Title: You Only Live Twice, But Only to Die Again

Author: Samyo

Rating: T

Genre: Drama

Disclaimer: Don't own nothing...isn't bootleg either.

Mei was home. That was all she knew. Her village was still standing; the General's men hadn't come yet. In the distance, there lay the mountains she once claimed as her own.

It was too good to be true; it could only be possible in the afterlife.

Mei turned around to the sounds of laughing children; they were her long dead brother and sisters.

"Mei, come and play with us; you promised."

"But you are all dead." She didn't want to believe. She had already forgotten her death, for that is what happens when you die.

"What are you talking about? You can never truly die." No one knows it, but when you die, you are tricked into thinking that you are still alive. You're transported to a time where your soul and spirit lay in perfect harmony; everything pasted that moment goes away.

"How did I die, I remember..." She had already forgotten Wind, Leo, even the House of Flying Daggers.

"Mei, please come and play with us..."

She looked down, feeling that she had shrank; she had shrank. Mei was a child again; she was only a child when the General's men came.

"You're it!" she yelled.

Mei was pure. Mei was dead. She was entirely unaware.

The sky suddenly became dark, the village horses became restless. Everything came in flashes. Her family's murder, joining the House of Flying Daggers, the brothel, Wind, Leo...

Her eyes flared open, her lungs gasped for air. She was covered in snow, the dagger was still in her heart. She raised her head, only to see Wind and Leo still fighting.

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