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Soul mates (tentative title):

He loved her pure and simple. Loved her with every fiber in his body, with his entire being. He lived for her and only her. To have her taken away would mean his death.

He'd known this for a long time now. It's funny it seemed sudden. One minute she was just his first friend that he trusted and cared about and the next she became his soul.

When did he realize that he couldn't live without her? Was it the first time she threatened to leave and never come back? Surely. But he actually didn't know for sure. Honestly he couldn't believe he'd felt anything different towards her, ever. But he had at one point.

When did his feelings change? Perhaps it wasn't one moment where instantly he fell in love. Perhaps, it was many moments; every single one they shared turned him. Little by little she was all that mattered to him, until he couldn't breathe properly if she was too long from his sight.

Her absences choked him, left him feeling empty. It was only when she was back with him that he could breathe easy, could continue living.

So, he loved her completely and truly. So why hadn't he told her?

"Inuyasha?" There was her sweet voice, quietly calling to him. "Would you come down please? I brought you some dinner."

He stared down at her from the branches of Goshinboku. The moon was out that night and it glowed brightly. It bathed her in a soft glow, radiating her pale skin. The weather was warm but the soft breeze cooled their skin. It blew through the air; softly rustling her raven locks, blowing her soft vanilla scent towards his sensitive nose.

He jumped down abruptly, with no warning, landing right before her. She jumped back and let out a slight gasp.

"Come on," he said, his voice coming out a little gruff. He tugged on her arm, gently, pulling her towards the well. He sat down and waited for her to follow suit. She looked at him quizzically; no doubt she thought he was acting strange, a little unlike himself. Finally she sunk down and sat next to him. She was acting odd as well, he thought, not at all her talkative cheerful self.

"Here you go." She handed him the covered dish and pulled up her knees, hugging them to her chest.

He wasn't hungry really, but he felt a strong need to please her that night. So he ate silently, watching her gazing at the stars. He listened carefully for her content sighs, for the sound of her breathing. It was so calming to have her near.

"Inuyasha?" He was watching her so intently that for a minute he didn't even realize she had spoken.

"Yes," he finally answered.

"Is there…is there something on your mind, that you'd like to share? I mean you've been acting strange lately. You've…been avoiding me," she said. He winced at the sound of hurt in her voice.

It was true; his frustration with his feelings had left him a bit distant. Though, he had barely left her side, he still was not his usual self.

How was he to answer her question? An outright truthful answer is what he desperately wanted to give. But the truth could hurt. What if she didn't feel the same? He'd die.

She placed a soft hand on top of his own bigger one, and he fought hard not to gasp at her touch.

"Inuyasha…. it's all right, you know you can tell me anything," she encouraged.

'Yeah, right,' he inwardly scoffed. 'It's just that I love you madly and want you to be my mate is all.'

Yeah that would go over well. She'd probably recoil and cringe at that.

Except when had he known Kagome to cringe at anything he did? Not even when he transformed to his full demon self. Dangerous and potentially deadly, Kagome came to him at those times instead of ran like she should have. Funny how she was the only one who could get through to him. That had to mean something didn't it?

"Inuyasha?" she asked worriedly.

He lifted his golden gaze from where it previously rested on the ground to meet her chocolate brown worried stare.

"Did I…Did I do something? Umm…to make you mad. Or hurt you?" she asked, unsure of herself.

He hated himself for making her doubt herself.

"No Kagome, you didn't," he assured her.

"Are you sure? Because if I did, I'm sorry. I care about you and I never would want to hurt you," she reiterated, her eyes prickled with unshed tears. She was desperate to have her old hanyou back.

Her tears were the one thing he could not stand and despite his feelings of holding back, he pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly.

He felt her tears soak his haiori and he just wanted to kick himself.

"Shh… Kagome. Don't cry Kagome. Anything but that," he said soothingly.

They'd been having a tough time with their search for the shards and battles with Naruku and his minions. Kagome was suffering a lot. She hadn't been home in over a month and to top it off he had made it worse.

He whispered soothing words to her not really thinking about them, not really hearing himself, only listening for Kagome's muffled sobs to die down. When she stiffened in his arms, it came as a great surprise to him.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" he asked unsurely.

She pulled back and he saw her eyes were wide in wonder, sparkling with her tears.

"You…" she breathed out. "You…you said you love me."

Her voice came out barely louder than a whisper, but his keen doggy ears caught her words. His own eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open. In his attempt to soothe her it turned out he had confessed the one thing he hadn't known how to confess.

"Do you…. really? Dou love me?" she asked, her voice and eyes full of hope. Hope that he did love her and that it wasn't just her imagination.

"I do," he confessed, solemnly. He was slightly alarmed when her eyes fluttered shut and she looked as if she were in pain, a tear slipping from her shut eyes. And he was quite pained to see that he'd made her cry all over again.

Just when he was about to take his confession back, Kagome opened her eyes and launched herself into his embrace, planting kisses all over his face. He was quite taken aback by her show of affection, but he let himself relax and enjoy the moment. But just as suddenly, she stopped, pulling back.

"Oh…I love you too Inuyasha," she cried out happily.

He looked at her disbelievingly for a moment, until he cracked a smile. This was the best day of his life, he decided.

He pulled her in close for a long kiss; with every touch of his lips he told her he loved her and with every sigh of content she told him the same.

The day, the week, the month, that had begun so frustrating was now coming to a happy close. He had received what he had wished for most, the love of his life. And she received hers.

As the day came to a close, he joined her in her return home. For he couldn't bear to leave her side before, how could he now?

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