This is the sequel to 'For the Love of Gohan,' you really should read that story first to fully understand this one. It's YAOI. SLASHY. GAY. Please read according to your tastes.


Waves, pulsating, never-ending fabric of flowing water that spread across the surface of the sea. Moonlight overhead, a glittering latern in the sky, illuminating the pale, damp sand underfoot as Piccolo followed the footsteps Gohan had left behind. A salty, soft breeze cut to the bone, though he ignored it in his intense quest.

At last, Gohan could be seen. Piccolo nearly flew across the sands, barely touching the ground in his eagerness to hold the boy.

"Gohan," he whispered, coming to rest behind the young man. "Gohan, what's wrong?"

It wasn't hard to tell that the demi-saiya-jin was miserable. His hair, black as night was framing the silken web of his face like the night sky above wrapping the moon in it's lover's embrace. Crystal tears clung to the gossamer skin, the early-morning dew that appears and dissipates in the course of a sunrise.

The boy didn't look up.

Piccolo swallowed. "Gohan."


On his knees, now. Crouched beside the broken, trembling man, but completely ignored. "Gohan!!" Why, why? When he needed him the most, Piccolo was being ignored-....

He stood again, not understanding, and pressed his hand to Gohan's roped shoulder.

A moment of resistance, then he was falling forward.

"The HELL!?"

Scared, now. Frightening. Confusing. Piccolo lifted his hand and stared at it as if he'd never laid eyes on such a thing before. Long, black nails sparkling naturally in the moonlight winked back at him, the creases and scars of a thousand battles lining the skin of his palm like the words on a page, telling a story.

Piccolo slowly pressed that hand to his heart, beneath the indigo gi he wore so proudly.


The understanding came then, like a blow to the jaw, making the namekusei-jin stagger with the implications. Slowly, fearfully he turned around and let his eyes fall upon the single set of footprints that were swiftly being devoured by the sea.

Oh, God.

Piccolo closed his eyes, trying to calm his heart- no, not that. His heart wasn't beating. He couldn't touch Gohan. His footprints were invisible, unseen by humanity.

He was dead.