An Extremely Short Rest

Author's Notes: This is what happens in Rivendell during the Hobbit, since we don't know much of what happened. You can label this as alternate universe, I guess. I also take free reign to make Rivendell as silly as possible. (If you read the song they sang, you'll understand.) Also, this is partially written for Erestor's Schizophrenic!Glorfindel Challenge. Okay, so this story is definantly AU. The song belongs to Mr. Tolkien, The Hobbit, page 46 (at least, in the edition I have).
This was a challenge to find a place to put it. 1) They don't have a section for The Hobbit, 2) it's the prelude for goodness sakes, so why not put it in Lord of the Rings?
Since I keep dedicating my stories to people I know and you don't, this one goes to Zach. Maybe those little people on our shoulders mean we have more mental issues than we thought...

Summary: What really happened in 'The Hobbit' during Thorin and Company's stay in Rivendell? Here we find out why Bilbo wanted to go back. (And we also find out who composed that rediculous song they sang)

Disclaimer: Half of this idea was mine, but the crazy Glorfindel is Erestor's idea. I am merely borrowing it...hey, it WAS a challenge, so the pitchforks and torches aren't necessary. Plus, everyone has to write about a nutso Glorfy. He is the perfect victim for that. I just was never imaginitive enough to think of a schizophrenic elf. (Although I should have, Lindele keeps calling me that.) Maybe one that had an obsession for ice cream...? Oh. I forgot. About all of this belongs to Tolkien. Drat, why couldn't I have written it? And why is this disclaimer so long? Should I feed it to the Nazgul to shorten it? I'm afraid with every click of the keys on this stupid keyboard it gets longer. Alright! I'm putting a sock in it.




It was the beginning of a peaceful night in Rivendell.

Or, as peaceful as Rivendell could get at dusk.

Yes, if you were a traveler to the valley (or if you knew it was there at all) you would think that it was a haven by all the waterfalls, the smell of the trees, or the flowers that grew on the side of the road.

But if you looked beyond the oriental follies -- and into the residents, you would find out why the absurd things always happened here, in Imladris.

Once you stepped foot into the huge house, you would probably smell the wonderful aromas that drifted down the halls from the kitchen.

And that was where Thorin and Company was headed (to Rivendell, not the kitchens. Although I am sure they would head there as soon as they arrived). The company decended down the path that zigged and zagged, Bilbo dozing off here and there. (I told you the scent of the trees was evident.)

Meanwhile, in a tree further down the road, two twins were in heated discussion - more like arguing - over how to give the visitors a heartattack more quickly. Well, perhaps they didn't mean to give them a heartattack, but they meant to scare the travelers as best as they could.

"I say we jump out of the trees and start singing a song." Elrohir, the younger of the twins, said.

"Nay! That is so boring! You could at least think of something more original." The older twin, Elladan, said with a huff.

"We're going to do it rather you like it or not."



"You smell like roses. Have you been going through Arwen's scented oils?"

"No! I have not! And you are going off topic! Oh --" Elrohir poked his head out of the branches. "Now! They're coming!"

"O! What are you doing,

And where are you going?

Your ponies need shoeing!

The river is flowing!

O! tra-la-la-lally

here down in the valley!"

The twins, and a few other elves that were with them at the time, broke out in that rediculous song from the trees. Why couldn't they have dropped one of Glorfindel's socks on one of the not-so-important dwarves? Elladan mused on that as he sang.

Ah, oh well. After all, he was having a good time.

But little did Elladan know, the good, the crazy, the memorable times were just about to start.

To Be Continued...


Additional Notes: Excuse me if the twins acted a little young for their age. But this is the Hobbit, and the elves were...slightly insane.

And do you remember when Bilbo thought, "Hmmm! it smells like elves!" in chapter three of the Hobbit? Well, I thought the rose scented oil may be the reason for that. Otherwise, what do elves smell like?

I promise the next chapter will be much, much better.

Also, my apolgies: This chapter is half authors notes. Bless you if you actually read them. And I know I've gotten alot of things published lately. You all are probably sick of seeing my pen name.

Worry not. I saved the story I just deleted onto a big, fat document.

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