AN: Sorry this chapter is so short. I'll try to do better in the future, but at the moment I am having trouble writing fanfic or anything really, lol. Bear with me. Hopefully this will pass.

When Harry woke, he was surprised to feel the unfamiliar sensation of arms surrounding him. He blinked and fisted the grit from the corner of his eye, as he yawned and gently wiggled free of Snape. It wasn't so much that he disliked being held, it was too unfamiliar of a sensation for him to decide, but more that he had to go pee. Harry dislodged himself from Snape, without disturbing the grown wizard too much. He let Snape keep hold of Bray, because he didn't need to take him along to use the toilet. Harry relieved himself and used the sink to wash his hands. It might have been easier to use the spigot to the tub, but Harry didn't want to risk waking Snape.

Harry relieved himself and with effort was able to wash his hands with the sink. It would have been much easier for him to use the sink to clean his hands, but Harry decided that the tub spigot was far too noisy. It was better to let Snape wake on his own. Harry sniffed through his still congested nose and then decided to find a way to entertain himself. Bray was busy befriending Snape, so Harry didn't think it would be nice to take him away.

Harry glanced around the room to find something to play with that wouldn't get him into too much trouble. He spotted a small shelf full of books up against the wall and wandered over to it. All of the books in the little case were within easy reach. Harry tugged a thick leather volume from the shelf and began to carefully look through it.

The book was full of moving pictures of creatures that Harry had never seen before. He stared at the pages in open wonder. This was almost like watching television. Something that Harry wasn't able to do often. Harry gently traced the outline of a hippogriff with his forefinger. Such creatures couldn't actually exist in the real world, could they? Harry closed the volume on magical creatures and picked out another book without placing the first on the shelf. Harry started to hum cheerfully to himself as he glanced through the new book.

The first thing that Snape realized when he woke was that Potter wasn't asleep in his lap, and the boy's rabbit was still in the room, so most likely the boy had not gone far. Snape set the stuffed rabbit on the small end table near the chair and rubbed a hand over his face. Sleeping in the armchair had not been the brightest of ideas. First thing was first, Snape went and relieved himself and then washed his face. Potter sounded rather content, so he wasn't in a huge hurry to see what the boy was up to.

Snape toweled off his face and walked out of the bathroom, glancing in the direction of Potter's singing. Snape set his jaw to keep from yelling at the little boy. Potter, in his game of looking through Snape's books, had pulled nearly every volume from the shelf. The books were strewn around near Potter, almost as if the shelf had been knocked over. To say that he was irritated was an understatement. Snape clenched his fists and tried to keep himself calm. The very last thing that he wanted to do was to cause the boy to throw a crying fit.

"Potter?" Snape ground out in as mild a voice as he could manage. "Would you care to explain what you are doing?"

Harry grinned as he watched the hippogriff flying in the book about animals. Out of all the books that he had looked at, this one was his favorite. "I'm looking at your book about the funny animals." Harry turned the page and encountered a rather large spotted cat, which paced about impatiently. "Are all these animals pretend?"

Snape swiped a palm over his face. The boy was doing a great job of attempting to suck him into this, instead of letting Snape focus on his annoyance of the entire situation. With a loud sigh, Snape pushed a few of the books aside with his toe and squatted down next to the young boy. "No, Potter. These are all very real creatures in this world."

Harry's face pinched a little. "But they didn't have these at the zoo when I went with my cousin."

"No, they would not have these creatures in a muggle zoo."


"Because you cannot find these animals in the muggle world."

"Oh," Harry said softly. "Have you ever been to the zoo, Sir?"

"Not recently, Potter."

Harry looked confused. "What does that mean?"

Snaped sighed again and began to gather his books into stacks so that he could put them back onto the bookcase. "It just means that I have not been to the zoo in a long time, Potter."

"Oh, well maybe you could go again for your birthday."

Snape shoved a stack of books onto his shelf. "Perhaps." Harry gave Snape another blank stare. These big words were confusing. "It means maybe, Potter."

Harry shrugged and didn't mention that if Snape would stop using such big words, he would not have to stop to explain what they meant all the time. Snape had put away all the books, except for the one that Harry was still looking at. Reluctantly, Harry closed the book and handed it over to Snape.