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Written for my Bro from a drabble request meme-

.:To bother with Women:.

Women were the most troublesome things Shikamaru had ever been unfortunate enough to come across. Well, there might have been other things, but he didn't feel like thinking of more. He had his hands full, at the moment, a situation he hated being in no matter what the subject.

The problem was the woman that stood in front of him. She was scowling as if he had done something wrong, demanding answers of some sort and being generally loud and troublesome. It reminded him of what one of his teammates would do. They were both blonde, too. Did he attract annoying blonde girls or something?

The difference was, that one was obsessed with that Uchiha kid while this one wouldn't leave him alone. It all might have made more sense if he had actually been listening to what was being said, but why bother.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," he said with a sigh, lying back down on the bench he had previously been cloud watching on. Women were truly too much trouble to deal with.

Now why was she kissing him?