Summary –After haley left on tour her and nathen got a divorce she remarried but now is a widow with a son and Nathan is married with a daughter what happens when their kids find out about their past and decide to do something about it(naley) please r&r


"Mommy the bus is here."

" Ok baby one second," Haley said running onto her front porch while trying to put a shoe on at the same time. "Ok Carson, do you have your homework?"

"Yes mom"

"And lunch"

"Yes I have everything mom" Carson, Haley's 5th grade son, said clearly annoyed at his mom.

"Ok love you honey. Have a great day at school," Haley James said as she walked her son to his bus.

Carson kissed his mom goodbye and got on the bus.

"Running late again Ms.James," Ms. Davidson the bus driver asked in a sweet voice.

"Yea ever since Logan died I have just had so much to do."

"Well, you know I'm always here for you."

"Thanks so much for everything like watching Carson after school and driving out of your way to pick him up," Haley said while being grateful for having a great friend like her.

"Anytime dear, but actually right now I have to go and drop the kids off at school so I'll see you this after-noon when you come and pick Carson up"

"Oh yea sorry! Umm yea I'll see you later." Haley stuttered feeling stupid for talking when she knew thatMs. Davidson had to still pick up more kids before heading for school.

Haley went back into the house and started rushing again to get ready for work, when she tripped over something.

"Damn," she cursed!

Immediately when she looked down at what she tripped over she regretted looking at it. It was a picture of Logan, her dead husband. They had been happily married for 9 years when he passed away in a car accident.

" I don't want another pretty face don't want just anyone to hold

I don't want my love to go to waste

I want you and your beautiful soul

You're the one I wanna chase

You're the one I wanna hold

I wont let another minute go to waste

I want you and your beautiful soul" Logan sang at the top of his lungs.

"Logan what are you doing," Haley laughed

" I'm signing how much I love you baby. I mean we are not like any married couple! Do you know that because we have been married exactly 9 years and have only had 2 fights"

"Yea, That's true! I love you honey" Haley expressed for the billionth time that night. Logan leaned over from the steering wheel of the car and gave Haley a big kiss! When there lips parted they stared into each others eyes for a moment until they heard a loud "Honk"

Haley looked up and tried to scream but it was too late the truck had crashed into the driver side of the car and everything went black"

When Haley opened her eyes she saw her crying parents next to her and began to be confused but soon realized what happened. She was in the hospital. The first thing she asked was "Oh My Gosh is he ok?"

By the looks on her parent's faces she knew that he was dead.

Haley wiped the tears off her face and put the picture of Logan back on her night stand. She finished getting ready for work and went to her job, which was a music teacher for home-schooled kids.


­­­­­­­­­"Brie are you almost ready to go to school," Nathan Scott called to his 5th grade daughter Brianna.

"Yea, dad I'm waiting for you," Brianna giggled from the porch.

"Oh there you are baby. I thought you were still upstairs. But anyways are you ready to go?"

"Yea, I was born ready," Brianna proudly stated.

They walked to the car, got in and Nathan started driving towards the school. He pulled the car up to the school, kissed his daughter and let her get out.

"Brie if you need anything just remember I'm right next door at the high school."

"Oh yea daddy you're the P.E teacher!"

"That's right Honey. Now have a great day at school and I pick you up later."

Nathan had always been the overprotective dad when it came to his "little angel." It was his only little girl and he wanted to raise her right. He always tried to be patient but when she talked about Carson James he got a little angry. Nathan knew that it was Haley's son. And he never said this aloud but he still had feelings for Haley. Whenever her son was mentioned he yell and leave the room without another word. He also never got over the fact that she left him 12 years ago.

He was now happily married though and figured if he couldn't have Haley he would want his present wife, Abby.

A car beeped behind him and he got interrupted from his thoughts and drove next door to Tree Hill High School where he worked.