Disclaimer: No, I do not own the characters from Van Helsing, I am only borrowing them.

I've hunted your shadow,

All my life,

Running through darkness,

As I carry our strife,

The horrors I've seen,

Through my stormy eyes

Such nightmares you bring,

Like a demon in disguise.

My childhood was filled

With violence and fear,

By your hand they were killed,

And I shed fiery tears.

For days and nights,

I refused to eat,

And by hatred's plight,

Planned vengeance sweet.

I trained with ardor,

And conquered the pain,

As I pushed myself harder,

I sensed your bane.

It tried to break me,

And make me fall,

But I set myself free,

And fought your thrall.

I could hear your whisper,

Echoing in my ear,

Telling me to surrender,

But I refused to adhere.

I had to play defender,

Against your attacks,

That left me breathless,

And I couldn't fight back.

You would win success,

And smirk at me,

With a twisted grin,

That betrayed your glee.

Your commanding presence,

Made me your reign.

Your ebony hair,

Iced my veins.

Your piercing tone,

Curdled my stomach.

Your figure in black,

Made my soul plummet.

As I lay in chagrin,

You would threaten to bite,

To make me your queen,

The queen of the night.

You would end your routine,

Of devilish taunting,

And spread your wings,

With a look ever daunting,

Then soar into the sky.

Leaving me in darkness,

As my hope slowly died.

My pain became fury,

And I cursed your name,

You laughed at my rage,

As if this was a game.

Too long in your cage,

Had I been hurt by shame.

Too long have I lived,

In your cruel torment,

Being dragged down,

By your wicked descent.

But something inside,

Abruptly awoke,

A feeling I tried,

To silence and choke.

It was fierce and intense,

And it consumed me.

An evinced sixth sense,

That I never could see.

It was unfamiliar,

Like an angel to the dark,

But I knew what was,

This ambient spark.

Papa once spoke of,

Something from heaven,

Something called love.

He said it was priceless,

And tangible as smoke,

A thing so precious,

That's futile to revoke.

He said you can't choose,

The person who will,

Cause this bemuse,

Of passion to instill.

He said I would know,

When the day arrives,

That I am in love,

And my soul would revive.

That feeling was love,

That burned inside,

For the beast I hated,

His unwilling bride.

Yes, it was you,

You creature of the night.

A spawn of evil,

Shunned from the light.

Yet I saw something,

In your empty black eyes,

A sorrowful love,

That I could not deny.

You claim to be hollow,

And without emotion,

But I saw below,

Your darkest notions.

Flames of anger,

Blazed inside me,

Those feelings were false,

They could not be.

I've danced your waltz,

I've fought against you,

I'm not a puppet,

For you to accrue.

You've already stolen,

Everything I own,

You can't have my heart,

It's not your throne.

So I hid those feelings,

Deeper within,

The treacherous love,

That disgraces my kin.

Too many have died,

In this endless war,

Too long have I cried,

In pain's accord.

I won't be defeated,

I'll never give in,

You can't have my love,

I won't let you win.