Title: Draco's Creature Obsession

Author: Lil Nezumi

Characters: Harry, Draco, Remus, Severus, possible OC's

Warning: HP/DM Slash, male/male love, wizard bonds(maybe), sap story and Happily Ever After is what I am going for. If you don't like it, lump it and don't even bother to read this story just to have something to flame.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter-verse and characters belong to J.K. Rowling & WB. Sigh, I'm just borrowing them for a short time. I make no money from this. I write because I feel like it and suing me for this story is of no use to you.

Author's Note I: I have read so many HPDM stories that there may be a slight chance that this story will look like some of the others out there. This is an Alternate Universe type of story. Also, I have not yet read ToOP or HBP and will be using what parts of ToOP that I have gleaned from the other HP FanFiction stories that I have read.

Author's Note II: I do know that Sirius Black has disappeared behind the 'Veil' at the Department of Mysteries and that remains true in this story. This story veers away from HBP, therefore it is AU or a "what if" for year six.


"Normal Talk"

'Thoughts or Emphasis'



Prologue - Running Away!


Harry Potter was sitting upstairs in the smallest room at No. 4 Privet Drive, meaning his designated room. He was practicing his wandless magic skills, figuring that since they could not be traced or detected and that since he had those abilities, he should at least improve them.

He figured that out with the help of Dobby, the Malfoy family's old house-elf. Dobby had confessed, during one of their numerous conversations when Harry went to "raid" the kitchen at Hogwarts, that house-elves can change the frequency output of the magic that they use to match that of any wand in the area.

That's why Harry was nailed by the Ministry during his second year. During his third year when his magic got out of control, he unconsciously channeled it through his wand therefore triggering the alarms at the Ministry for "Underage" use of magic. That's one of the many reasons that students are given wands. To monitor their magic use, but also to keep track of the students' locations and their activities.

Harry had already done a wandless spell, this summer, from a questionable and dusty grimmoire that he had found in a little antique shop that his aunt frequents. It somehow allowed him to improve his memory to the point that it was now photographic thus greatly improving his reading and retaining skills. As a result he was able to memorize all of his texts from every Hogwarts year to the present and from any book that did not have wizarding pictures or any known to be self-updating.

Harry had basically spent the first two weeks of his summer absorbing every book that he could lay he hands on, from motorcycle and computer magazines belonging to his cousin Dudley to the 'Grey's Anatomy, Symptoms and Syndromes for the Average Family' on his Aunt Petunia's scanty bookshelf.

His godfather, Sirius Black, had given Harry, prior to his death a book on 'Animagus Transformations: The Animal & You' and a book compiled from Marauders' personal journals from their fourth to seventh years. Swallowing the knowledge within these two particular books Harry was able to discover his animagus forms. Yes, forms. He discovered that he had two and for some odd reason they both had a feline base to them.

His first form was that of a tiny fuzzy black Persian kitten with fur fluffed up messily and huge green eyes. The other is a gryphon, where his hind body was that of a tawny red-gold lion, with the front head, claws and wings of an eagle whose colouration was in golden red-browns and yellows. These elegant wings incorporated all of Harry's personal colours, including bits of black and red highlights.

His scar was barely visible in both forms by a very slight discoloration, pale gray patch hidden by tufty and cow-licked black fur in his kitten form and pale goldish brown smear in his gryphon form. It was something that he had unconciously done, but wasn't about to question the fact that his most noticable scar in his human form was not so noticable in his animagus ones.

Harry, from a technical stand point, knew that more animagus forms were possible, as long as the base form was the same. He strongly suspected that once you had your base form it could lead to other forms, as long as they remained close or similar to the original base.

He followed every step correctly and instinctively knew that the first animagus transformation set up the base form. If he wasn't instinctively tuned to magic he would never have discovered this lost fact. After all, animagus transformations was just another "fancy" branch of magic connected to transfigurations and transfigurations can be multiplied to further change an object more than once or adding changes for a cumulative effect, thus changing the object or creature drastically.

Harry had developed a thirst for reading and absorbing all books that came across his path, especially after that wandless spell; therefore he knew that his stay in Surrey was quickly coming to an end. He needed to go out into the world and learn from doing and seeing rather than accepting everyone's word, especially about the Wizarding World and his place in it.

His relatives had wanted him gone from their sight for the longest time, but in order to accomplish this there were certain things that needed to be taken care of first. So he devised a plan on the sly in conjunction with his aunt.

The important thing was that blasted blood bond Harry had with his aunt. It needed to be dealt with in such a fashion that Harry would be protected, but also that the wards surrounding No. 4 Privet Drive would continue to register him residing at his relatives' house protecting them as well.

The solution that Harry came up with and surprisingly with his aunt's assistance was for him to carry a vial of her blood with him and when he leaves, leave one of his behind. He was able to spell the vial containing his blood to include his magical signature in order to fool the additional wards that were placed around the house.

The other problem was those bloody letters to inform the Order that he was safe. Again the solution was simple. Harry would leave Hedwig behind to deliver those letters, on the condition that she be watered and fed by his aunt. He would in turn create a letter, magically copy it, then post-date them and sign them. He placed these letters in a box that he created for them and one letter every three days would appear on top of the box in order for Hedwig to deliver.

These two major points took his aunt about another week to make up her mind, but when Harry pointed out that he will be away for the remainder of summer and may never come back to them after his sixth year is finished. He explained to her that, "As long as the illusion is maintained for this summer only, no one should come looking for me."

"I don't know how much you know of my father, but he was able to secretly change his form into that of another animal when he needed to. I can do that too and that will help you to take me out of the house without any of those people, who are watching the house and me, know that I've gone."

She was shocked when he changed into the tiny black kitten, but acknowledged that yes he would be easy to hide, if he climbed into one of her oversized handbags. She finally agreed to the plan and knew that her husband would be glad to get rid of this dead weight. Anyway one vial of blood was no different from donating blood in her mind.

Harry took the time his aunt had needed to think it over and prepared himself, including all of his belongings. He expanded the interior of his trunk in order to be able to carry all of his school items, his books and what not. He packed all the extra books that he knew his relatives no longer required and that he found in the attic while he was cleaning it. He also bribed Dudley with a few spells to remove and reduce the fat in his body in exchange for some books he found online and available delivered within 24 hours.

He kept most of the books that interested him and most were general interest subjects like art, music, auto repair, many computer books and the medical books he found. Besides the books were muggle and therefore with his new photographic memory there would be no hindrance caused by moving pictures or the book's self-updating abilities of most magical texts.

He added a few other things like several of the "broken" CD players, a "broken" I-POD and a couple of the "broken" laptops that used to belong to his cousin and that he had "fixed" when he fiddled with this wandless magic.

He'd also purchased special tools he needed to repair them with and brought them with him, including an old manual typewriter. He even bribed Dudley to get him regular tools for working around the house, like he was used to doing around here. Just in case he needed his own set.

He triaged his clothes in order to get rid of the ones that have seen better days, creating more space in his trunk and promising himself to purchase more once he had the chance. He was even looking forward to hunting down a magical trunk with more than one compartment.

He placed the vial of his aunt's blood securely in a hidden compartment that he created with wandless magic within his trunk and then shrank his trunk to the size of a large matchbox. He then placed his trunk into a small green and black pouch with a golden cord, hanging it about his neck. He then transfigured the pouch to look like a very large cat collar, about an inch and a half to two inches wide, with round diamond and emerald studs, small animal I.D. tags and tiny round snitch looking bell that fluttered and tinkled softly from time to time.

Harry spelled the collar to never be removed or lost by any means or under any circumstance, regardless of his current form. He also spelled the collar to activate an automated counter spell if anyone tried a 'Finite Incantatem' on the collar or himself in either of his animagus forms. The counter spell would lock Harry into his animagus forms for 24 hours, hopefully giving him the chance to escape any dangerous situation.

It would also allow for him to change to any of his animagus forms, but not allow him to take his human one. That way no one would find out who he was and if his kitten form was threatened, well then, his gryphon form should help scare the begeesus out of whoever was trying to harm him.

The day came to leave and he was ready. He was dressed in well fitting dark blue skater jeans that widened drastically and pooled near his ankles. A black long-sleeve T-shirt with a solid pair of hiking boots and a dark green hooded cloak, to help him hide his face and scar in order to be able to do his business in Diagon Alley.

His aunt came into the smallest room in the house looking it over, giving her approval to the changes he made in order revert it back to what her 'Duddykins' had, minus a few of the "broken" toys. The only exception was the small perch by the window, the food and water dish nearby for Hedwig and the carved wooden box on the desk near the perch.

"Leave the window open just a crack and Hedwig will fetch the letters to deliver. She has to be seen coming and going from here, even staying here," he explained. "If the box remains undisturbed, then we will be able to successfully fool them all. Please remember to feed and water her."

"I want to ask you something first," she started. "Why do you want to run away and hide from them? I thought that you were happy with the…wiz…them."

"There are many other communities of magic in the world," at the word magic his aunt winced, but allowed him to continue, "for me to learn from. Also, in all honesty, I am very tired of being and feeling several steps behind everyone else at my school."

He developed a sad look on his face and continued explaining, "My godfather is gone and he wouldn't want me to brood over his loss. He wouldn't have approved of me just sitting around and waiting for the worst to fall or for everything to happen or be planned for me.

My so-called friends haven't written to me, even one time, since I got here this summer. They didn't even have the decency to reply to my letters, favourably or otherwise. They seem to be ignoring me again and I really need to know what's going on. It's my life and no one will ever tell me how to live it, ever again. I can't remain here sheltered from the events that are going to happen. I have a need, a right to know what's going on and in order to learn more I have to get out there while I still can."

She looked sad when he mentioned his loss, but remained silent and listened to what he has to say for once in her life. When he finished she nodded her understanding and walked out of the room.

Harry transformed into his kitten form and followed his aunt out of the door. Mewing softly to gain her attention, he toddled after her, trying to catch up to her long strides. She walked over, picked him up, and cuddled his kitten form a bit and thanking him for continuing to protect her family, which surprised him, and then placed him gently in her huge handbag.

She was able to successfully leave the house with him, without anyone in the Wizarding World knowing that Harry was not in his relatives' house any longer. She climbed into the cab that she had called for and had waited for her, they left for London.

Harry's aunt had planned appointments a few blocks away from the Leaky Cauldron, in London, for the day that Harry decided to "run away" on. Once there she stepped out of the cab leaving her bag on the ground, so that she could dig in her wallet to pay the cabby off.

Harry quickly clambered out of the handbag, gave a tiny goodbye "Mew" to his aunt and scampered off into the nearest alley. He ran among the back alleys, following the hidden paths that he memorized on the maps of London that he studied online, with cousin's permission.

Harry arrived near the alley closest to the Leaky Cauldron. He made sure that he was not observed, then transformed back into himself. Ensuring that the cloak's hood was up and covering what it was supposed to be covering. He made his way into the 'Cauldron' and not looking left or right he walked with purpose out the back and into Diagon Alley.

In this manner Harry Potter had effectively left the Dursleys, with absolutely no one in the Wizarding World being the wiser, including the wisest of the wise Dumbledore.