Rocket Knight Adventures-Sparkster

Dark Rocket Knight Axel-Opossum's Waltz

Chapter 3- Side-story of the "Pigs of Plight"

"Side-story? Since when! This story is about me!"

Meanwhile, in the depths of hell. In the section only known as the "Bacon Bathhouse". Three sinister pigs of the universe meet to devise a plan of great evil and chaos. These three forms were known as the great pig of evil (he never really had a name, he's from Tomba 2), the treacherous and greedy space hunter Pigma, and the evil Devotindo himself, who had suddenly acquired a flesh body

"Are you all aware of why I have called this meeting between the three of us?" Devitindo said.

"No" said the other two

"Damn it! I told you both that I have summoned you to help me return the Elhorn and take over the kingdom of Zebulos and eliminate the pesky Sparkster!"

"So what, you want us to join you on a world conquest that you have already failed?" Said the Great evil pig, with a smirk on his face.

"Hrm and what reason would you not want to help me conquer Elhorn? I'm sure you had your trouble with Sparkster as well" Said Devotindo rashly

"Ummm, you see, I'm not from this planet that you're from. I would attack my dear friend Tomba for locking me in that infernal bag" Said the Great evil pig.

"Ha, you died in a bag! That's weak" laughed Pigma

The great evil pig was annoyed now "Silence you! I'm not dead. It's just coincidence that my bag leads here, besides how did you end up here Pigma?"

"Hrm, Hmm uhh well…"Pigma snorted and hesitated to mention his pathetic death at the hands of the "Star Fox" team

"SILENCE!" Devotindo yelled "I could careless what happened to any of you; the matter is that I need to know if any of you will help me on my mission"

"Yah ok, it will be more fun than this place, I'm sure" said the great evil pig

"Hrmm, I'll join, but just because I hate being in here. But there better be a golden prize at the end of this" Pigma snorted. "So how do we go about doing this?"

"That's easy; I can divert the Bag's internal subspace to lead us out of here, why I can even produce both of your previous mightiest weapons from the thoughts of the mind by pulling it out of the bag. However I will need the spatial coordinates of this planet" Said the great evil pig

"I can give you the coordinates of my Pig Star and that's it. And if what you say is true, then we can use the revived Pig Star as a base of operations." Said Devotindo

"Good, oh and Pigma, what will you be contributing?" Inquired the great evil pig.


"Pigma!" Yelled both Devotindo and the great evil pig

"Fine Fine, I had three powerful aerial ships. The Arwing, the Wolfen, and the Wolfen II." Snorted Pigma

"Good enough" Said Devotindo "When can we execute this plan?"

"Soon, I need to charge a magical blast at my bag." Said the Great Evil Pig

"Good" said Devotindo

"Take caution though, because we are going through something other than the bag and just the bag's subspace. I am capable of dieing, that also means that you're magically created weapons will vanish with my death."

"Ok ok, geez. Just get this show on the road" Snorted pigma rapidly

"Then, meeting adjourned" said Devotindo as he turned and walked away.

And so starts the great evil triad of pigs. What havoc and chaos will ensue when they emerge from the other side of the hellish subspace? What chances does Sparkster have to defeat this seemingly powerful force? And why am I, the author, making a side story to the main story. Stay tuned to find out!