The Wizard Oz: Kingdom Hearts Style!

Okay this is how it's going to work, it's gonna be a play, so everyone is actors.

Kairi: Dorothy

Sora: Scarecrow

Riku: Tin Man

Tidus: Cowardly Lion

Cloud: Wizard of Oz

Some random dog: Toto

Ansem: Wicked witch of the West (Yes I'm putting him in a dress)

Aeris: Glenda the good witch of the North

Sephiroth: The wicked witch of the East

Director: Yours truly

Act 1: Back stage

"Alright everyone get into your costumes we're going on in 10 minutes! Got that? 10 minutes!" the director shouted, all director like.

"Alright, we got it already!" the cast shouted displeased with the rush.

Kairi was already suited up, but was having difficulty locating her dog. Sora hopped over with only his hay stuffed pants on scratching his legs roughly.

"What's wrong Kairi? God this costume is itchy!"

"Oh, Sora! I can't Mr. Fluffeluffels! Have you seen him?If we don't find him soon, the director will kill us!" she squealed worriedly tossing the bottom of her blue dress around in distress. Their conversation was interrupted by the crashing and banging (and random explosion) that was coming from Ansem's dressing room. Everyone gathered around the door, Sora and Kairi too with their ears pressed against it.

"Dammit, Ansem! Just come out already! You have to wear the costume!"

"NO! I've never been so humiliated in my whole life! Even thinking of myself in this ridiculous outfit makes my skin crawl!"

"You're going to wear that thing whether it 'humiliates' you or not! Now come outside!"


(Loud crashing and banging and another loud explosion. Then silence...)

The dressing room door opened and everyone backed away from the director who was dragging (an unconscious) Ansem by the skirt of the black dress he was wearing. Everyone tried their hardest to stop the laughter in their guts to burst through their mouths.

"Hey guys, what was all the crashing and banging (and 2 explosions)?" Riku asked, just now walking out of his dressing room in a tin suit. But all his questions were answered when the director dragged Ansem past him.


"Do I really want to know the whole story?" Riku asked.


"Alright then."

"Places everyone!" the director shouted, standing Ansem right side upand waking him up by pouring water in his blouse. Sephiroth took his place beneath the paper mache house and revealing red and white stockings and black boots. Everyone giggled.

"Shut up, all of you..." he growled.

"SHUT UP AND GET READY!" the director shouted

Kairi took her spot beneath the spot light and began saying her lines...perfectly.