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Written for my LJ friend, Tsukiguujin, from a drabble request meme-

Warning: Yaoi – RoyAlEd!bondage

.:Blocked Vision:.

It could be said that Roy was using these two wonderfully intelligent and passionate boys for his own perverse enjoyment, and the two boys that panted and moaned below him were being tricked into doing what the colonel wanted. But that was not true. Everything that they did was completely consensual on completely understood terms. He wanted more than just enjoyment for himself, he wanted the boys to feel the same bliss he felt. He wanted them completely, and they, the same.

A minor complication, however, was that Ed was always a little against the act of sex in their relationship. Sex was a very important part of everything, and the only person who could coax Ed out of his clothes and onto a bed was Al. Needless to say, that always led to them being in the same order and Roy almost felt jealous. He wanted Ed as well. There was just something that Al could not provide as well as Ed could.

That, and Al was blocking his view of Ed's face. That night, they had had to tie his hands to the bed and blind fold him.

The wonders of the human voice never ceased to amaze him.