Reaching Out for Heaven

Meh, now I have a frikking bruise on my thumb. And here goes another story of my life.

Back to school sucks, and I bet it's worse than Hell. (Or Terra's ugly face for that matter) We were doing phys ed, played basketball. Unfortunately for my puny height, I played jump ball, and I got it right! But the other guy who was my opponent in jump ball was angry (I'm a girl, he's a boy, so he was teased that a girl beat him! D) and slammed the basketball on my innocent themb. We got into a minor fight. Detention for me.

Well, I'm motovated again. Thank you to all my reviewers! I LOVE YOU! All of your reviews were damn funny, and a bit threatning too, but I don't care, here's the second part!

This fic is made to end all the pairing wars out there.

Destroyed Date pt 2

"It's getting a bit chilly." Raven said softly, hugging her arms and rubbing them.

"Yes, but what do you expect? There's no sun." Beast Boy saw Raven trying to make heat. "Here, you're going to catch a cold. Baby, you should've worn something better than a light shirt." He handed over his sports jacket to Raven.


"Your welcome."

A few more minutes passed.

"Look! The first star!"


As more time passed, more stars decided to show their shine. I cannot expect to believe that Beast Boy fell in love with that gothic bitch. I swear... I'm gonna...

An idea struck into my head. I'm going to ruin this date - and maybe they will hate each other. Heh heh, I can't wait...

Raven and BB are surrounded by trees. I've heard, as a ghost, I can posess things, even humans to trees. Sooooo, if I just go inside the tree, like this, I can...

Yes! I arose as a tree. The tree I am posessing pulled itself from its roots and used them like feet to crash towardsthem like a monster tree. Unnoticed, I used the thickest branch of a tree to smack it on Beast Boy's head.


Beast Boy went flying across the park. Terrified of the new foe, which is actually me, Raven turned around in terror. Immediately, her eyes flashed white.

"You're that same ghost who haunts me back at the tower, eh? Reveal yourself!" Raven stretched her hand towards me, and I feel like I am being lifted from my body. I can see myself flying unwillingly and see the tree I was posessing below me. Could Raven control ghosts?

Then that hand clenched into a fist, and immediately, I feel pain from being my limbs being ripped apart. Well, aparantly, I don't have any limbs left, but it still hurts. I start to scream and kick my legs, but I see a black aura surround me, and enclosing me in eternal darkness.

Raven's eyes widen as the black aura shows my figure. She mouth slutters at a moment, then shouts,


I hate myself and you hate me for making it so short, right?