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The Deepest Secrets of James Potter's Life

Do Not Read Unless You Wish to Die a Very Painful Death Involving My Friend Sirius Black (Who is Authorized to Read This) and Chocolate Frogs

December 25

Merry Christmas! Unfortunately we were unable to hex Snivelly, as…

Ha. Scared you, didn't I? No, of course we hexed His Greasiness. Hmm…I like that name. Must discuss it with Moony, maybe he can change the name on the Marauders' Map. Can't you just see a little dot that says His Greasiness, walking down the corridor? (blot)

Just showed it to Moony, Sirius, and Wormtail…Sirius seems to think that it's a brilliant idea, but that it's even a bigger insult to refer to anyone as Severus Snape. I love the way his little mind works.

His Greasiness. Ha.

Right, sorry. So Christmas…did you know that there is no limit on the amount of mistletoe that you can hang from the ceiling? Sirius helped me to, um, decorate the Gryffindor common room. Lily got an interesting surprise when she came in…and of course, I, the wonderful James, was waiting for her…

I love Christmas.

Evidently Sirius does too—he was shooting snowballs at Slytherins from the tower window—picking them up from the ground! He has pretty darn good aim. I am starting to suspect that he began using a wand much earlier than he told me.

Well, must sign off now…I'm not entirely sure that we're allowed to have Christmas trees, especially with the flaming socks that Sirius insisted on hanging from the branches, and methinks I hear McGonagall coming up the stairs…it was only a small explosion, dunno how she managed to hear it.



The SECRET Journal of Sirius Black, Esquire

Do not open on pain of death unless of course you are Sirius

Or James Potter, also Esquire

LUCY-BOY AND PRISSY NARCISSY ARE GOING OUT! Is that not the most disgusting thing you have ever heard?

Ohhhhh. I'm shuddering at the very thought. And evidently I am tired as well, because I have never before used the word "shuddering" in my life.

Well, what do you expect, Sirius? You spend half the night working out an elaborate plan to get down to the kitchens and steal all the eggnog…and then end up tripping on Mrs. Norris halfway down the stairs, and run around Hogwarts for half an hour with Filch right on your tail…

AAAAAAGH! I'm going crazy! I'm losing my…Marauder-ness! The great Marauder-in-chief Sirius Black would NEVER before have gotten within even several corridors of that little mangy…

Calm. Calm is good.

I'll talk to you for a bit, shall I?

No…baaaad…I'm talking to my diary…must…find…James…

(several lines skipped)

Goodbye for now, and Merry Christmas! James and I are planning to send, um, presents to everyone. I believe Snivelly is getting a large lump of coal. If we're feeling particularly generous. Otherwise Moony and Wormtail have come up with a lovely surprise for him.

Goodbye again.

Sirius Black, Esq.

You know what to do...Merry...holidays? and a Happy New Year!