TITLE: Superglue – The Revenge

AUTHOR: Parisindy

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This is purely for fun.

NOTES: Reply to ElJay's challenge: What can you do with the phrase, "Well, at least he's (or she's, if you prefer) distracted now...and because Calen requested a sequel.

Thanks to Eljay for being my Beta reader!

"His hands are shaking!"

"Well I'm afraid he's on a strict liquid diet until I can remove the last of the super glue from his system. I had suggested protein shakes."

"Oh, no! You mean…."

"Nothing but Sparky Cola for two days, I'm afraid so. I don't know how's he been getting it? I thought I hid it all."

"This is going to get messy."

Beka and Trance watched Harper tinker with some sort of plastic device via one of Rommie's surveillance cameras. Beka had come to check on him but Trance informed her that Harper was in Machine shop 17. Apparently he had locked himself in when Trance had released him back to light duties an hour earlier.

Beka crossed her arms and her forehead creased with worry. "What exactly is he building?"

Trance's tail twitched nervously. "It's hard to say, he refuses to communicate in any way. Rommie has mentioned though that he was able to obtain a container of the superglue that Rhade used on him."

Beka rubbed her hand over her face. "He was in a foul mood and with all that Sparky Cola, he can't be thinking straight!"

"He was struggling with his breathing before. He was panicking a bit and fighting the small breathing tube I had to insert. At least he's distracted now... His breathing has improved."

"Have you found something to get rid of the glue?" questioned Beka, concerned.

Trance gave a quick nod. "Finally, yes. But, it takes about 24 hours to ferment and I don't think Rhade is going to have that long."

Beka smirked despite herself. "He's been restricted to quarters for another twenty-fours hours. He's got no place to run to. And, I'm not sure if we should warn him or not."

"This isn't funny Beka! Harper seems really mad!"

"Ah, despite what you think, Harper does have some control."

Trance frowned, "Well it's almost lunch time; Rommie will be escorting Rhade to the mess hall for lunch. Maybe they will miss each other in the corridors?"

Just then, Harper turned towards the camera as he headed towards the door of the machine shop. Both ladies gasped in surprise and horror as they finally got a clear view of what Harper had been making!

"Oh, no! That isn't what I think it is, is it?" Beka moaned with despair.

"This is going to be worse than I thought! Remember that time on Federov drift!"

"How could I forget! I told him that he was never allowed to make another one ever again! This against Dylan's, strict orders; he's going to have a cow!" Beka turned and headed towards the door. Trance following at her heels

"What did he name it again?"

Beka shook her head. "The Whoopee Cushion of Doom! He's still wanted in three solar systems from the last time he used it and this one's filled with superglue! Trance quick! We need to get to the mess hall before Rhade or else we may all be sorry!"

"Machine shop 17 is right by the mess hall; we'll never make it!" Trance squealed with fear.

Suddenly a loud bang, followed by an equally loud scream filled the corridors.

Trance was right. It was already too late.

The end

hehe thanks for putting up with my silliness