Enter, stranger

Buffy stood outside the antechamber, worried about what lay ahead; the records Watchers Council had not been able to provide much information about what lay ahead. Only that of all those who had entered trough the door ahead of her, only a few had ever returned.

None of them were ever willing to say what they had seen on the other side.

"Enter, Stranger!" A deep voice called from the other side of the door, the echoing rumble seeming to shake the very walls of the ancient castle built into the hills of Scotland.

Summoning up all her strength, and remembering what was at risk, she opened the door and stepped through.

"Welcome to Knightmare Castle, Slayer." The owner of the deep voice, a bear of a man with a thick beard, stood from his stone chair and bowed, "I am Treguard, the Dungeon Master. Only by way of the portal I guard can one such as yourself gain entry to what leys below our feet." His eyes narrowed slightly, "Are you ready to enter the dungeon? Once you pass through the portal, only success will allow you to leave alive."

"Lord Fear has my sister." Buffy looked him strait in the eye, "I will do what ever it takes to get her back!"

"Very well. Have you three friends who can guide you through the dungeon?"

"I do."

"Then call them forth."

"Willow Rosenberg. Rupert Giles. Alexander Harris."

There was a flash of light, and three rather startled looking Scooby's stood before Buffy and Treguard.

"Welcome, welcome." The Dungeon Master bellowed, "by way of the mirror in front of you, it will be possible for you to guide Miss Summers through the labyrinth below." He turned to Buffy, "Step forward." The Slayer did as she was instructed, and Treguard handed her a bag, "This satchel will allow you to carry any three items you find at one time." Next came a shield, "The enchanted eye on the front of this shield will allow your friends to guide you more precisely." Last came a huge helmet, "I am afraid that the magic of the dungeon is extremely dangerous, even to a slayer. This will protect you, but will limit your vision to what is directly at your feel. It is because of this that you must have guides."

"I understand." Buffy nodded as she put the helmet on her head and lifted the shield.

"Then you are ready." Treguard turned he round to face a dark doorway, "Then step forward and enter the dungeon of Knightmare Castle…"

The End

Yep, that's it, I'm not writing any more of this. Just take it as read that Buffy succeeded and save Dawn, yet again (it must be a Tuesday…).

I only wrote this to appease a rabid plot-bunny that was pestering me...