This isn't my main story right now A Plan For Revenge is. Once I get that story finished I will concentrate more on that.

This story is going to be long. I'm trying to make it as long as possible. This is going to be a drama/action/adventure story. My story is going to be in intervals. It is going to be about Usagi and her life as a Saiyan. I will add in many twists don't worry. I would never intentionally write a boring story. Here is how you work my story.

Under the chapter bar it will show all my chapters. Well duh. That's a no-brainer. Anyways, the first interval will be named. Don't know what those names are yet so I cant tell you. Sorry. So then after the name will be a list of parts. Its kind of like chapter 1 part 1.Try to think of each of these intervals as a new saga. Easy right? I hope so. Ok. This story may take a while to write so here it goes.

don't you just love how we stick these things in almost all of out stories? Ok, before you read the story you should probably read this in order to understand it. Ok, so in this story as you all know Usagi is born to our very own Goku and Chi-Chi. She is still a Sailor Scout. Not much is changed until one day. That's all I can say about the plot. Now then. Lets establish a few facts. The Z gang used the Dragon Balls to wish that all of the humans that are part of this "gang" age as slow as Saiyans so they can be together. You know that friendship kind of stuff. So Usagi is born after Goten. Gohan is in his 40's. Pan is in her early 20's. Trunks is about 34 and has a family (although they wont be in it that much since they aren't really part of dbz) and Goten is 33. Ok, I think that's about it for now