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Van Helsing kneeled down in the confessional. "Bless me father for I have…"

"Sinned. Nice to see you alive." the Cardinal said as he rose the screen to look at the monster hunter. Frankly, he didn't looked thrilled to be doing this yet again.

"Warlocks are not much of a problem, Cardinal." Van Helsing replied.

"Come, we have a new assignment for you." the Cardinal said hitting the switch for the wall that was between them to rise up. That was just like him, business as usual. Van Helsing followed the Cardinal down a series of tunnels in the Vatican. After Transylvania, Van Helsing had plunged himself into his work to try and forget about Anna. It wasn't working very well. He just thought he needed something, like this new assignment, to hold her thoughts at bay. That was five years ago and still he found himself thinking of Anna. He wished he could forget about his guilt. He wanted to forget that whole mission. Little did the monster hunter know what awaited him.

Mori sat with her feet on the table as she calmly watched Jennifer pace the room. Bethany sat next to Mori, her own feet propped up on the table with her hat lowered over her eyes.

"Jen, you need to relax." Mori told her, her British accent coming through.

"Is she still pacing?" Bethany asked. She couldn't see Jen because her hat was over her eyes, but she could still hear the foot steps.

"How did you convince me to join the Holy Order? How?" Jen said, her own Transylvanian accent clear, as well as her own worry.

"One, you are a Valerious and therefore must be capable of fighting off evil beings and two, I am very persuasive when I want to be." Mori replied, still as calm as ever.

"Three, you both love me enough to do this." Bethany said jokingly as she raised her hat above her eyes. Mori rolled her eyes as Bethany just smirked at her.

"Why did you want to join in the first place?" Jen asked and then continued pacing...again.

"To make up for my family history." Mori replied, her clear blue eyes following the young Valerious as she paced.

Mori had long midnight black hair that was in a braid at the moment. A small stubborn piece of hair hung on the left side of her face. Her complexion was pale, which made her eyes stand out even more. Mori was in black pants, a black shirt, black boots, and had on a black leather coat that fell to the ground. She also had on a pair of black leather gloves.

"I joined because it's a wonderful way to let out anger." Bethany replied, her green eyes glittering.

Bethany had dark brown hair that fell about two inches past her shoulders. It was fairly wavy, a fact that she hated about it. Bethany was pale from working at night and sleeping in the day…but not near as pale as Mori. She had on a vest-like corset with a black long sleeved shirt under it, black pants, black boots, a black wide brimmed hat and a black leather coat that fell to her ankles. Around her neck was a silver cross on a black chord with red stones on it.

"How can you two be so clam?" Jen asked her.

"I'm partly insane." Mori replied, sarcasm filling her voice.

"She's insane, I'm just used to it." Bethany said.

"You better be. You've been doing this for three years, my dear Bethany." Mori said turning to her.

"Youngest field agent in the Order's history at age thirteen, thank you very much." Beth said leaning back and putting her hands behind her head.

Jen rolled her hazel colored eyes and began to pace again. Jen had long mud brown locks that fell around her in soft rings. Her skin was a lovely cream color. She had on black pants, black boots, a crimson shirt with a dark crimson coat over it that fell to her knees.

"You're proud of that fact?" Mori asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Hey!" Beth said sitting back up.

"How did you stand being cooped up in here for five years?" Mori asked looking around.

"Two words: the armory."

"Will you two please be quiet!" Jen said, clearly worried.

"So sorry, your highness." Beth said sarcastically, then her look softened. "Don't be so worried. Everything will be fine."

"If you are Velkan's daughter, which you are, you should have nothing to worry about. Your family survived for centuries after being hunted by vampires. Trust me, you will be fine." Mori told her.

"There, see? Actual proof. Now relax." Beth said giving Jen a comforting smile.

Beth looked over to see that Mori was extremely annoyed by Jen and her anxiety. Beth herself was starting to get a little annoyed at Jen's constant worrying as well (but not near as much as Mori). She kept telling herself this was how Jen always was…most of the time anyway. Also, Mori could get annoyed easily, but still remain cool in spite of it. Suddenly, the door to the room opened and the Cardinal walked in, followed by a man.

"Van Helsing, this is Jennifer Valerious and Mori…what was your last name?"

"It's not important." Mori replied glaring at Van Helsing.

"Wait, Valerious?" Van Helsing asked.

"Yes. She is Velkan's daughter, but he never married." the Cardinal explained. Van Helsing understood immediately.

"I believe you already know Beth." the Cardinal said.

"Yes…we've met." Beth said, sparing a side look at Mori.

"Well, nice to meet you." Van Helsing said.

"You too." Jen said.

"Likewise." Mori said standing up and walking over to Jen.

"So, is there a reason you kept us in this little room for fifteen minuets?" Beth said getting up and sitting on the edge of the table next to Jen, who was still standing.

"So impatient, Beth." Mori told her in a scolding, yet kidding voice.

"Such a pain, Mori." Beth said smirking at her.

"Now, I have an assignment for you four. Dracula has returned. The devil gave him a second chance. His three brides have returned as well. He is still in Transylvania and we need you to destroy him." the Cardinal said. "You girls have had experience with vampires before, correct?"

"A little to much for my taste." Mori replied leaning back on the table.

"We've handled werewolves too." Jen added.

"There's a first time for everything, but I do know about them from everything Mori has told me." Beth replied.

"Then this should be easy for you four. You leave as soon as possible." the Cardinal said. "And Van Helsing, please do try to keep Jen alive. If she dies before Dracula, her entire family falls into purgatory, including Princess Anna."

Great, one more thing to remind me of Anna. Van Helsing thought to himself. He had been trying to hard to forget, but now he knew he never would.

With that, the Cardinal was gone. Mori sighed.

"This will be a long trip."