followed us then. I actually began to get a bit worried when we drove off again; I turned back and waved frantically at him, then curved back to the B-G's.

"B G's! Pen and paper, stat!"

"Aye aye, sis-sir!"

Billy pulled out his A4 sketch pad, Jimmy provided me with a permanent marker pen. Where they got those from in this cramped space, I didn't know, but I hastily scribbled a message on the pad and ripped the piece of paper out, then pressed it against the rear glass.

It said: I LOVE YOU!

Several years later….

"This article is brought to you by Nuo Yung, accomplished AND enthusiastic journalist/agony aunt of the most popular, voted 9/10 from the ladies Cosmopolitan magazine International, from Bordeaux, France."

Hmm, that doesn't really sound right as a footnote for the end of my recent written entry for the magazine, all about how I shed two stone over a recess of six months and still looked fabulous plus with loads of guy's phone numbers who I all turned down. Okay, that wasn't true. I've still got a certain someone in my heart and he will never be replaced. I put down my pen, stared at the document, and sighed for a moment, before looking around the busy office.

So, you're probably wondering what I'm doing now, right?

As you must've noticed, I've become a writer for the Cosmopolitan magazine, a magazine I actually just started to pick up once I turned 19… which was actually not a long time before moving. I still live in Bordeaux, where the headquarters are, but I've got my own apartment and I'm still being supported by my parents since I seem to get into debt quite a lot. Eurydice left a long time ago, back to our old hometown to meet up with her boyfriend; the triplets have all grown up and are now in High School, surprisingly. Mum still works as a fashion designer, while dad goes out regularly on expeditions. His dojo is never empty, though. Cherie – well, we hardly see her, she was just someone who I got jealous over because of her looks and super-skinny body, and she was someone who lived with us for two weeks before we moved, but I did hear that she had a good, professional career, and she has now married, broken-up, married again, and broken up once more. I've heard she now lives with a vodka bottle who she shares a very intimate relationship with. Oh dear.

I still keep in touch - with Romance from St Mango City only; she's re-established her psychic clinic with Brooklyn's help and they still live near St Mango's High. Romance told me that Daneira had left her family and was trying to be a supermodel now, hmm, something tells me that I'd probably see her again sometime. Hilary lives with Tyson at their dojo, with Kenny as their room-mate. Daichi left back to his homeland a long time ago and I heard he's doing completely fine. Mariam moved with Max and his family to America, Julia and Raul became performers and are currently travelling with the circus around the world, performing their acts. Pyrrha's location is currently undiscovered, but I've heard that she was seen somewhere with Enrique, that guy I met back during summer, who was still as rich as ever. As Ray mentioned previously, he returned to China, with Lee, Mariah, Kevin, and that huge guy, who I found out, was actually called Gary. He occasionally sends me genuine postcards of his hometown to me, with some details of what was going on in his life. Apparently, there's an alternate spelling of his name he would like me to know, which was 'Rei'.

Tala heard that Adelie had moved to the United Kingdom and followed her all the way there. Ozuma and Dunga managed to expand on their farm… and… and Kai…. Well, I dunno. I've not heard from him since they graduated from St Mango's High. Apparently, they demolished the school, and now they're rebuilding one – called St Mango's Academy. Was there a difference? Well, they said they'd put a glass lift – which I'm pretty sure vandals would smash in two days straight. Ahh, well…

"Hey, Nuo, aren't you late for your interview with the next bachelor of this month?"

I burst out of my bubble of thoughts and gasped. "Ah, crap! Thanks for reminding me!"

Yup, Cosmopolitan features a page where we would interview some famous guy whether he was just rich, an actual celebrity or singer, and get a few photos. I don't know who this month's guy is, since I've done so many interviews, I don't keep track anymore. I burst into the office with my pen and paper, and into the Interviewing Room then hastily sat down, smoothing down my hair. I flipped open my pad and scanned the details of this month's interviewee – hmm, has a huge fan base across the world even though he wasn't a celebrity…. Rich grandparents from Russia…. Also the… owner of Biovolt Corporation?

Why does that company sound so familiar?

I swallowed. "Ahh, I'm so sorry for being late, shall we get started on the interview all about your previous girlfriends and all that other junk, Mr… ?"

"Hiwatari." The man replied, his name badge flashed the first initial of his name: K

I stopped, and looked up; there he was, sitting in the corner seat of the sofa, wearing a smooth, well-ironed, expensive-looking black suit, a briefcase sitting beside him. The only thing missing was the blue face paint, and the white scarf. My mouth dropped to the floor.

"To start you off, I used to know a girl back in my High School called Nuo Yung." He smirked, holding up a familiar A5 book and handed it to me. "And she gave me diary to read before she left to France. It was one of the most… 'interesting' things I'd ever read."

"Well, Mr K. Hiwatari, please tell me of your experiences with this 'Nuo Yung'. I'm sure the rest of the female public will enjoy your feedback featured in our magazine." I replied back, grinning as I took back my diary off him. Surprisingly, it was still in good condition.

He smirked again and I felt like I had been reduced to mush all over again; man, I've really missed him. "How about I tell you over dinner, my treat?"

I didn't even have to think twice.

"Sure." I said, grinning back at Kai. He sat back, with his arms resting at the back of the sofa, and then he beckoned me over and I got up from my seat, sat down beside him and promptly rest my head on his shoulder, as he put an arm around me, down at my waist. I looked up at him, smiling as he moved some strands of hair from my face. "How does seven o'clock tonight at the Slug and Lettuce Café sound?"

The End

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