Kennedy sat on the living room floor in her apartment, cross-legged, munching on a pretzel, when she heard the knock at the door. She stood up, her eyes never leaving the television until she had walked completely passed it. She walked to the door and opened it. There in the hallway she stood.


Kennedy and Willow lay in bed, sleeping. Both sprawled out all over the place, sheets haphazardly laying atop them. Kennedy opened her eyes slowly, trying to adjust to the newly risen sun that peered through the window.

She turned her head to read the alarmclock that occupied her night stand.

"Shit...," she spat, silently. "Will, get up baby. You're gonna be late." Willow stirred at the sound of her lovers voice, but did not wake. Kennedy pulled herself up to rest on her elbows. "Baby, come on. If you don't get up you won't be able to make your meeting with that Abel man."

Willow rolled onto her back and slowly opened her eyes. "What time's it?" She muttered.

"Like, almost nine. You said you had to meet him at what, 9:30?"

Willow got up, pulling one of the blankets around her. "Crap." She headed for the bathroom dragging her feet; Kennedy watched as she waddled sleepily. She grinned at the crazy red head.

They had been in Sao Paolo for almost nine months and somewhere during that time Kennedy had managed to fall madly in love with that somewhat eccentric woman. Kennedy finally found someone she was considering spending the rest of her life with. The way things were was the way she wanted them. Slaying, spending time with the woman she loved. Kennedy was completely content. Completely...happy.

Willow entered her and Kennedy's apartment to find Kennedy sitting on the coffee table, an envelope in her hands and a suitcase by her side.

Willow looked at her girlfriend, confused. "What's with the suitcase," she asked.

Kennedy said nothing, she simply handed Willow the envelope. Willow looked at it, then at Kennedy, who didn't look up from the floor. Willow didn't need to open; she already had the day before.

"Were you even gonna tell me? Did you even want me to know?" Kennedy asked, gaze still fixated on the carpet.

"Kennedy, I..."

Kennedy looked up into Willow's eyes, her own filled with tears. "I think you should. It's a great opportunity for you."


"I packed for you." She stood up and moved the suitcase beside Willow. "That's everything."

"Stop," Willow commanded. She, too, was beginning to choke up. "I never said I wanted to go do this."

"You hid the invite from me. That kinda answers for you. It'll help you, Will. Help with your power. Help the world."

"Don't. I hid it because I didn't want you to overreact. Like this." She motioned to the suitcase.

"I'm not overreacting," she stated, calmly. "This is right for you, Will. This trip to Himalayas with help you. It'll be fun. And hey, maybe for me too. I mean, it'll be good to be alone for awhile." She lowered her head, trying not to cry. "Just go, please."

"Kennedy..." Willow tried to bring her hand to Kennedy's cheek, but Kennedy moved back.

"Go," she said coldly.

Willow, almost crying, sighed, picked up her suitcase, and headed for the door.

The door closed and Kennedy backed up into the coffee table, sitting. She brought her hands to her face and sobbed. Outside the door, Willow stood, touching the door, as if in the action she was touching Kennedy. She sucked up her tears and turned, walking the first steps of the next phase in her life.

AN: Confused? ...Good, I like you that way. I'm having writers block as far as "Baby Girl" is concerned, but I wanted to write, so now you have this. I know what your thinking, "there she goes again, breaking them up". No, I don't intend this fic to be about that; I want it to be about reconnecting. "Breakup" was a version of them well, breaking up. This is a version about them reconnecting after losing each other. Not sure if there is going to be a "big bad" plot. Do you want one throw in? Yay? Nay?