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Chapter 5:

"Kagome," Keiseki started as she poked at the fire with a stick. "Do you mind if I ask you about your um… unique clothing?"

"No, it's all right," Kagome answered good-naturedly, glancing at Inuyasha quickly, as if to make sure it was all right with him as well. He didn't seem to care. "I'm not exactly from around here."

"You mean you are not from this province," Keiseki stated as if in understanding.

"No, I am, but…" she started, trying to figure out how to word what she was about to say. "I'm from another time."

"Another time?" Keiseki questioned.

"Five hundred years into the future, that is," Kagome elaborated.

"What?" Keiseki said, stunned.

"I am able to travel between this time and my own," Kagome answered calmly. "There is a well back in our village. When we go back, I'll show you."

Keiseki shook her head, as if to clear it from the daze. "Can you all do this?"

"No," Miroku answered. "Only Kagome and Inuyasha."


"Yes," Kagome confirmed.

"Hmm…" Keiseki considered this. "That is…"

"Strange? Yeah, I know," Kagome agreed. "I sometimes think that this whole mess with Naraku started because of me."

Keiseki had been told by the others about Naraku and how they were drawn together. But, in their entire story telling, she had totally missed how any of it could be Kagome's fault. And Miroku and Sango were quick to tell her this.

"Why do you believe that Kagome?" Keiseki asked.

"Well the shikon jewel was in my body," Kagome started. "I got sucked here by a demon who wanted the jewel. In the end I was the one who shattered it into a million pieces."

Before Keiseki could reassure her, Inuyasha came to her defence. "Keh! That wasn't your fault. Naraku is a bastard because he's a bastard, not because you made him one." He stood up abruptly and said. "I'm going to look for more fire wood, want to come Kagome?"

Kagome stared at him gratefully and then quickly got to her feet to follow. "Sure!"

And they were quickly out of sight.

Keiseki looked at the fire which was in no danger of dying out any time soon.

"Kagome and Inuyasha are… together?" Keiseki wondered out loud.

"Yes," Sango answered. "They care for each other."

"Inuyasha seems very… sweet," Keiseki said, suddenly remembering another man who made her feel the same way. "I once met a man who had the same hair and eye color as Inuyasha. I suppose he was the Lord of the Western Lands."

"Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's brother," Miroku stated.

"Yes. He was also very kind and sweet. But, he seemed gentler than Inuyasha in his manner," Keiseki said in admiration.

Miroku and Sango stared at her strangely.

"I'm not sure this is the same Sesshoumaru that we're talking about," Miroku commented.

"How come?"

"Sesshoumaru hates humans. That's why he hates Inuyasha, because he's half human," Miroku explained.

"No, this Sesshoumaru was very nice, he saved me," she insisted.

"Well, I don't know, he does protect Rin, and she's human," Sango offered.


"Yes, a little girl that travels with him. I'm not sure how she came to be in his company, but I have a feeling he saved her too," Sango elaborated.

"As he did for me," Keiseki said simply. "I assure you he is most kind."

"We'll take your word on it," Miroku said, sceptically.

They sat in silence for awhile until Keiseki spoke again. "So are you two together?"

Sango blushed brightly and Miroku looked a little flustered.

"So what do you think of her?" Kagome asked from Inuyasha's back, as they jumped from tree to tree.

He finally settled into one before answering. "Who?"

"Keiseki," Kagome answered. "She's beautiful."

"I guess," Inuyasha answered.

Kagome knew she had set herself up for that, but it still stung.

"But, I know one person who is much more beautiful than her," she heard Inuyasha say.

She looked up, blushing. "Me?"

"Who else, wench?" he asked.

He said it gruffly, but Kagome knew that was his way of showing affection.

"Do you think it's crazy to trust her so quickly?" Kagome asked.

Kagome herself didn't get any bad vibes from Keiseki, but still they didn't know her at all.

"She wouldn't betray us. She's too scrawny to even try," Inuyasha replied.

"Hmm… well she sure knows what she's doing with that sword," Kagome said thoughtfully. "Maybe I'll ask her to give me some pointers."

"No way!" Inuyasha shouted.

Kagome turned to face him not hiding her indignation. "And why not?"

"Because… you have your bow and arrows," Inuyasha sputtered out.

"Well if I run out of arrows I'd like to know I'll have a back up plan," Kagome threw out.

Inuyasha growled in anger. He picked up Kagome and jumped down to the ground abruptly.

"Inuyasha!" she squeaked out. He placed her on the ground and started to stomp away. "Inuyasha… Inuyasha wait!" Kagome yelled out as she ran after him. He still didn't obey and she had to keep running to keep up with him. "Inuyasha don't make me say it, please!"

Inuyasha suddenly stopped in his tracks, his back turned to her. It wasn't until she had caught up that he turned around.

"I'm your back up, damn it!" he yelled.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome breathed out, taking a step back from his intensity.

"I'm supposed to protect you! And you don't trust me!" he continued.

"Wh- what are you talking about? I trust you completely. I love you!" she told him adamantly.

"Obviously you don't," he let out a snort. "You want to go learn how to fight because you don't think I'll be able to protect you always!"

Kagome gasped, suddenly realizing what this was all about. "Inuyasha, no… No, that's not the reason." Inuyasha crossed his arms and turned half way to the side. Kagome rushed to face him, placing her hands on his arms, she looked up at him. "I want to learn so I won't be such a burden to you."

Inuyasha suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "What are you talking about?"

This time she broke out of his grasp and turned away, hugging herself. "Inuyasha… you take me with you to these battles all the time… I know I can't do much. And half the time you end up putting yourself in danger to save me. I just thought if I learned to fight I wouldn't put you in danger as much."

Inuyasha let out a loud sigh. And then he was behind her. He placed one hand on her shoulder and the other around her waist. "Kagome… I'll always save you, no matter what. Even if you knew how to wield a sword I'd still protect you. It won't change. Because… I do love you."

Kagome smiled brightly, and then turned around in his arms. She leaned up and touched her lips to his in a gentle, yet hungry kiss. When they pulled apart Inuyasha pulled her close, hugging her tight, inhaling her sweet scent.

"Kagome… we'll be together forever…"

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